Haney dominates, dethrones Prograis

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Former undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) dismantled and dethroned WBC super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (29-1, 24 KOs) on Saturday night at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Haney dropped Prograis in round three and never let him into the fight. Haney won all twelve rounds 120-107 3x.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In the super lightweight co-feature bout of the evening, Australia’s Liam Paro (24-0, 15 KO’s) annihilated Montana Love (18-2-1, 9 KO’s) in scoring a sixth round stoppage. The fans showed their dissatisfaction early on as it was slow paced and lacked action with Paro stalking and Love keeping his distance. However in the sixth, Paron connected with an uppercut and dropped Love. He got up but the Aussie sent Love to the canvas for a second time with a combo. Continuing to fight, Paro attacked and was all over Love when referee Thomas Taylor stepped in to stop the fight at 1:49 of the sixth.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Cuba lightweight Andy Cruz (2-0, 1 KO) stopped Jovanni Straffon (26-6-1, 19 KO’s) of Mexico in the third round. Cruz landed a huge right in to start the fight as he backed Straffon to the ropes opening round. Banging it out in the second, Cruz attacked but Straffon and began to chop him down, landing a series of punches as the referee began keeping a close eye. Closing it out in the third, Cruz continued where he left off as the referee finally stepped in to stop the fight at 53 seconds.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Myo Yoshida (17-4) of Japan defeated Australia’s Ebanie Bridges (9-2, 3 KO’s) in a bout for the IBF bantamweight title. Yoshida kept swarming Bridges attacking on the inside and outworking the Australian. Late in the fight in the ninth, Yoshida relentlessly attacked as Bridges could not keep her away. The tenth and final round, it was all Yoshida as she was all over Bridges up to the final bell. In the end after completing ten rounds the judges scored it, 99-91, 99-91, and 97-93 all in favor for Yoshida.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Middleweight Amari Jones (10-0, 9 KO’s) stopped Quilisto Madera (14-5, 9 KO’s) of Stockton, California in five rounds. It was a battle while it lasted. Jones attacked but Madera did not back down and mixed it up. After a series of unanswered punches by Jones in the fifth, referee Thomas Taylor stepped in to stop the fight at 1:44.

Super featherweight Beatriz Ferreira (4-0, 2 KO’s) of Brazil stopped Destiny Jones (5-2, 2 KO’s) of Austin, Texas. Ferreira was relentless through the fight. Despite being cut, the Brazilian scored a knockdown in the seventh. Jones wanted to continue but the doctor stopped the fight five seconds into the eighth and final round.

In the opening bout from the Chase Center in San Francisco, featherweight Shamal Canal (7-0, 4 KO’s) won a unanimous decision over Jose Antonio Meza (8-9, 2 KO’s). It was all Canal as he felt out and boxed early on. Canal staggered Meza at the end of the third as he began to separate himself. Canal continued to work Meza, throughout the fight and finished strong dropping Meza in the final seconds of the fight, the Mexican was up as Canal worked his way to a decision win. All three judges scored the bout 60-53.

Espinoza beats Ramirez for WBO feather title
Merhy hands Yoka third straight loss

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  • Ferreira looked EXCELLENT. She’s going back for the Olympics next year but she’s going to be problems for anyone at 130 really soon, including Baumgardner & Persoon.

    • She looked excellent, I agree, but I want to see more of her against qualified opposition.

      But you have an eye for boxing and you might be right.

      Ferreira has parked high on the rankings. Baumgardner and Persoon are the only two in front of her according to Boxrec.

      Persoon is much taller and has, among other things, met Katie in two very even fights. She would come very well prepared, perhaps her biggest problem is her age.

      Baumgardner would also be very difficult, she is better schooled, doesn’t stress under pressure, reads her opponents well, and would take advantage of Ferreria’s style I think.

      But I’m looking forward to see more of Ferreira for sure.

    • I agree. His training partner (Boots) is also a special fighters. AC & Boots make a great partnership. They both rock. I hope they both end up in the IBHOF.

  • Andy Cruz should be the 2023 PROSPECT OF THE YEAR. I am dead serious. He had 2 impressive showings in just 2 fights against good fighters.

