Serrano dominates Ramos, wins UD12

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Report/Photos: Scott Foster

Undisputed female featherweight champion Amanda Serrano (46-2-1, 30 KOs) scored a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over WBO interim champ Danila Ramos (12-3, 1 KO) on Friday night at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida. Serrano pressed the action the whole way and punished Ramos for 36 minutes instead of the normal 20. Scores were 120-108 3x.

Only Serrano’s WBA, IBF, and WBO belts were on the line as the WBC wouldn’t sanction the match because they view the duration of twelve 3-minute rounds as unsafe for women.

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Unbeaten WBA #14 welterweight Damian Lescaille (6-0, 4 KOs) scored a spectacular ninth round KO against Ray Barlow (7-4, 4 KOs). A right hook laid out Barlow at 2:58.

2016 Olympian Antonio Vargas (17-1, 9 KOs) outscored rugged former world champion Hernan “Tyson” Marquez (47-11-2, 33 KOs) over ten rounds in a bantamweight bout. Scores were 99-89 3x. Marquez down twice.

It was announced that female super middleweights Shadasia Green and Franchón Crews-Dezurn will fight in the co-feature of Jake Paul’s December 15 fight at the same venue.

Santiago wins WBO interim 108lb title
Weights from Washington, PA

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  • 36 minutes of pillow fists instead of 20. I’m with Sillyman…ten, 2-minute rounds.

    • Package East, yes, there are good woman’s boxing matches, but generally there are many more woman’s boxing matches where I wished it were rather ten, 1-min rounds!

      • Most women’s KO ratios are anemic. Serrano’s opponent has just one KO. Clarissa and Katie can’t punch. Caskilla is almost unwatchable. At one time Serrano was an outlier, i.e. the rare female boxer with power. But after seven straight decisions and at age 35 she unfortunately seems pretty well past it. I guess some people can enjoy watching feather-fisted women try to outpoint each other, but taking the kayo out of the picture removes boxing’s savage allure.

  • The WBC says 3 minute rounds are unsafe for womens boxing? as if trying to knock your opponents head off of their shoulders is safe. Boxing is not a safe sport, you need to come up with a better reason Mauricio!

    • Exactly, USS! Boxing isn’t safe for ANYONE but if they get in the ring, they accept the risk and they can do what they want.

    • USS, it’s the same reason why they have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 round fights. More punishment is dealt out in longer fights, makes it more dangerous. Longer rounds in womans boxing will end in more, unnecessary, amount of punishment. Maybe only championship fights should be 3 min rounds?

  • The WBC proved itself to be full of itself and unequal in trying to be equal. Serrano is awesome, what a class act and athlete to break the barrier too. I wanna see her get a rematch and revenge against Taylor.

  • Women’s boxing is boring enough, please God, no 3 minute rounds for “the girls.”

  • the money grab organization known as the WBC just makes another hypocritical statement unsafe and any combat sport just doesnt make sense if and when ANY fighter male or female chooses to participate they fully understand the consequences the sport of boxing shoud treat females equally including the duration and length of rounds and with that all being said Serrano seems to be losing her KO steam it was a boring fight mainly due to the fact that Ramos did not come to fight but to just survive and she did so by constantly running she should have been penalized for it.

  • If you only watch boxing for the knockouts, you don’t understand boxing.

  • This is the 7th fight in a row that Serrano has to go the distance. IMO, at 35 years of age and after 49 boxing matches, she is winding down. Serrano will lose to Katy Taylor in a more convincing way if she decides to pursue the rematch; also, a fight against Alycia Baumgardner would be very hard. I believe we are witnessing the twilight of one of the greatest female boxers and, without a doubt, the most exciting of them all.

    • Stick to wrestling and go play with your hogan an ultimate warrior figures! Serrano will beat Taylor and send her to retirement! And will beat the PEDS out of Alicia’s system!

  • I’m confident that the WBC will change their view in not sanctioning women’s boxing 3min rounds. The reason is simply bad for business. They will lose pay days on big fights. I’m interested if they change their view and how they will justify their change of heart

  • Got her 3 minute, 12 round fight, threw over 1000 punches and . . . still no knockout.

  • Bunch of casual simpletons, so now if you don’t ko your opponent the fight is boring.

  • >