Oscar: Munguia vs Ryder set for Jan 27

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya confirmed tonight that super middleweights Jaime Munguia (42-0, 33 KOs) and John Ryder (32-6, 18 KOs) will collide January 27 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. DAZN will televise.

Rozicki KOs Durodola in one
Kingry KOs Duarte in eight

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  • Ryder being brought in to go 12 tough rounds and lose a decision. Munguia, the new Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

    • Arturo
      Idk, but he won’t be tested all that much here.
      Unless he runs out of gas from connecting so many punches

  • Supposedly Munguia was the leading candidate for Canelo’s next fight. So is that out of the question or is it Ryder in January and Canelo in May.

    • Munguia is not a PBC boxer, Benavidez and Morrell are. Canelo has two fights to go on the PBC contract

      • Oh I know he isn’t, Burucho but that was the rumor that Canelo was going to fight him next. I think I originally heard it on ProBox and then others started to pick up on it.

  • Munguia vs darvachenco 2, darva deserves a rematch and munguia needs to reestablish his credibility as a top contender! Ryder is an easy prey!

    • I think that was Derynchenko’s last great effort. I feel bad for Sergey. He joined the pro ranks way too late, and he had several fights that he could have gotten the nod. The GGG and Danny Jacob’s fights could have gone either way.

  • This matchup might be more entertaining than Canelo vs Ryder
    Munguias style meshes better for a fan friendly brawl, Munguia has horrible defense and has been touched, the thing is he has a tough chin
    Ryder has a similar style only thing with him is he is probably too battle tested
    Anyways good matchup

  • HBO used to cost $15 month had good fights 2x a month n other programs and movies ..dazn at first were giving away the product having Canelo, ggg, jacobs n Joshua all fighting same month for 19,99…now it’s completely overpriced for the caliber of fight n production..john ryder wouldn’t be approved of hbo main event ..that abysmal fight with a washed jacobs got him these fights similar to Gabe rosados ESPN victory undeservedly got him 10 future butt kickings

  • It’s not like Munguía is being protected
    They just know Munguía can’t handle a title shot against the big names

    Protected would be to give him a victory when he lost against a big name guy in boxing

  • This guy Munguia is going the route of zurdo Ramirez. Fighting nobodies. When you put him in there with a live opponent he will lose. I would not pay 5 cents to watch him.

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