    Boots & AC are the 1-2 Punch in boxing. The Kobe/Shaq of 2023.

    • I would agree with you but no he isn’t a prospect. In his first bout he became a contender and won the Vacant IBF International Light title and today he made his first defense so he isn’t a prospect by any means he is a legit contender. Yes, that’s a special accomplishment by a very special and skilled boxer.

      • 2 fights and accomplishing this, makes him the 2023 Prospect of The Year. End of discussion. Let’s not promote & award inadequacy. Let’s not hand out participation awards. Give it to the best fighter. And, that would be, Andy Cruz.

        • Now now. Every prospect gets a trophy now. We have to be more inclusive.

          Inn•cluuuuuuuu•siiive. LOL!!!

          If this happens in boxing, I’m leaving. Don’t know where, but I’m leaving.

  • Paro fought a smart fight by staying out of Love’s counterpunching punching range and by using smart aggression. As soon as I saw Love holding instead of letting his hands go, I knew Paro was going to take this one. Paro limited Love’s counterpunching opportunities, and Love did not have plans B-Z.

    What is next for Love?…possible retirement or a gatekeeper because his mind will never get ready for the top guns.

    As for Paro’s next step…maybe Ortiz or Rodriguez.

  • Cruz may be an excellent fighter but my money is on Abdullah Mason as the next lightweight star. These Cubans rarely pan out.They just can’t adapt to the pro style for the most part. Casamayor was the best of the bunch and he was very good but not great. Liam took his time and got to Love. He’s had some serious injuries in the last year but since coming to Vegas he has improved significantly. He holds his own w Shakur and Devin in the gym and could definitely make some noise in the 140 lb division.

  • Credit where credit is due. Haney performed well and took the fight to Prograis. Who does he fight at 47?Does he entice Crawford? Does he risk fighting Boots? Should be interesting. Well done Haney

    • ???? He better worry about 140 first and foremost and he does not entice Crawford in any shape form.or fashion. You must be a casual

    • Ebox, I’m sure it’s just a simple typing error. Haney won the 140lb WBC title. 147 is a mistake

    • Are you trying to get Haney killed? Let him build his fortune before risking his career against the naturally bigger men who have more skill and can seriously crack.

  • I picked Prograis to win, good win for Haney, he controlled the distance and executed flawlessly

  • He clearly is stronger at 140, he didn’t fade in the second half of the fight and he has more pop in his punches

  • Wonderful victory by Haney, and he fought a smart fight. Haney has plenty of hungry sharks at 140, but Matias still makes say wow!!!

    How about Haney vs. Lopez?

  • Well I called this one. I said Haney would make this look easier than expected. Taylor exposed Prograis and I doubt he’ll ever be more than a second tier champion. Objective observation there.

    • I was stunned by boxing insiders giving Prograis a chance in this fight. That said: I thought he’d take a round or two. Anyway, I agree he’s never going to compete at the top level again after this humiliating loss.

      • Billings..styles make fights..Just not Regis night…got outclassed …took a boxing lesson did not get beat up…hopefully we see Regis again..

  • The fact that Devin Haney took a very good fighter like Regis Prograis and dominated him every single round the way he did shows he’s definitely an elite fighter. Haney needs to work on closing the show more as he had Prograis ready to go a few times there but I can understand wanting to stay away from Prograis’s punching power, box him, and secure the win. That was a brilliant performance from an exceptional talent who seems to have more zip on his punches at 140. I thought Prograis had a shot of winning, which just shows I can’t predict a fight worth crap because Haney was on an entirely different level. Hats off to Haney; he’s the real deal.

  • Teo vs Haney? Would have to favor Haney. What a masterclass. Was impressed. Wow. Never thought I’d say that. He did the same against Kambosos. Or bring in Davis…..Big fight if they can make it. Haney improved his stock. Prograis… disappointing. But Haney was amazing.

