Broner beats Santiago; Wallin, Easter win

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Former four-division world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) ended his two-year hiatus from boxing with a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Jovanie Santiago (14-1-1, 10 KOs) in a welterweight bout on Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Santiago pressed the action and outlanded Broner for much of the fight. Referee Arthur Mercante Jr. deducted a point from Santiago for a punch after the bell in round four.

Santiago seriously outperformed Broner on punch output. He connected on 207 of 697 punches, more than doubling Broner’s 98 connects on 338 punches. Judges, however, preferred Broner’s work over Santiago’s volume and body punching. Scores were 115-112, 116-111, 117-110 for Broner.

IBF #14, WBA #15 heavyweight Otto Wallin (22-1, 14 KOs) outworked former world title challenger Dominic Breazeale (20-3, 18 KOs) to take a twelve round unanimous decision. Scores were 116-112, 117-111, 118-110.

Former IBF lightweight champion Robert Easter Jr. (23-1-1, 14 KOs) scored an uneventful twelve round unanimous decision over Ryan Martin (24-2, 14 KOs) in a super lightweight bout. Scores were 117-111, 118-110, 118-110.

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  • Robert Easter used to be in really good fights. The one with Commey was good…. I don’t…. know….. what happened.

      • Whetto, you are spot on. Garcia handled Easter well and seemed to have taken some steam out of his engine. Easter I think struggles between himself and true dedication since he put-it-all-on-the-line against Garcia and was beat. Easter I think is testing waters now to truly see if getting back in the mix is what he really strives to do. Easter is a good kid and seems to keep his head straight.

    • Did hear Tom Schreck’s score between Wallin and Breazeale? Schreck only had Wallin winning by 4 rounds. What? I had Wallin winning by nearly a shutout.

      Broner has gotten worse fighting like he is more defensive than offensive. Very boring style for boxing and Broner’s advancing age is really showing him slowing as well. I did not see Broner winning by some of those scores. I had the fight for Santiago by 2 rounds.

    • looks like Broner is still not good. No surprise
      with this performance he Should be going nowhere fast. but he will probably get another lucrative pbc matchup

      • There is some marketability to Broner because so many people dislike him, and it really doesn’t matter if a million people love you or a million people despise you, if either watch you, you’re equally marketable. People need to stop giving a shit about him instead of hating him because he doesn’t provide any sort of excitement in the ring. He’s also completely classless, but that may be his best selling point. The trouble is he does evoke a reaction from people, and evoking any sort of reaction is going to get him more fights he doesn’t really deserve.

    • Might be a bit biased because I had Santiago at +550, but scoring was suspicious. Judge that nobody had ever heard of had Broner 117-110. I had Santiago115-112 even after giving Broner rounds one and two. Corner was right saying he needed the KO to win. Broner looks shot and did nothing most of the fight. Incompetent and or corrupt judges cost this poor guy his undefeated record.

  • I was in agreement with the judges scoring …. except they they went with the wrong guy. I’ve been a fan of boxing long enough to have seen hundreds of bad judgements, but somehow this seems even more repulsive than usual.

    • The reason this one was more repulsive is because everyone with a brain knew the fix was in from the time the fight was announced. They said the weight class was 140, and somehow it changed without any notice. Then you could see one guy was carrying the fight. Then you see a mystery deduction of a point. I mean, literally, everything leading up to the judges decision showed it was a fixer.

      • I wouldn’t say that was the worst robbery I’ve ever seen, but Santiago should have gotten the nod. Broner is PBC and Showtime’s guy and they’re trying to roll with the redemption narrative-that Broner is a changed man and is now mature and re-dedicated to the sport. How many times have your heard that from fighters and how many times has it been true? Zero!!! If it is true, fighters don’t go on camera and talk about it, they show it by training hard and proving it in their performance. The networks and promoters want to squeeze the last bit of juice out of Broner while he still has a name. The best he could do now is try to secure one last high profile title fight. I wish him the best though! I love to be proven wrong!

          • Thank You!…I could see Showtime now promoting Crawford or Spence vs. Broner as if it were to be a competitive fight…after all, we do live in the era of delusion!

