Kingry KOs Duarte in eight

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In a bout fought at a 143lb catch weight, fan favorite Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) outclassed and stopped Oscar “La Migraña” Duarte (26-2-1, 21 KOs) on Saturday night at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Duarte pressed the action, but Garcia’s speed and mobility won him the rounds. Garcia finally dropped Duarte in round eight and Duarte didn’t beat the count. Time was 2:51.

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“I want to become a world champion. I want Rollies next,” said Garcia after his win. “Everyone kept asking me why Oscar Duarte – he was so tough! I thought I would get him out in the second or third, but he was like a rock. I felt like me and Derrick have a lot to build on after this fight.”

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Unbeaten WBA #5 lightweight Floyd “Kid Austin” Schofield (17-0, 12 KOs) exploded all over Ricardo “Explosivo” Torres (17-8-3, 12 KOs), dropping him four times in the first round. Time was 1:51. Another impressive performance by Schofield.

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Middleweight Shane Mosley Jr. (21-4, 12 KOs) stopped Joshua Conley (17-6-1, 11 KOs) after six rounds. Mosley rocked Conley in round six and Conley couldn’t continue after the round.

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Super middleweight KO artist Darius Fulghum (9-0, 9 KOs) battered Pachino “Chino” Hill (8-5-1, 6 KOs) until the bout was stopped at :56 of round two.

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Oscar: Munguia vs Ryder set for Jan 27
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  • Mosley Jr. Won’t win a world title. He doesn’t consistently used his jab, he gets hit clean a lot, no head movement, his power shots are telegraph, and once he throws a punch at times, he doesn’t move away.

    • I agree with you. I like watching him fight and I’m happy that he’s come as far as he has, but I’d be shocked if he ever ended up as world champion, even in that miserable division.

    • Ryan’s incorrect placement/position with the shoulder roll is dangerous.. he better discontinue that or quickly get better with it or disaster awaits.. soon too…his back was turned to Duarte and his angle was way off.. very dangerous to Garcia..

      • Agreed. This obsession that fighters have to incorporate the shoulder-roll, in irr3ctñynat that, is dangerous and possibly career shortening. Of Garcia wishes to continue using it, he should study George Benton, them add his own twist to it.

      • Good observation. I agree, Garcia’s defense is his biggest struggle in learning boxing. That shoulder roll during the fight was off-angle and not on a solid foundation with his stance. Yet, it’s apparent his team is trying new tactics to improve his defensive game. The cherry-picked opponent was simply selected based on his one-dimensional offense that Garcia could handle to test his new defensive skills. Garcia has much more to learn yet. I am not convinced he is back on track yet from his defeat to Tank. Garcia’s suspect chin and body has yet to be tested by a true puncher since his loss to Tank.

      • Hands…I know that Ryan is no James Toney…but have you ever watched James Toney use the shoulder roll defense.,..James comes from all tights and angles and unorthodox positions…gets extremely low…all while employing that Shoulder Roll… understand your position…really don’t like this shoulder roll craze..not everyone is Floyd…but to perfect it..takes alot of practice…would not suggest employing this style of defense unless it is your style from the start then you can use it like James Toney…kinda.agree with you Hands …if you use this def style because careful…

        • Sean,
          Totally agree, Toney was a master of the roll and he was a master of fighting off the back foot. Emmanuel Augustus/Burton may have had a pedestrian Win-Loss record but he could execute an absolutely masterful roll from crazy angles and with a plethora of showmanship extras, but Garcia is turning his back to his opponent during the roll. He also is not pivoting off/with the back foot. He is finishing the roll in position to cover only and not punch.. seems like he has to reset his feet to punch. He was in dangerously awkward positions last night and was vulnerable to getting KO’d. It’s a bit late to start testing that style for him and everyone can’t fight like that. Also, for good shoulder roll tutorials watch Archie Moore and Charley Burley for precision. Why, at this stage of the career development, is James still having to tell Ryan to put his chin down?!

    • Omg what is wrong with you? Duarte is a They brought him in especially for Garcia who also looked like an AMA with his back turning defense. I can’t believe how people think Garcia is good. He has no foot work and just prods back and forth while throwing his only weapon, the left hook. lol

      • Pete have you ever fought in the boxing ring no fighter a bum or a loser it take courage and heart to be a fighter regardless what their fight record is

    • Ryan was pathetic tonight. You call that great? ROLMAO. Arturo, that was not a great performance. It sucked.

      • Disagree…Lekarean…Ryan actually looked good…good movement ..snapping jab…picked shots.. actually finished his opponent with precision punches….Ryan has talent…can fight…has that finishing stuff and will finish a fighter if the opportunity comes…compare that to Shakur…

  • Garcia does have power but seems to fight scared. He kept leaving his arm extended and he put turning around with ref not saying anything to him or you might say the ref protected him. I don’t think he does well with a quick and powerful boxer.