    • KP…Two…a different type of beast though..I still slightly favor Haney…Teo more athletic and can punch….that would be a good match for Haney…both need that fight…Ryan is an interesting fight…

  • I’ve always seen Prograis overrated and nothing special. He’s strong and punches hard, but that very unorthodox style of his, really easy to take on for a fighter of Haney caliber. Haney looked a lot stronger in this weight class. The fight was pretty boring since prograis didn’t bring much to the table. The fight card in general was very bad. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this one. There was someone on you tube uploading the fights within minutes after each fight ended and got to see it without knowing the outcomes.

  • Another track run by Haney, put me to sleep. Hard to fight a guy that doesn’t want to fight, would pay to see the track runner again.!!

  • Kudos to Myo Yoshida for the win over Bridges. That Bridges is so damn incredibly sexy pre-fight. Just a beautiful body, so attractive, but she faced a tough, more experienced opponent in Myo. Tough loss for her.

  • I feel sorry for the fans who have to watch these top fighters give boring performances. They have have stayed home and watched a REAL fight between two warriors like Espinoza and Ramirez…

    • That the problem with you mexicans,,,Very narrow window of appreciation of the “sweet science” and your own,delusion,about your relevance,wich related more to your big Consumer Market,than your Boxing Skills.

  • Devin ‘the snooze’ Haney made me change the channel after round 5. Seriously if you’re dominating a fight why the hell don’t you give the audience a highlight reel knockout? No killer instinct whatsoever. Him and Shakur are boring as f u c K these kind of soft runner beta fighters ruin boxing -.-

  • Thank you Paro for eliminating “pointy beard” Love. Now he can lift his head, point his beard south and retire. Respect to any boxer on toughness, but sick of these bearded primadonnas.

  • I’m impressed with how Haney controlled the fight from start to the final bell against such a difficult opponent as Prograis.

    Haney’s constant backward movement, which together with his guard, makes him extremely hard to get to, when he attacks he steps forward, but only just enough to hit, nothing unnecessary, almost minimalistic, then back to his defense mode.

    Whatever Prograis found in his toolbox, Haney neutralized it with relative ease.

    In any case, I think it’s interesting to see that craft.

    At the same time, a loss of this kind must leave its mental mark on self-confidence. I hope Prograis gets through these. Hopefully we can see him a few times before he hangs up his gloves.

    Of course, Haney vs. Lopez is there, waiting. Think that fight would develop like an interesting chess game.

    Congratutalation and hats off for a well executed fight.

  • Haney has beat Kambosos (who beat Teo) twice, Loma, and now Prograis. He should be in the top 10 pound for pound, but the biased Race fans and Old Media are still not going to give him his due, and comment and focus on his physical appearance or pointing out a perceived personality flaw (I don’t like him throwing out that n-word, but they shouldn’t be quoting him on it either), the same as with most black boxing stars such as; Stevenson, Shields, Wilder, Anderson, Crawford, Spence, the Charlos, etc. I find it interesting how Mexican fighters and fans (Carlos) can always be for each other, Ukrainian fighters can “Stand With Ukraine”, Irish, British, Gypsies, Women, Asian, etc. but as soon as A Charlo says he’s doing it for the “culture”, it creates serious backlash. Its like someone sneezing and the swat team gets called in. Same hate for the Original Man and we are here in 2023, despicable. The thanks you get for birthing the world…smh.

    • DMV…This is about the progression of the sport…that includes the protection of the fighter in every aspect…respect…safety…and financial stability… perception is important…how the participants in the sport on all levels conduct business at all times is important for the survival … stability of this wonderful gladiator sport..Boxing is struggling right now…more focus needs to be on professional development instead of ignorance and pettiness…

    • You’re wrong. People love Crawford and Wilder because they bring it. Skin tone is not an issue. Fighters like Haney and Shakur may be good athletes, but when they stink out the arena and fans boo – it’s because they’re boring, not because they’re black Americans.

      • Thank you, packy! It’s about performance not appearance. And yes, for the record Haney does have a big nose and DMV has a small mind.

      • DMV this morning: “but the biased Race fans and Old Media are still not going to give him his due, and comment and focus on his physical appearance or pointing out a perceived personality flaw”

        DMV 4 days ago: “Haney’s wide nostrils provide him with a breathing mechanism that translates into more stamina and a cooing mechanism in warm weather;”

        Pretty sure DMV was trolling with this post.