        • Agreed Kris. As far as Broner’s supposed new-found maturity, he could have started by showing some appreciation (if he’s even capable of that) to the network that gave him some exposure, and not say things to it’s employees like, “F*ck Steve Farhood”. Broner hadn’t won a fight in 4 years. There are plenty of fighters out there who were more deserving of having that exposure on Showtime last night. He’s in a pretty difficult financial bind to put it nicely, and for a guy who hasn’t accomplished much in several years, he should have been thankful for the exposure he got last night. Instead, he acts like a dong in the post-fight interview. He should realize that he needs Showtime more than Showtime needs him. I too would like to see him turn his life around, but with 7 kids to feed, and an $800K-plus court settlement out there, I have my doubts that he is mentally/emotionally capable outside the ring, or physically capable inside the ring. I too would love to be proven wrong.

          • I think Showtime, Farhood, and Broner deserve each other, I just wish they would all go away. Farhood knows nothing about boxing, and couldn’t judge a a girls mud match at the local county fair.

  • Absolutely f*ing disgusting decision. Farhoods scorecard was more accurate and he was way too generous to Broner. Broner can f*ck with his lazy ass. He squandered his talent. Those judges were either crooked or incompetent. F*CK THEM TOO. THEY ROBBED SANTIAGO.

    • In fact the whole showtime team seemed way too eager to call the fight in favor of Broner. Showtime can f*ck off and in fact Farhoods scorecard sucked too. The whole thing stinks like a steaming pile of shit.

      • Sounds like you mad because showtime dont hate on broner. They called the fight for santiago. they were tryna be fair. what did you want them to do? talk shit about broner because you dislike him? this aint high school.

  • More corruption! A few flashy counterpunches doesn’t win a fight! Embarrassing really! Hes s
    No class punk! “Fuck Steve Farhood?” Lovely!

  • Broner is all mouth! No way he won that fight and he fought a nobody, just like his other “championship” fights!

  • Broner says he’s rededicated, then looks like shit, then acts totally classless after the fight… if that story isn’t played out, I don’t know what is.

    • Yes, I struggle to see the definition of “rededicated” with Broner after watching the fight. Broner’s name got him the victory not his performance.

      • He does the same shit all the time. He’s the type of person who doesn’t have the intelligence, humility, introspective abilities to really mature.

    • that sir is keeping it 100 broner showed his true colors in the post fight interview, if u truly matured,why would u even say all that negative u gonna do

      • Yeah, fuck Farhood and fuck the fans because they saw you losing a belt you very well could have lost? He doesn’t have the intelligence, introspective abilities, or the humility to ever mature as a person. He’s a manboy.

  • Better off not watching the fights now with these results …just look at the results in the news so u don’t get the deception of thinking who you think won the fight…i mean broner threw nothing landed less
    And he aint no willie pep

  • Once again another rigged decision on a Mayweather and Haymonomics card! What a waste! Broner clearly lost and once again gets the benefit of being their boy! Couldn’t make weight and begged for a last minute change to 147 lbs. and yet we are supposed to take him seriously again. He isn’t serious and only wants the money to pay off his legal issues outside the ring! Shame on Showtime too for continuing to promote and hype up this piece of garbage fighter!

  • I really wanted to see how AB handled himself after the fight, and he will never ever get any support from main line fans. Let’s see how he handles himself outside the ring until his next fight.

  • No way Broner won this fight. He was slow and really didn’t show much of anything. I guess now he will get a very undeserved title shot. And speaking of shot , Breazeale needs to retire before he really gets hurt

  • Enough! showtime…Broner didn’t work out. Stop ruining other professionals careers to try to salvage this failed experiment. Garbage. Just sad, why?


  • Another blackeye. I always tell people from other countries that in the US the bigger name fighter always gets the decision. 115-112 for Broner is a bad night for a judge, the 116-111 and 117-110 cards should result in permanent banishment for the judges. I had Santiago winning 114-113, and I felt like I gave most close rounds to Broner.

    • Exactly !!! Its not hard, count how many times broner was screaming out his punches divide that by 5 and u can easily figure out how may puches broner landed not that many and he wins 117-110 wtf

    • Truth! One thing is giving him the decision, but on such a wide margin. And why award a MOFO fould when both were guilty. that ref needs a serious review of his credentials to judge a fight. Such a career defining fight for Santiago. HIs stomach must be in knots from being so pissed off. The only place that bearded leperchaun belongs is in prison for MOFO fraud. LOL. Geezuuss.

