Paul knocks down and defeats Silva

034 Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

YouTube boxer Jake “The Problem Child” Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) scored an eight round unanimous decision over 47-year-old UFC legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva (3-2, 2 KOs) in an eight-round bout at a catchweight of 187 pounds on Saturday night at the Desert Diamond Arena, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

032 Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Paul appeared headed to a decision win when he dropped Silva in the final round. Silva rallied after the knockdown, but it was too little, too late. Scores were 77-74, 78-73, 78-73.

“We were just fighting in the clinch, and he got caught on the way out,” Paul said of the knockdown. “He took so many hard shots throughout the whole fight. The dude is a real dog. You see what happens to everyone else that gets hit with that. He’s the toughest guy in the world but I just wanted it more. I’m a real dog and I left it all in the ring.”

Unbeaten 18-year-old lightweight Ashton “H2O” Sylve (8-0, 8 KOs) made quick work of former contender Braulio Rodriguez (20-5, 17 KOs). A short left hook finished Rodriguez after just 61 seconds.

WBC #9, WBA #12 bantamweight Alexandro “El Peque” Santiago (27-3-5, 14 KOs) was victorious when WBO #13, IBF #14 Antonio “Carita” Nieves (20-4-2, 11 KOs) couldn’t continue after round seven. Santiago was taking over the fight when the bout ended. This was a rematch of a 2016 draw.

MMA fighter Uriah Hall and former NFL star running back Le’Veon Bell made their pro debuts in a four-round cruiserweight bout contracted at 195 pounds. Hall outworked Bell by scores of 40-36 3x in a bout that never heated up until the last few seconds.

UFC fighter Chris Avila pretty much beat up pro debuting Internet personality “Doctor Mike” Varshavski in a four-round cruiserweight bout contracted at 185 pounds. Scores were 40-36 3x.

Other Results:
Danny Barrios Flores TKO6 Edgar Ortiz Jr. (super bantamweight)
Shadasia Green TKO5 Ogleidis Suarez (female super middleweight)
Jeremiah Milton TKO5 Quintin Sumpter (heavyweight)

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Sonny Conto remains unbeaten

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  • shame on showtime and every legit boxing person affiliated with this carnival…..8 hosts?….well,they`re all drawing a psycheck,aren`t they…..i saw one bout by accident…the one with the 18 year old sensation ve the “veteran” who hadn`t fought since carter was president….

    shame…shame…shame…boxing will effectively be dead before 2030…

  • It almost seemed like Silva was holding back on his punches early on but I guess that is all he had. Thought Silva would win based on stamina but Jake looked in much better condition.

  • Interesting. Jake is showing improvements. HOWEVER he fought a 47 year old former MMA fighter not a boxer and he barely won (12th the decider in my book).

    Truth is Jake is a hard worker with a decent right hand (couldn’t knockout 47yr old with that right). He is young in the game and has tons to work on. He knows it, that’s why he is looking to fighter Another MMA FIGHTER (NATE DIAZ) AND calling out fighter he knows will not give home the time of day (Canelo).

    Take it for what it is , entertainment, not legit boxing. That occurs between 2 boxers

    • Silva is exceptionally fit for 47 y.o. guy and had a few boxing fights including a win over Chavez Jr. on his record. Paul “couldn’t” k.o. Silva simply because Silva is very slick and the punch didn’t land clean (as in Woodley fight). Sure Silva is not a boxing prodigy and no spring chicken but it was Paul’s 6-th boxing match without prior amateur experience. Taking this into consideration he didn’t very well. He gets better with every fight. Let’s see what he does in his 20-th fight. Most boxers fight dudes with losing records in their first 10-20 pro bouts). Doesn’t mean they won’t get anywhere. Just look at Wilder.

      • Thats funny you added wilder in there don’t get it fucked up wilder can fight you don’t win a belt not being able to fight why don’t you support your American fighter instead of taking shit!

  • 27 year old beats 47 year old grandpa in a very close fight! Grandpa beat the crap out of young man in his prime but, the knock down gave the 27 year old the lucky win! Big winner here was grandpa who exposed and embarrased young man, baddly!

  • why doesnt jake paul fight a real fighter not these aliens from outerspace that are past there primes?

