Povetkin-Hunter draw; Whyte, Hrgovic win

Former WBA heavyweight champion and WBA #6, WBC #6, IBF #10 Alexander “Sascha” Povetkin (35-2, 24 KOs) and WBA #7, IBF #7, WBO #8, WBC #14 Michael “The Bounty” Hunter (18-1, 12 KOs) duelled to a hard-fought twelve round draw in an eliminator for the WBA world title on Saturday night at the Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Hunter, the son of former heavyweight contender of the 90s Mike “The Bounty” Hunter, tried to bum rush Povetkinin in round one. The 40-year-old withstood the attack and rocked Hunter in round five. Hunter hurt Povetkin in round eleven but Povetkin took round twelve. Scores were 115-113 Povetkin, 115-113 Hunter, 114-114.

Newly vindicated WBC #1 heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte (27-1, 18 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over 39-year-old former world title challenger Mariusz Wach (35-6, 19 KOs). Whyte never got untracked against the 6’7½ Wach, who put up a very good fight. Scores were 98-93, 97-93, 97-93. Whyte was suspended by the WBC after being flagged by UKAD for banned substances in his system six months ago. The test result was voided due to suspected contamination.

WBA #9, IBF #9, WBC #11 heavyweight Filip Hrgovic (10-0, 8 KOs) manhandled and stopped 37-year-old two-time former world title challenger Eric Molina (27-6, 19 KOs). 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Hrgovic floored Molina in round two with a body shot and put him down for the count with a right to the head in round three. Time was 2:03.

Heavyweight Mahammadrasul Majidov (2-0, 2 KOs), a former amateur world champion, scored a second round TKO over Tom Little (10-8, 3 KOs). Majidov dropped Little in round two and got the stoppage with his follow-up barrage. Time was 1:49.

Unbeaten 18-year-old super middleweight Diego Pacheco (8-0, 7 KOs) scored an impressive first round KO over journeyman Selemani Saidi (20-16-5, 15 KOs). A right hand laid out Saidi at 1:38.

Super bantamweight Hopey Price (2-0, 1 KO) scored a third round TKO over Swedi Mohamed (12-7-2, 3 KOs). Price was in command but got a quick stoppage by the ref. Time was 2:22.

Manfredo wins after "terrible" stoppage
WBC #12 cruiser Egorov remains unbeaten

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  • Hrgovic may well be the fastest rising heavyweight. Along with Parker, he is also the youngest top 15 in the division now (27 ys). To blow out Molina in three rounds makes it his best win so far. For me, he is clearly the #1 of young fighters pushing to get into the top 10. The heavyweight division is alive and well at the moment.

  • More importantly he took several flush, heavy shots from Molina and wasn’t phased by them in the least. Wilder was wobbled multiple times when molina landed.

    • Good points, Caligula.

      Hrgo really impressed me, whereas Whyte disappointed me some. The fight was much closer than the score cards indicate.

      • @Stonefree, yeah I’m surprised Whyte underperformed against wach. I expected to see him get a lopsided win or even a stoppage.

  • Whyte couldnt dispose of old man Wach who lost his last three fights? LOL How is Whyte suppose to be competitive against the top 3 HWs?

    • Thanks for honoring my name in a creepy way. I am sorry you can’t find your own identity!

    • Yes indeed!

      Had Povetkin up by 1 maybe 2 but I can see a draw, no problem with the decision.

    • I had it either a draw or narrow win on points by Povetkin. Hunter came out too aggressively at first and wasted a lot of energy. Povetkin seemed to take over the fight after a few rounds, but Hunter came back toward the end. Both had their moments and both fought hard.

    • Povetkin may not get a title shot due to his advancing age and this draw will push him into another fight to win before he can jump into the championship mix.

      • Povetkin is increasingly starting to show his age. He still did good against Hunter, and would have even deserved a narrow win. But yes, the draw will stop him in his tracks for a title fight.

  • Here we go!! Joshua entering the ring… Looking like a man possessed(without a haircut)!!!!

  • Joshua walking to the ring.. No BS.. By himself.. Completely focused on the walk to the ring.. I love it!

  • Ruiz on his way to the ring.. Fancy gold garb, Attire. Hooded robe.. He too enters the ring walk completely alone.

  • Anthems played, fighters introduced…joshua no smiles.. All business. Ruiz looks stoic as usual.

  • With joshua losing weight and ruiz gaining.. Its almost like ruiz took joshua’s belts and his weight.. Lol

  • I’m so sick and tired of DZAN and others playing up the Mexican angle, i know it’s a business decision but it’s divisive and dangerous.

    All these fighters families fled that country for a reason, if they were real warriors they would have stayed and fought for their country and their rights.

  • Joshua looking like a prime Klitschko pumping a piston-jab and morphing the left jab into a hook.. Ruiz face is tore up.

  • I have to note that Ruiz is coming forward the whole fight.. That hasnt changed.. However, he is hesitating to get off and getting beat to the punch.

  • Boring but effective strategy by AJ.

    BTW, what the hell is Ruiz’s chin made of? He’s been hit by some great shots.

    • Round 7 went again to AJ. 69:64. Ruiz needs a miracle soon. His overweight doesn’t show that much yet but he is getting schooled by AJ.

      • Joshua took round 9. 88:83 AJ.

        Ruiz is hanging in tough but the wear and tear is showing on his body already.

  • Ruiz is really wanting a chance to make it a brawl.. Big COMBO BY RUIZ! joshua survives it

  • Though ruiz looks like heis headed for a loss.. I dont see anyone wanting to fight him. He’s TOUGH! TOO BIG of a risk to anyone!

  • Great job by Ruiz’s corner to stop the bleeding, hasn’t been a factor and great stamina by Ruiz.

    Chris Mannix is terrible at scoring!

    • This fight went exactly how most would have expected fight #1 to go. In any case, AJ did everything he needed to do and proved that he’s not a hyped up champ. He dominated almost every single round in convincing fashion. 118:110 win for AJ. I hope the judges are halfway professional and score it the same way – this was an extremely easy fight to score.

      Ruiz is one tough dude though. I would have never expected that he could go 12 rounds with all that weight.

  • The fight was won/lost on the scales and told the story of the fight. Joshua, lighter by 10 pounds and lighter on his feet. Ruiz a stone heavier and much heavier on his feet. Shame, it could have been more competitive if Ruiz trained properly but think the same result (but closer and with some added drama) would of took place with Joshuas tactics/fight plan.

    Yes, a third fight down the line if they both move on undefeated because if I were Joshua I wouldn’t fully feel satisfied with the result. Yes, he won the boxing match but didn’t KO a more lumbering already overweight fighter, but yes, full of skill.

    There is still unfinished business having it now with a tally of 1-1, but one knocked out the other. Just my thoughts and don’t expect them to be fully popular but individuality is a great thing and should not be knocked.

    While I’m at it, the heavyweight top ten as it now stands:

    1/ Wilder (think he will chin fury in rematch for good not taking anything from Fury’s first display)
    2/ Fury
    3/ Ortiz
    4/ AJ
    5/ Ruiz
    6/ Whyte
    7/ Parker
    8/ Rivas
    8/ Hunter
    9 / Povetkin

    Not done a no.10 as not sure where to place Usyk, the dark horse. Oh, and with Dubious knocking on the door

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