    • Truth !! The judge wasn’t exactly top shelf. Both fouled one got the deduction. Let it go the first time. It was in the heat of the moment.Its one thing he got the decision. Its another he won on two cards by a wide margin. We all can’t be wrong. That only place that punk a** b***h belongs is in prison for fraud. Geeezuss man. Even Broner knows he lost the fight.

  • If Santiago had scored a KO he still would have lost by unanimous decision. Outrageous scoring!

    • For what? Neither did anything except for fans that had run out of sleeping pills.

  • This was a decision based on who will bring more money to the promoters. Broner did not win more than 4 rounds, with the point deduction this was a 115 – 112 Santiago. Wade said it earlier, the whole broadcast team were to high on Broner… The judges need to be investigated, these type of robberies are what has been hurting the sport for years…

  • Breazeale looked horriffic!
    Foot work sucked, slow. No head movement actually looked very off balance mediocre athletism. How in the heck has he had 2 title shots?

  • Broner knows he lost, looked terrible and is not entertaining to watch. The game plan for any fighter the the Maidaina game plan. He should be ashamed of himself to walk around like a winner.

  • AB stands for A BUM! Broner is an ABSOLUTE BUM! When I heard unanimous I knew the fix was in. No wonder UFC is respected more than boxing and seeing ridiculous decisions like this continue to show what a joke boxing is. Reminds me of the stupid brainless scorecard that Julie Letterman turned in with Lopez-Loma.

    To call Broner a classless piece of excrement is an understatement. For him to question Farhoods card with what he said shows this guy is so delusional and straight up trash. All he did was scream and moan loud every time he threw a punch as if the noise he was making was going to influence the judges into thinking he was doing damage. Too bad the stupid incompetent paid off judges have zero balls and zero scruples.

    Broner is now struggling with inexperienced no names and getting gift decisions, this clown should retire before he gets seriously hurt.

  • Thought Broner lost by a round. He continues to frustrate by throwing one punch at a time. Is great defensively, but just doesn’t put out the offense since he’s been at 147. Looked like a middleweight btw. As I stated before, a couple of title-shot paydays await him, but no ships.

  • All three judges in the broner fight need to be suspended!!

    How can we pressure the commission to take action?

  • Just watched the replay of the Broner fight on YouTube. I didn’t score the fight, but that wasn’t the robbery that the comments on here led me to believe. I do agree that the margins were ridiculous, but I don’t have much of a problem with Broner getting the call. Neither guy was all that busy, with the exception of Santiago in the 12th. I wouldn’t have had a problem with either guy getting a close decision. Not that it matters, but 52% of twitter users thought Santiago won (not a landslide), and 100% of those users probably see Broner as a complete phallus. Santiago himself had no problem with the decision, and said it could have gone either way. I think some people’s hatred of Broner effected the way they viewed this fight.

    • Very level headed take.
      I did score the fight. It wasn’t a beat down, broner was never hurt or even mildy stunned but he was outworked and outfought the whole way. Broner maybe won 3 or 4 rds. If you were generous you could argue 5. With the bogus pt. Deduction you could make a case for a draw. It would still be a bad decision but more reasonable.

      What pisses me off is Santiago didnt have a chance from the beginning. Guy works his ass off and hustles and outfights broner the whole way and you get a 117 110 scorecard? Fuck that. whats the point? To have incompetence and corruption rob an honest hard worker, who probably fought the best fight of his life and still showed sportsmanship and then those incompetent judges take away that solid effort and hand it to a fat, lazy asshole who doesn’t respect himself, the sport or the fans enough to even be in shape or make weight. And not even try to make it look close makes it even more ridiculous. Its an an insult to anyone whose ever laced up a pair of gloves or anyone with common sense for that matter.

      • The point is money. There’s more money in Broner’s big mouth to hype non-fights. That’s the way boxing has always been, and I don’t see any sign of changing.