  • In Anderson Silva’s third pro fight he faced Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (52-4-1) and won the fight by split decision. Nobody gave Chavez Jr. nonstop crap for facing a guy who was 1-1 as a pro boxer. A victory like that says a lot about a man and his skills.
    Fast forward one year and four months Jake Paul calls him out for a fight. Right away people say Paul needs to face a younger boxer. Now Silva is too old, not a boxer and not a challenge.
    Jake Paul has one amateur fight and five pro fights (now six). Paul has boxed a total of twenty three rounds.
    Name one other new boxer with no this level of experience who would be criticized for facing Silva?
    As a long time boxing fan I was not a fan of Jakes. I thought it was a cash grab and a higher scale of celebrity boxing. Still I took it for what it was. I expected no more from him than any other “new” boxer. I gave him a chance and I’ve turned and not looking forward to seeing who he might fight next.
    Jake Paul has gotten better in each fight. Tonight I did not see a single thing that stood out and made the fight look like an amateur or a gimmick fight. Jake worked behind a jab. He used his clinch effectively and when needed. He did swing a few wild shots, but no more than most boxers. All in all he looked like a pro boxer tonight. He even controlled his stamina and for anyone who’s been in the ring you know it’s hard especially in a real fight. Nerves alone drain your stamina and that’s something you don’t deal with in sparring.
    Tonight was a good night of boxing and the “main event” was much better than I expected.

    I’m less interested in what boxing “fans” fans think and more interested in who real fan of boxing want to see him face next.
    I kind of want to see him face Tommy Fury only to get the “real” boxer issue out of the way. For those who forget Fury is no more a “real” boxer than Silva is.
    Fury is a low to mid-level TV celebrity who just got into boxing. You can’t consider him and more of a boxer than Paul or Silva is other than the whole 12 amateur fights he had. I think “fans” assume he is more because he has a well-known last name. and for those who don’t know here are the win-loss records of the “boxers” he has beat in the order he beat them.
    1. 10-102
    2. 0-26
    3. 2-26
    4. 0-11
    5. 0-9
    6. 2-0
    7. 0-1
    8. 10-1
    Id like to see him face somebody like Hector Coronado. He has a good record, lost his last two and is rated a lot higher than Jake. I know it wont happen since Jake will need a name more people know who can sell a PPV. That’s the down side to being able to market yourself as well as Jake has. People expect a lot out of you.

    No matter what I look forward to his next match. I look more forward to his first loss. How you handle a loss says a lot about you. It will also show if you are a “real” boxer or just in it for the glory of the victories.

    • Jake is getting ring experience against people who are well known in other fields, but lower level in the boxing World. Quite smart IMO. I believe he made over $1 million against Silva. Not bad for a guy who’s had only 6 fights.

      Just did a quick search, and found that Jake Paul has 20.4 million YouTube subscribers, and 7.6 BILLION total views. That’s just on YouTube….who knows how many combined on his other social media platforms. Pretty sure that a large portion of the people paying to see him are Jake Paul fans and not really boxing fans. Paul brings a lot of viewers to the table, and a lot of money. Wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually lands a big-time boxer. Not sure if the majority of his fan base realizes that Canelo vs. Paul is a mismatch or not. Lot of potential money to be made for someone like Canelo in a fight that wouldn’t be difficult for him. Money talks, and like him or not, Paul certainly brings that. Wonder if Canelo, or his management has ever entertained the idea…

      • He’s made $1.5 million plus ppv cut (I guess close to 50%). He’s done well for himself financially.

        • And real fighters toil for years and never make pay per view money! Absolute joke of a fighter and terrible for our beautiful sport. If he came up like other real fighters and earned the right to fight PPV I would have more respect for what he is doing. Don’t get me wrong anyone who steps in the ring to fight deserves respect but let’s keep it real here. This is a side show and it take away from real fighters.

  • This isn’t real boxing. I’d like to see Joke Paul fight an over the hill Sergei Kovalev or a fighter his age with equal record

    • find someone with 6-0 record and name recognition. He was supposed to fight 8-0 Fury but Fury backed off. Btw. Fury fought almost exclusively guys with losing records.

  • I watched the so called “highlights”. Silva seemed to have the better of the exchanges but the biggest surprise for me was the amount of idiots that took the time to go watch. Sadly, it looked like this clown pulled in a full house .

    • Always wise to make assessments of “highlights”. You watched it. Just admit it.

  • Gotta give Jake credit for beating the spider. I know Silva is no professional boxer but he has more fight experience than the problem child, and he lost legitimately tonight. It sounds kind of stupid for Paul going from an over the hill MMA fighter to somebody who is still in the top 10 pound-for-pound in boxing, during his call outs.

    • It’s not stupid – it’s called business. He goes where the money is and Canelo is money.

  • I called it in a previous post. Folks actually believe these are real “fights.” Former UFC fighter “fight” Jake Paul with an understanding they will “lose.” UFC paid them crap wages so they fight Jake Paul to take less punishment for a $2,000,000 payday. Jake Paul will never “lose” against a former UFC who hasn’t been paid a decent wage.

  • Jake Paul just proves that marching order is at kombat sports 1 boxing , 2 disney boxing and somewhere at the distance nro 3 is UFC.
    Eat that Dana White

  • Silva screwed up. Showboating and dancing in rounds 2 & 3, and he had his hands down. He was being nice putting on a show. But Jake took advantage of Silva. Silva should have been serious and finished it early. Shame

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