Paul destroys August in first round

Paul Ko August

Popular YouTuber-turned-cruiserweight boxer Jake Paul (8-1, 5 KOs) annihilated Andre August (10-2-1, 5 KOs) in the first round on Friday night at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida. Paul connected with a vicious uppercut that laid August out flat on his back. Time was 2:32.

In a grudge match for the WBC world and WBA interim female super middleweight titles, former undisputed champ Franchon Crews-Dezurn (9-2, 2 KOs) took a ten round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Shadasia Green (13-1, 11 KOs). Crews-Dezurn, an 8:1 underdog, was simply busier as she pulled away 98-92, 97-93, 97-93.

Unbeaten super welterweight Yoenis Tellez (7-0, 6 KOs) scored a brutal tenth round knockout over Livan Navarro (15-2, 9 KOs). Tellez dropped Navarro in round three and knocked him out cold with a left hook in round ten. Time was 1:21.

Unbeaten heavyweight Lorenzo Medina (9-0, 8 KOs) recovered from a second round knockdown to stop Joshua Temple (12-3, 10 KOs) in round six. A barrage of punches prompted a referee’s stoppage. Time was :29.

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    • Let’s not forget, he did fight someone of decent caliber. Someone gave him a good lesson in how to properly box. That person was Tommy Fury. Paul will need to cherry pick his opponents for a while if he truly wants to advance his boxing career. Why? Late starter for one. Lack of amateur experience to finesse his pro-career. He needs experience to grow and fine tune his skills. I am sure now Paul will admit now that being a You tuber star is NOT about boxing. Boxing is a much harder job and full dedication.

  • Everyone who participates in the 2024 Olympics, even the guy in last place, can beat Jake Paul in his pro debut. Jake is being fed soft, and he cannot even beat Tommy Fury. That is pathetic.

    • So you are saying all the guys who have a ton of experience can beat a guy with only ten fights?

        • Again your argument is a boxer with more experience can beat an entry level boxer. Nobody is disputing he is not the top boxer. He is not claiming to be. He is just a NEW boxer with zero experience trying to work up the ranks.

          • 4 years as a pro, and Jake is still not ready to fight real guys. Jake is a joke who smokes. That’s right, people. Jake smokes cigarettes.

  • Shadasia Green turned out to be a major fraud. What a joke. She thought she was better than Coke. Turns out, she is not good enough to be a Shasta.

  • I realize she now has, technically, a couple of her old belts back, but PLEEEEASE do not make Marshall – FCD 2.

    • FCD has not exactly been pleasing to watch. Thought Green would do better as well. Tough fight to score and tougher to watch. But people need to be fair and remember…the men have had their share of stinkers over the years!

      • In general, I think boxing is a very spectator friendly sport but, of course, you’ll have some fighters who, although successful, just aren’t very pleasing to watch. FCD is one of those fighters on most nights. Full credit to her, however, she’s done very well for herself.

  • Man, did you guys see that prefight? Comical stuff. Jake loves himself a little Jake. And this guy, August, looked like a bad amateur when the bell rang. Proves nothing

  • Does anyone know what the attendance was? Just curious as to what a marketing genius Jake Paul is.

  • Paul is going to be around a long time. He is getting better too. You all bash this kid, but he is training, putting in the work, and improving. Is he ever going to be a champion? Yes, I think he will win one of the 4 major belts in 4 years or so. Will he ever be great? No. He doesn’t have natural talent, but he is very skilled and getting better. If I had to pick a skilled fighter without talent or a talented fighter without skill, I will take the skilled fighter. Give me the Jake Pauls over the Broners every day. I grew tired of hating him. Now I’m rooting for him to win a vacant WBC title in a couple years and have a super fight against Canelo. And with Canelo aging and fighting at 200 lbs. the fight could be competitive.

    • “Yes, I think he will win one of the 4 major belts in 4 years or so”
      – That depends on the competition…..

  • good for jake paul. he is absolutely good for boxing
    hope he continues to improve, promote and make money

  • Paul hid the uppercut with the jab which was nice move by any novice.
    Decent show except for the abysmal display of fat chicks pawing at each other.

  • the amount of flak an 8-1 boxer is getting is unbelievable. face it, jake paul is legitimately coming into his own as a pretty good up and coming boxer. ppl wanted him to face a real pro boxer, he did and destroyed him. now ppl say well… uhh.. well face a better one..

    give me a break.

    • Truth. Not a big fan of the kid or his antics on social media to this point. But any man or woman that commits to a craft, any craft, deserves respect. And he is obviously committed. This young man has made millions outside of the ring. Does not have to box, other than it has become a passion. Now I think winning a world title, even our watered down versions, may be a stretch. But the kids putting in the work. In a world that pays these kids millions for creating stupid dance moves to other artists music, it is refreshing to see a “pay me now” kid actually put in work to achieve a goal.

  • I’m the last to person to defend Jake Paul and his whole deal, but give a guy a break! He just ko’d a pro boxer with a 10-1-1 record! I know nothing of Andre August, but who is Jake Paul supposed to be fighting at this point in his career? He’s only been boxing 4 years total, both pro and amateur! These are the kind of guys he should be fighting at this point. Believe me, I hope he gets crushed every time he steps in the ring, but I’ll concede he’s been very impressive so far. Whether he eventually becomes a champion or even a legitimate contender is an entirely different story.

  • The guy he fought was like 35 with a built up record who I think had just fight once in the last 4 years. Paul is good for the sport as a promoter and brings eyeballs to it, but this was just another hand picked opponent there to con novice and casuals into forgetting his last two dreadful outings.

    Not sure what this guy’s appeal is. I guess people just want to see him get put to sleep.

  • Good for Jake Paul, using his platform to give young fighters a chance to show off their talent, paul a wealthy young who loves the sport and how many fighters say oh no i can’t beat this guy or that guy, because of paul i was able to watch some fights last night.

  • Shadasia Green very overrated because she wasn’t able to beat a sloppy unskilled Franchon Crews-Dezurn. I seen her warming up and she looked better punching the air than once in the ring, plus she has no idea about distance.

  • Like Paul or not he’s in the ring doing his thing. The Jake Paul express continues. This man could be the GOAT one day lol.

  • OK JP started the boxing thing put of fun, with no real intention other than try it, but he’s actually doing something. Will he ever be a champion ? if he buys the belt, sure. Otherwise no. But he may be converting casuals into possible fan who may othsrwise not be interested in boxing at all. Peace and keep on going JP!

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