    • Broner winning by a round or two could be stomached. But two of the scorecards were way too wide in his favor and that is what fight fans are upset about. santiago was just far busier in nearly every round and according to the punch stats he outlanded broner in like 10 or 11 rds. broner finally committed to throwing multiple punches in rds 8-11. Outside of those 4 round he hardly did anything and was easily outworked and outlanded. It’s time to have neutral judges for each fight. The nationality of any of the judges should never match any of the contestants.

    • Spot on USF. It wasn’t egregious.. so called fans want him to lose so bad.. His opponent faded badly and got touched up a lot in the 2nd half. Poor performance by Broner overall but hardly a travesty. The people on this forum are highly emotional…

      • Let me put it this way. The fight, taken as a whole, was somewhat closely contested. But round-by-round, which is the way fights are scored, was won by Santiago. Santiago did more than enough to win each round- the stats in this fight tell the story. Even the 2nd half was Santiagos. Faded? Really?Santiago erased any doubts at all by easily winning the 12th round. Emotional? No. Pissed? Yes, the wrong guy was awarded a wide unanimous decision. Its insulting.

  • AB clearly lost! Stop putting this clown on big networks. Watching plenty of amateur fighters live… a top amateur boxer would school AB

  • Broner really isn’t relevant anymore, he’s not ‘won’ a fight in 4 years.
    The only reason he has any fan base is due to the emergence of social media, in the days of old he’d have been long forgotten.

  • Based on the comments I read, I’ll just delete this from my dvr. I won’t waste my time…

  • I had a guy on a Showtime show at Mohegan. No people there so you hear everything. Showtime was practicing interviewing the winner 3 hours before the fight? Shoulda packed up right then.

  • Broner Beats Santiago? That’s really funny. He got a gift, Santiago should have gotten that decision.

  • I think I saw the Joker boxing last night. He was doing his talking as he accepted a beatdown, and then late in the 7th rd he got to dancing and shuffling, then screaming out Ha HA Ha! as he would throw a occasional counterpunch, usually missing or hitting the gloves and retreating around the ring, baiting poor Santiago to throw another 5 shots (but only land 2 each time). After another 5 rounds of this the punchstats people got it right as well as public on the results of the action they viewed. A win by Santiago by anywhere from a few rounds to many was made closer by a split second poor decision to return a punch after the bell with one of his own resulting in a point loss.But the Showtime commentators torn between the cool “story” of the joker and the sad reality of him (that he’s a better showman and actor than true fighter) forced them to hedge their bets by following the “many rounds were close and we DONT know HOW the judges will score it” narrative. Making it a very close fight on unofficial cards that could make the judges the scapegoat however those judges are never “punished”, they just get recycled like cans and reused by the network/promotion. For everyone’s entertainment Bryan Custard interviewed the Joker after the fight so his biggest fans could laugh AT him, not with him. In his 3 minute comedy set he had some gems such as how undefeated opponents would fight like bums fight for sandwiches. He didn’t care for the objectivity of the former Ring magazine editor Steve Farhood because Farhood interpreted the clearcut final round to give Santiago the victory. However he did give Custard a pass to be his homie and eff with him, quote, unquote. But he doesn’t like people on the social network with the BIRD, so he gave twitter and Steve the Bird so to speak. Custard and Showtime appealed to this problematic Joker that perhaps he could work on making changes in the broad sense. Like a good comedian the joker stated with a straight face that he would only change his draws. After the obscenities to the public opinion of his fight, and Showtimes employees, (biting the hands that feed him) he was kind enough to thank god, and a RIP to his homie who’s name he forgot for a second. He then attributed his win to his entire city of winners who win because they bet on him. It was thought by many that the Joker was MIA because of his poor performances, lifestyle, court cases/trouble with law, etc. The Joker said that he would have probably KO’d Santiago but Al Hyman and Mister Espinoza don’t confine him to the ring so it’s THEIR fault that his performances are so lackluster. He assured the public that if Showtime keeps overpaying his ransom demands that this will change and he will put on a proper show where he KO’s his enemies instead of getting into trouble in life, and burning through cash that has had gasoline poured on it. He assured us with a classic explanation: ” What happened was…” before explaining that another sub-par performance was due to a low bank account. You see he only had $13 dollars, and we all know that’s a unlucky #. Somehow he “flipped $13 to about 13 million” I’m not sure if he meant dollars or pennies tho, because Showime non-title matches without a live gate might pay closer to 13 million pennies. Even if he bet his full purse on himself (never say never people-it’s the joker) he couldn’t get 13 million with the odds on the fight. Apparently things will all change NOW as long as we all come together and call 1-800-TEL-JOKE and make a extra donation to Showtime so that we can stop jokers everywhere from going hungry, providing a nice ring for him to train in and trainers to stop him from popping bottles. This will all change AFTER this weekend because first the Joker had to pop bottles, cash checks and have sex, inspiring this reviewer to do the same on 2 of those 3. (I prefer direct deposit) But which joker will we see next? Stay tuned next time, same bat channel.
    Note after the Joker’s interview and insults of one of their staff they were unable to comment in fear of further conflict of interest since this is against a fighter the network is in favor for.