  • Ryan got 3 KOs tonight. He knocked out Duarte, Oscar, and Hopkins (who were hoping he’d lose). That is how you get the job done kid. None of the emotional outbursts. Win your fights until your contract is over. That’s it.

    • I think Ryan is a joke. He struggled with a C level dude, and still, needed help from a paid off Ref.

      • I totally agree the ref was in the pocket for Golden Boy, and that was a bullshit, premature stoppage, but I disagree about Duarte being C level. Until the 8th, I had him up 4 rounds to 3.

        • Oscar never disappoints with his greedy promoter tactics, social influences, and shady dealings in boxing.

  • Fulghum needs a lot more development before stepping up or he will get smashed! I like Mosley but he’s just not a sharp fighter but a win is a win. Floyd Austin best fighter on the card and best personality also. Cryin Ryan still weak as hell, and Gervonta would kill him in a rematch no matter what weight it is, he’s soft as hell!

  • Poor Duarte. He had to fight Garcia & the REF tonight. Garcia struggled with a C level fighter. What a joke. Anyone in the top 10 at either lightweight or Jr. Mid will beat Garcia. Ryan is overrated.

    Duarte is nothing to write home about. Andy Cruz should make Duarte his 3rd pro fight. And Cruz will do better than Garcia did tonight. That is how pathetic Duarte is.

  • I hope next time Ryan fight a natural 140 lbs
    I knew Ryan was going to run like chicken

    Duarte is from my town and I’m proud of him

    Fk Ryan

  • That’s why Ryan picked Duarte as his next opponent

    Because Duarte is tough , no world fights experience and 135 lbs who jumped to 140’s

  • Besides why the referee didn’t warn Ryan Garcia about turning his back ???was Ryan, thinking he was doing his sparring session or what???

  • Garcia is a modern day phone fighter. Sit on my phone making videos for social media. Build my profile and then beat B level opponents for big money. Won’t beat any great fighters, just cashing in on his social media following. As for me, social media is just a pollution in society. People offering not a product, but them just doing stupid stuff in front of a mobile device. It doesn’t interest me at all. For some reason it gets most people’s attention for hours every day. It’s said because there is very little anyone learns on these platforms. A bunch of Bs with more dumb people being fed to the lions

    • Kp… understand your position…in my opinion Ryan can fight….Ryan is not a fraud …..has all the tools of a good fighter…study Ryan’s fights …watch his punches…his style..can finish any level fighter…now compare that to Shakur….

  • Looks like the referee was on Ryan side …… Ryan was playing dirty and weird, I don’t know why the hell he was turning his back ??? He was also ectending his arm and til certain point is ilegal bevaisebis kind of holding , he is fast be he has nothing to do with a class A fighter

  • My personal P x P list :

    1 Crawford
    2 Inoue
    3 usyk
    4 canelo
    5 bivol
    6 betterbiev
    7 fury
    8 tank
    9 teofimo
    10 David Benavides

    99 Ryan García

  • Disagree that Duarte was outclassed. I think it was more even than that until the fight was stopped.

    Kingry’s defense is an issue, especially against the very best. His speed, mobility and range hide it pretty well against those who aren’t quite the best.

    In this figh, I thought Kingry showed patience and that he stuck to his game plan. I liked that and it paid off.

    I find it difficult to see Kingry taking a title and keeping it over the years as the great undisputed champion.

    Can’t help but think of Arturo Gatti when I see Kingry for several reasons, which is not bad, a crowd-pleasing fighter that for sure will deliver many worth-seeing fights in the future.

    And I will watch.

    Anyway, congrats on a win in a difficult and tough fight. Hats off!

  • Best rout for Ryan to win a belt is facing Rolly, also the event will sell as Rolly knows how to entertain during the promotion. As for the fight itself I see it going down similar to this one Ryan not really standing in front of the puncher circleling the ring waiting to catch and hurt Rolly
    As for this bout, I was not impressed with Ryan, respect for coming back and winning but he is still doing things that an elite or top tier fighter will capitalize on
    …what the hell was that type of shoulder roll he was putting himself in a dangerous position of getting hurt, also that Ref should acknowledge that Ryan was doing so and in turn Duarte unintentionally was hitting him on the back of head
    Anyways it’s was an OK event not that impressed or exciting

  • Like Chuck D says: “Don’t believe the hype!” He still has major flaws, especially that chin in the air when he punches and is soft as paper crotchet. It is what it is. He needs to prove himself against a name opponent. I wouldn’t call Rolly Romero a name, but, unfortunately, he is a somewhat a name. That is a winnable fight for Garcia, but there is still the possibility he gets starched, as Rolly can crack.

