Valdez knocks out Berchelt for WBC 130lb title

Miguel Berchelt V Oscar Valdez Fight Night
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Undefeated former featherweight world champion Oscar Valdez (29-0, 23 KOs) brutally knocked out and dethroned WBC super featherweight world champion Miguel “Alacran” Berchelt. (38-2, 34 KOs) in round ten on Saturday night inside “The Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Valdez outboxed Berchelt over the first three rounds, then staggered Berchelt in round four. Valdez was credited with a knockdown when Berchelt reeled into the ropes. Berchelt was wobbling all over until the bell. Berchelt recovered and began to ramp up his offense in round six. Valdez dropped Berchelt again in round nine. The end came in round ten when Valdez knocked Berchelt out cold with a huge left hand. Berchelt fell face first. The time was 2:59.

At the time of the KO, Valdez was ahead 89-80, 88-81, and 87-82. It was a masterclass by Valdez.

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  • esta pelea fue como la de sergey kovalev contra el canelo. nomas se presento por el cheque. se miro como un robot

  • I shove my foot in my mouth and eat my words. I did not see it going this way. Hopefully berchelt is ok.

    • Yup me too as I didn’t think Valdez could take it anymore. He took berchelt to school here with his boxing. Wow did berchelt ever take a ton of shots here, certainly hope he will be ok after that.

    • He chased his man down but never threw punches after cutting off the ring properly. He let his man throw and slip away. He never used is size to rough up Valdez on the inside and make it a phone both match. Never neutralized the left hook a very poor job by the corner to adjust. KO was predictable after 3 rounds.

    • You are great to recognize it, i posted some comments about the fact i found that Valdez was disrespected as a champ and was sure in this case that the fight would’ve been more closer than most thougt. I eat or sometimes my words, in this case not but that’s what i like in boxing, it’s a very uncertain sport..

  • That was difficult to watch, the corner should have stopped the fight before that brutal knockout. Brerchelt was brutalized the whole fight.

    Credit to Valdez, I was wrong, he showed incredible boxing skills and showed he carried his power to that weight even when his opponent rehydrated 16lbs.

    Prayers for Berchelt, he didn’t look good being loaded into the ambulance. God Bless.

    • Juan Valdez, yes they should’ve as berchelt made a comment that he was going to lose. His trainer tried to talk him out of it but he was checked out.

      • Couldnt help but think of Spence vs Peterson. Peterson’s trainer was able to read body language and cared enough to pull him out the fight instead of waiting for him to quit or brutalized.

  • What a great fight. Valdez fought the perfect fight. Speed, accurate punches, great defense and kept focus. Best wishes to Berchelt. He is a warrior.

  • Valdez proof everyone wrong! Great boxing abilities, controlled his stamina and delivered a brutal KO.

  • Honestly, Berchelt looked drained going into the fight and he looked unsteady from round 1…..Much credit to Valdez for remaining focused and closing the show ..

  • Eddy Reynosa is transforming Mexican boxing into something spectacular. He is adding defense, finesse and movement to the Mexican style boxing and it’s scary. Valdez congratulations. Berchelt hope he is well.

  • Congratulations to the Champ. Very well thought out analysis and fight plan by Team Canelo. Credit to Valdez to sticking to that plan and executing it. We all knew he has the skills but thought he would get worn down then taken out. Instead he boxed beautifully and picked his shots until he rocked Berchelt in the 4th. After that he was able to really impose himself until the end. Credit to Berchelt but hated seeing him take that much punishment.

  • I was brutally wrong in my prediction. Congratulation Valdez and speedy recovery Bechelt.

  • Woooow…that KO had IMPACT.

    Apparently, Berchelt’s great weakness is the American boxing style. Meaning, Valdez presented a nice jab with snap behind it. Valdez provided solid upper body movement/head movement “off the line.” Valdez kept Berchelt off balance/out of rhythm by turning Berchelt and by locking up Berchelt. Berchelt also had no answer(s) for Valdez’s quick hands (especially the powerful left hooks). Valdez’s American boxing style (mean streak added) made Berchelt look like he was punching under water.

    Valdez displayed an excellent American boxing style packed with offensive/defensive rhythms, and Berchelt was unable to make adjustments. Valdez was an aggressive, “mean thinking man’s fighter.” I look forward to Valdez’s future fights because he combines his mean streak with an American boxing style.

    • Chavez Sr did not adapt to American style of boxing but he made a record of 87 win with 75 ko because of his Granite chin and murderous body punching, Berchelt has suspected weak chin as he was knock out before in his early career, so it’s not surprising he will lose by ko again coupled to his lack of defense and upper body movement, Valdez did an smart fight by capitalizing on Berchelt’S Weakness.

  • Berchelt looked like sh1t. He ate combinations like he eats twinkies and pizzas. Valdez looked great. Berchelt was a major disappointment.

  • The ref and Berchelt’s corner have the primary duty to protect Berchelt. They both failed and are lucky no one died.

  • Another example of a fighter draining himself and risking his life. If you know boxing, you can see this type of thing play out. Berchelts’ legs were gone. I really hope he is ok. Nice Job, Valdez.

      • Jorge, I didn’t see the weigh ins but Bradley made a comment that berchelt looked drained when weighing in.

      • No problems making weight that’s just excuses by his fans, once he was rocked he never fully recovered. I hate when people try to diminish another fighters great work and game plan, congratulations Valdez hell of a performance.

    • That is a major problem with so many divisions. In the old days both would have been lightweights and would not be trying to squeeze into a smaller division. Probably didn’t change the outcome as Valdez looked sensational.