    • Charlo did nothing for the culture. He talked a good game but mailed it in. Gave a poor effort against Canelo. The much of the younger black generation has become soft. More concerned about projecting some fake image on social media instead of being real. Just be yourself. Don’t tell me what you are going to do, just go out and perform. All this concern about popularity, followers on social media etc ..it’s not just the black fighters, just signalling out Charlo

  • Goofy comment, does the weight difference btwn busty women and flat chested hurting them fighting what could be a weight class differential?

  • I’m still puzzled as if Haney is that good or Prograis that bad, I witnessed a two time world champion not knowing how to cut off a ring and his corner not making an impact in getting it done! I say Prograis should retire at this point because all the slick fighters that box well will beat him and there’s a few at Jr Welter I’m talking about. Back to craw fish swamps for Prograis.

  • Devin Haney put on a darn good argument for weight being an issue. He looked stronger than ever at 140. It was evident he’d get a UD but not in that fashion with scoring a knockdown. I think Haney could have gotten him out of there had he pressed him even more. A critic could say he’s a great fighter who looked great against a good, limited fighter. Haney says he wants the money fights. In that case he will have to go back to 135. At 147 Crawford & Spence are tied up so who knows then the rematch will happen. Ennis isn’t a well-known star so there is nothing at 147 at this time. At 140 Lopez didn’t want the Prograis fight and after this performance, he will price himself out against Haney. That fight didn’t happen at 135 so I doubt it happens at 140.

  • Haney did a great job dismantling Prograis last night. For an undefeated fighter, Prograis seemed as if he had no idea how to stay away from Haney’s blows. I wonder how Haney would do against Terrance Crawford at a catch weight ? Now, that’s a fight I’d like to see…

    • That would be easy work for Bud. Haney and dad want nothing to do with him. Too big, fast and skilled. Another factor in that fight never happening is that Bud actually comes to fight.

  • I was expecting more from Regis
    Congratulations to Haney

    Now Haney, kingry and teofimo should fight each other for the best of boxing any of them can’t pick cherry picks no m9re and I’m not saying Regis was easy I, saying now all these 3 should be forced to increased the level since they been looking good

    Haneyneed more attacking
    Kingry needs better defense
    Teofimo gets cut easily

  • I was expecting more from Regis
    Congratulations to Haney

    Now Haney, kingry and teofimo should fight each other for the best of boxing any of them can’t pick cherry picks no m9re and I’m not saying Regis was easy I, saying now all these 3 should be forced to increased the level since they been looking good

    Haneyneed more attacking
    Kingry needs better defense
    Teofimo gets cut easily

    Haney looked good as far as size is concerned

    Some people make fun of me when I said Haney has nice muscle foundation but after all I was right

    And it’s very important to m9ve up in muscle as m7ch as possible

    One of the things passed me off is that mex7cans d0nt lift weights

    We are genetically g8fted to built muscle and we don’t have the tendency to lift weights

    Also muscle is very very important its not a definitive but it’s very important and crucial

    I wish Mexicans built more muscle in order to be better fighters

    Anyway this part of Haney might g8ve him a slight advantage at 140 lbs against kingry .teofimo or any other contendent

    • Muscle doesn’t mean power, strength, or KO.
      Sal Sanchez, JCC didn’t have muscles and did KOs lots of their opponents

          • Well they are wrong even A golf or tennis player should lift weights
            The only silly ones whom don’t recommend lift weights are the Mexicans and is a huge mistake

          • The late great trainer Angelo Dundee once said he’d put a Louisville Slugger to the head of anyone who’d try to bring a set of barbells into his gym.

          • I disagree with your post, you can’t say trainers and boxers are wrong. Do you see yourself as knowing more than boxing ‘s trainers, boxers?
            Even the hardest Mexican punchers did not have muscles a la Zamora, and Zarate.
            I disagree with your post, and I respect your right to post.

          • Well if Zamora would lift weight he would harder would be faster and would absorb more punches

  • >