  • There’s nothing like taking your favorite someone out to a good Comedy Show to watch a funny clown to listen too and laugh at, pairing it with a nice drink and something good to eat. In this COVID era a good 2nd place is to watch the Joker on Showtime where he uses the ring as his comedy club, and the showtime staff as his puppets for his ventriloquist act.

  • Broner got a gift decision. He showed no class cursing out Steve Farhood who was scoring for Showtime . I like Brian Custer but he should have defended Farhood

  • (X + Y) X $$$$$$$$$$$$$ divided by 3X =3Y judges paid off by Showtime. You don’t think this doesn’t happen your as naive as believing Mayweather won the fight with Castillo. Money corrupts the same way as it did in the old time gangsta era. Maybe worse. So sad in the case of Santiago who put in the work and won. Money will always corrupt and I don’t think there isn’t anything someone won’t do to make it. Boxing is on the verge of losing its fan base if corrupted officials aren’t called out which will never happen. On a big time scale Mexico is the perfect example. The cartels have bought off the entire country with billlions in profits as the US continues to be its major customer. A nation of dope heads. A well trained armed to the teeth US military platoon could wipe them out in a week. Never going to happen. Not when top officials are probably getting paid 50,000.00 a month or more. Same with marketable fighters with a name and the rich promoters associated with them. Cross them and you will never get big money fights.

  • Let me get this right

    I throw more
    I land more
    I connect on a higher %


  • Also Mercante needs to be looked into…What a disgrace. Boner was lacing all night long with the wrist to the face and after a few punches we all know what happens CUTS. Not one Fing warning, that was boners best attack wear down the skin with the duck tape on my wrists

  • I felt Santiago won eight rounds easily. Broner looked like garbage. Those judges just scored for the more marketable guy which is par for the course with PBC.

  • The only ones that had Broner winning were the judges. Another robbery and another defeat for boxing’s already tarnished reputation. Santiago dominated the fight. Did Dominion Voting Systems pick the judges?

  • I watched this fight with the sound off and didn’t bother listening to the post-fight comments. This was a defensive/counter-punching battle. Sure, Santiago was busier offensively, but fights are not won based on quantity of punches. They were won based on effectiveness and command. Broner’s defensive style neutralizes much of Santiago’s offense. He was more measured in his attack, liked due to the two-year layoff and rustiness. Broner had his moments however, and when he did, they appeared to have far more of an impact in controlling Santiago than Santiago’s offense had in controlling Broner. Broner nearly knocked Santiago down in the eighth with a beautiful left hand shot. I agree with the decision. It wasn’t an overwhelming win, but I felt Broner pulled it out. Even Santiago, gracious in defeat, indicated that it could’ve gone either way. Santiago not unequivocally saying he won is a dead giveaway that he didn’t think he did enough, or was effective enough, to win outright.

    I find the comments here incredibly harsh towards Broner, understandably so given his history. I too am guilty of harsh comments re: Broner for this reason. But, he seems to be trying to turn his life around now, and I appreciate this. His comments and tone in the post-fight press conference certainly present a different, seemingly more mature Broner. Kids can have this effect on a person. Court fights and fear of incarceration can have this effect. He’s a talented fighter. As long as he stays committed, stays out of trouble, and continues to do better, I wish him the best going forward. Good win for him after the layoff.

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