    • Yeah, he had no steady legs by the fourth after absorbing that nasty left to the temple. By the next rounds, he was still bouncing, but on stiff legs. Valdez could have finished him anytime after the fourth but wisely bided his time and made very sure, Berchelt would tire out and had nothing more to offer. The knockout punch was unnecessary icing on the victory cake. Berchelt corner and the ref could have spared him from that.

  • Yes ! I got this one right ! I knew Valdez wasn’t getting the respect he earned by the so called boxing expert (everyone of them had Berchelt as the winner)..

    • and to those who disliked my comment, i wasn’t talking from the fight fans but from the sport journalists.. And don’t get me wrong, i’m not cocky i’m a boxing fan for more than 30 years and i ate my words a lot of times !! Watch my comment from before the fight and you will see, Valdez is a great tough fighter and i knew it; the difficult case in this fight was Valdez going up in weight..

  • I was starting to worry about Berchelt’s health BEFORE that bomb landed. Extreme weight cutting has been tied to head injuries, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what was going on tonight. He looked shaky several times from the 4th on. Hopefully he is Ok.

    As far as Valdez, that was just a tremendous performance. He worked that jab beautifully tonight, confused Berchelt with his movement, and simply kicked his behind. Also fought well out of the southpaw stance. If there’s any possible fault that could be found in Valdez tonight, it’s that he let his man off the hook in the 5th. Was a little frustrating seeing him back off of an obviously wounded Berchelt, which let him back into the fight for a couple of rounds, but congrats to Oscar for eventually scoring a great win.

  • This could be the end of Berchelt career, that’s one reason you don’t predict that you are going to KO a rival, Hope I am wrong and he recovers.

    • Jorge, hopefully it isn’t but I was trying to think back on what boxer was able to have a successful career after a ko and couldn’t. Klitschko was the only but he wasn’t knocked out cold. Maybe Roy Jones but that one is debatable.

      • How about Roberto Duran – after he was knocked cold by Hearns he went on to have some great wins.

      • Terry Norris did it twice. Was knocked senseless by Julian Jackson, and also by Simon Brown. He eventually made it back to top 10 pound4pound status after each of those losses.

  • Yeah, Berchelt’s legs looked shot from the beginning, almost punch-drunkess…wars must have caught up to him and as I mentioned on another post, the head and chin going up in the air is a recipe for disaster. Good win for Valdez, he’s serviceable, but not elite. Speedy recovery to the former champ.

  • Prayers for Miguel Berchelt.His corner should gave stopped the fight. Shame on them. Too many folks worried about instead of doing the right thing. Hats off to Oscar Valdez. He looked like Salvador Sanchez and Juan Marquez wrapped into one. Absolutely beautiful display of boxing.

  • Wow! I don’t think anybody saw that coming. I’ll admit Berchelt was no world beater but was a solid world titleist and Valdez had never looked spectacular at 126. Well, he looked spectacular tonight and may be the best 130 pounder in the world. Bring on Gary Russell Jr if the midget will have it.

  • Valdez fought a great fight. He was the much quicker man and his footwork was superb. His jab was excellent and his left hook was deadly. Berchelt looked like he was throwing punches in slow motion and Valdez beat him to the punch time and time again. I had picked Berchelt to win the fight, but I suppose the bettors who watched Berchelt during the weighin had a better line on how he looked at that weighin. The odds on a Berchelt win drastically fell on fight day. He was still favored but the odds had dropped significantly.

    I don’t know if the weight loss drained Berchelt but he sure didn’t look like the fighter we’ve all seen in the past. Valdez, on the other hand, looked the best I’ve ever seen him and his punches carried a lot of sting in the higher weight class. Valdez was extremely consistent with his jab and was disciplined throughout the entire fight. That left hook was zeroed on Berchelt’s head all night long.

    I thought the fight should have been stopped in the 4th round after Berchelt was badly hurt. He was walking on stilts and his legs were buckling under him. He still looked that way in the next round. Even when he had some success later in the fight, he still didn’t look right and was staggered often. The final left hand was devastating but it should never have been thrown. The fight should have been stopped much earlier. I sure hope Berchelt recovers fully from this beating. He didn’t look good after the fight so he should be fully checked out in the hospital before being released.

  • I also had it wrong.

    I expected a scorching start with Berchelt eventually taking over. But, whether or not, Berchelt had an issue with his weight cutting, the truth is Valdez looked his best.
    I don’t know that a “proper” Berchelt wouldn’t have lost last night.

    Looks like the Reynoso training (Not the American School) is paying dividends for Valdez and other fighters. They are definitely benefiting from sound defense and their ring strategy.

    A lesser known stablemate (Valenzuela) traveled to the UK over the weekend and upset one of their fighters. They have a good thing going on and are building quite the stable.

    I pray Berchelt recovers. He took excessive and unnecessary punishment .

    • Yeah valenzula was impressive and deserved to win. I was worried the judges were going to take it from him

  • This fight reminded me of the Fury vs. Wilder fight. The smarter boxer destroyed the puncher.

  • Still can’t believe valdez was such an underdog in this fight? I knew he would win, I know that some of his recent performances have been poor. But sometimes you are only as good as your opposition. Nice to be proven right and win money lol

    • Theo, that’s what had me sold that berchelt would win. Valdez looked like he struggled his past two fights and those guys weren’t at the level of berchelt so by default I foresaw a beat down by berchelt. Good for Valdez. He deserves everything he fought his ass of for.

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