Heated incident at WBA Convention

Video of an altercation at the WBA Convention in Orlando is virally making the rounds on social media. Turns out that after a heated disagreement over mandatory bouts and interim titles, the parties took the issue outside where the son of WBA #1 middleweight Michael Zerafa’s manager Elvis Grant Phillips allegedly spit in the face of promoter Sampson Lewkowicz. Parties had to be kept apart after a huge argument erupted with ring legend Bernard Hopkins and WBA President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza getting involved.

Lewkowicz, who has since filed battery charges with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office over the incident, issued a statement to clarify that Zerafa himself was in no way involved in the altercation.

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  • Lewkowicz a dog, he screwed Zerafa out of a title shot and back to a fight to become mandatory because he wants his fighter to face Lara insted. Zerafa has been No1 for ages.

    • From my perspective, how does the ‘average’ Zerafa get to number 1 on any ranking list?

      • it’s only possible because the Middleweight division is weak. Weaker than it’s ever been. It’s embarrassing.

      • Exactly, have a look at zerafas last 4 fights, tomatoes cans and washes up old men. WBA = worth bugger all.
        But if you cough up sanctioning fees you will get a trinket.

  • Sampson Lewkowicz is a class act. Elvis Grant Phillips should be sent to the Orange County Jail for a good 60 days and fined $25,000 for the incident. What a punk. Sampson is a great guy. A cool dude. That is fked up. Lock EGP Up.

  • I watched the video on this as I’m sure most of you have. The kid is a punk for spitting and a coward for hiding behind people after fact. They should have let Bernard smack him around a bit for being a b*tch. I let arguments go, name calling doesn’t phase me and I can simply walk away, but spit at me or on me and they’ll be sipping food through a straw for a few weeks. Enough rating. This is a hot button for me.

  • I adamantly agree spitting in his face was cowardly and disgusting. I do, however, think pressing battery charges is a bich move and not needed. Leave the police out of it. Handle it yourself like a man.

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