Toney, Ruddock exhibition in Kingston, Jamaica

Ruddock Toney1

In a charity exhibition match, heavyweight legends Donovan “Razor” Ruddock (40-6-1, 30 KOs) and James “Lights Out” Toney (77-10-3, 47 KOs) boxed for six rounds on Saturday night at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, Jamaica. Ruddock, 59, and Toney, 55, both fought without headgear or T-shirts. Rounds one and two were three minute rounds. After round two, the Jamaican commission switched the bout to two minute rounds. Toney was much quicker and busier, while Ruddock landed the occasional power shot. The affair was declared a draw afterward.

In the co-feature, unbeaten WBA #10 super featherweight Abel Mendoza (39-0, 30 KOs) pounded on 42-year-old Aristides Perez (34-25-3, 19 KOs) for three rounds and Perez didn’t come out for round four.

Light heavyweight Jermaine Bowen (4-3, 1 KO) got a sixth round referee’s stoppage against 46-year-old local favorite Tsetsi Davis (18-9, 5 KOs).

Pro debuting welterweight DJ Ruddock, 34, son of Razor Ruddock, battled to a four round draw with Juezier Heron (1-0-1, 0 KOs). Scores were 38-38, 38-38, 39-37 Heron.

Middleweight Richard Holmes (20-13, 10 KOs) was victorious when Jose Julio (24-17-1, 16 KOs) couldn’t continue after round four.

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  • That was interesting and impressive at the same time. Going 6 rounds at 2 minutes a piece is something 95% people can’t do, even at a controlled pace.

    Those instincts are just automatic.

    I hope that they were able to raise a substantial amount for charity.

    My only negative to the event is that they should have worn tank tops.

    • I am 69 years old, 6’1” and at 225 lbs. am still in good shape, better than either of these guys for sure. But no way could I go six rounds now and both these guys had more talent in their pinkies than I ever had!

      • GOD bless you for being in good shape at 69 years old. Most people let themselves go, but I’m noticing a change in the last 20 years. People are taking better care of themselves through diet and exercise. I pray that you have many, many years of great health.

        Also, who would dislike your comment? I forget that trolls lurk everywhere.

      • Don king wants you on the fight card to replace the bum boxer broner who always gets hurt so no bum boxing for you just straight up boxing you say you got skills and Don king said you hired to pay the bills let’s see Grandpa get it on come on

    • It’s a charity exhibition, how is that sinking low? Guess you’re not smart enough to understand that?

      • Well, their name says it all. Gutter-minded individuals only think about the runoff.

      • James Toney is clearly brain-damaged. The poor man can’t even speak normally anymore. Putting him in a ring to take blows to the head again is sick. “Charity” doesn’t justify this spectacle.

    • This fight helped Ruddick’s old elementary school and a charity named Gloves over Guns, the only sad comment I read was this one.

      • Charles Elmo, correct, and during the interview at the weigh-in, Toney mentioned a foundation that he has supported involving children with cancer, so some of the proceeds may have gone to that as well…

    • Toney, in his prime, was a superb counter puncher. Roy Jones admitted a while back in an interview he had to pull all the tricks out of his hat when he fought Toney in 1994.

    • Toney was one of the best to ever do it inside of a phonebooth. Definite hall of famer, first ballot.

  • I’m 52 and 220 6 foot 1. I could Maybe go 2 rounds, so I applaud these former warriors…

    • I’m 52 as well, 170, 5’10. I still lace them up to stay in shape by doing very light sparring. I do 3 rounds tops. So yes, big round of aplause.

  • The pace of the round matters whether one can go the 6 rounds or not. If it was like the first round of Hagler/Hearns; they would have gone no more then two rounds. Run on a treadmill at speed 5.0 for 10 minutes. Come back the next day and run on the treadmill at speed 8.0 for 10 minutes; compare how tired you are.

  • I hope Jamaica treat Toney nice, don’t know how familiar he is with Jamaican people, maybe Ruddock would show him the ropes!!!

  • James Toney was always very relaxed in ring even against best opponents..that allows you to
    Go 12 rounds even if he was out of shape

  • Boxing , as exercise iz superb!!
    I began a continuum in 2016, just
    before Muhammad Ali, and Fidel
    Castro passed away!!
    I lost a street fight, because I had
    just begun, but in the years,
    I have gained skill, courage, confidence, and weight!!

    • Agree Mitchell… learning the art of boxing…focus …techniques…conditioning…mental conditioning…in Macon Ga, New Orleans, ATL, GA… Houston Texas…has helped me tremendously in life…. especially getting through the rigors of law school

  • >