  • A decent performance by Ryan. He seemed to be tighter defensively and has improved his movement.

  • All you bum commenters on Monday to Friday of this week hope Ryan beats up the guy to shut up Oscar and Bernard then the guy wins the fight and you monkeys the screaming at the kid calling trash the kids a joke the kid ain’t going anywhere the fighter he fought was a bum taxi driver the guy took the fall for the ref all night long talkn crap ah shut the hell up keep it going ryan you did ok enjoy the rest of the holidays

  • For chin protection purposes, best for Garcia to use his natural height, offensive speed, reach and power by:

    1) Working his jabs at range.
    2) Keeping his chin tucked while under fire (tough task).
    3) Using his combination punches at range.
    4) Throwing long right hands at range.
    5) Stepping out of range after throwing his combination punches.
    6) Staying off the line (tough task).
    7) Fighting tall…fighting tall y MAS fighting tall.
    8) Throwing more left hooks to head (at range) instead of body.

    Learning the shoulder roll takes time, and it is waaaaaay late to become good at this defensive style. Staying at range is the key to Garcia’s defensive improvements, and although he is a solidly built cat, he must also avoid trying to physically bully his opponents because the inside game is not for Garcia.

    We will see how Garcia looks in the next 2-4 fights.

  • Duarte gave it what he had, and came up short. Credit to him for his effort. Garcia still has to show that he can win against elite fighters like Tank Davis, so these expected wins and all the hype that follows, mean nothing to me. I also wish he would talk less. He sounds like a 14 year old trying to emulate the hip-hop/rap ghetto way of speaking. It really is pure cringe and reeks of ignorance. It may be a sign that he just doesn’t have the pedigree to develop into a truly great fighter, but remain a media hype job.

  • Ryan has seen the heights he will ever reach in boxing. Duarte started turning the tide after the 6th, and that was evident in Ryan’s body language. Dropping his game plan and basically running. Duarte kept the pressure up, but almost completely stopped punching. Garcia will never take the heat and exhaustion in a tough fight. He will break as he did with Tank. Just fact. I hope the best for the kid, and hope he does very well financially. But he will be a foot note in this eras fighters. He is an athlete that boxes. He is not a fighter at heart.

  • I see there is another Pete on here. I would never call a fighter a bum as I have only sparred a few times and have great respect for anyone who gets in the ring for a living. I actually had Duarte ahead at the time of the finish and I believe the momentum was going his way. I question whether Garcia has the mental toughness to be at the very top. I think he was breaking down but like in the Luke Campbell fight he has the power to bail himself out. To his credit even when he appears to be mentally breaking down Garcia is able to throw punches that bail him out. My take on Garcia is that he struggles mentally when in tough and getting resistance. At a certain level he is able to battle against completely unravelling and because of his talents with speed and power he will often get through some tough situations. I think the problem is when he is at the very top like he was against Tank and the opponent is on his talent level, he will have a harder time battling the urge to cave when the tough situations arise. I do not mean this as disrespect. I certainly could not do it. But I will never be at the top. He will be and I think he will struggle to make it through like he did against Tank.
    I do think Romero is a good choice as he may have enough of a talent edge to get by him. I also think it is a good match for Romero as he will not get another star guy who is as fragile. Good fight for both guys.

  • Kingry vs Rolly is on the same pathetic scale as Sheldon Cooper playing basketball against Barry Kripke. They are 2 jokes not worthy of my interest.

  • Ryan was turning his back to Duarte and the ref never warned him about it. Duarte had no idea what to do so he didn’t attack like he should have with an opponent who doesn’t know where he is. It sure looked like Garcia just doesn’t want to get hit and fought that way. His punches were quick and powerful so if he can get his act together, he can actually be a formidable opponent. He really needs to use his jab as a weapon and use it consistently.

    The ref kept warning Duarte for a variety of infractions that Garcia was causing by turning his entire body and head. An opponent with some type of boxing IQ would have stepped to the side and let his punches go.

    It was obvious the ref knew where his bread was buttered. Duarte was fighting Ryan and the ref tonight. He was seriously hurt by that temple shot but he was fully conscious of the count. He got up at the count of 9 and a half. He decided he didn’t want any more for the night but he tried to make it look good.

    Ryan sure has a lot of deficiencies to work on, but he doesn’t seem to have the discipline to shore up his weaknesses. Any of the top 140 pounders will beat him at this point. Rolly Romero could be a good opponent for him but Rolly hits really hard despite his deficiences. If Ryan really is punch shy, he needs to be fed opponents without any power to speak off. Except for Haney, there is nobody among the 140 lb elite that fits that bill. Haney has Prograis to worry about so he’s out of the picture for now.

  • >