Taylor dethrones Cameron in rematch

Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Female star Katie Taylor (23-1, 6 KOs) avenged her loss to undisputed super lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron (18-1, 8 KOs) with a ten round majority decision on Saturday night at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. Cameron suffered a gash on her forehead from a headbutt. Good two-way action with the quicker Taylor pulling away to a 95-95, 98-92, 96-94 verdict.

Lightweight Gary Cully (17-1, 10 KOs) took a ten round split decision over Reece Mould (18-2, 6 KOs) in a bout for the WBA Continental Europe title. Rebounding from a shock loss to Jose Felix in May, Cully won on two cards 96-93 and 97-93. Mould was up 97-93 on the third card.

Unbeaten welterweight Paddy Donovan (12-0, 9 KOs) knocked out Danny Ball (13-2-1, 6 KOs) in the fourth round in a bout for the WBA Continental title. Donovan dropped Ball, then sent him to the canvas again after a furious assault. Time was 2:41.

Unbeaten heavyweight Thomas Carty (7-0, 6 KOs) stopped Dan Garber (5-2, 1 KO) in the eighth round. Carty dropped Garber with 41 seconds remaining in the contest and the referee stopped the fight.

Former super featherweight world title challenger Zelfa Barrett (30-2, 16 KOs) outpointed Costin Ion (10-5-2, 5 KOs) over eight rounds. Score was 78-75.

WBC interim female featherweight champion Skye Nicolson (9-0, 1 KO) got her first early stoppage when the corner of Lucy Wildheart (10-3, 4 KOs) threw in the towel at 1:11 of round nine.

Results from Las Vegas
Benavidez, Andrade make weight

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  • Geez!!! from listening to the commentators , you’d swear that Katie Taylor was fighting by herself!! after the 4th round she was holding for dear life!
    horrible commentating!

  • 95-95 is ok, but 98-92, he must’ve been listening to the commentaters thru the fight!! lol

    • I had Taylor winning by a small margin. I didn’t watch until this morning, so I tried to avoid knowing the result beforehand. Good scrap, all things considered. I just wished some women fighters would come along with more pop in their punches because it never feels like there’s a KO opportunity in the making.

      They’re already talking trilogy, and in this case, the third fight would definitely have some juice.

  • Outstanding fighters have the ability to do the unexpected in difficult and impossible situations.

    I didn’t expect this.

    Congratulations and hats off!

  • AN UTTERLY BS HOME DECISION-Chantelle was on her tail all night getting the better in most exchanges-Boxing decisions are a law unto themselves

  • Great fight ! Both ladies have the heart of fighters . I hope charlo and canelo and shakur were watching . Katie is a true fighter . Congratulations champ !

  • I love Katie Taylor. She is my favorite fighter and I’m happy for this win. I knew she would be better prepared than the last time. She’s a smart, talented fighter, tough, full of character, substance, and integrity. She’s humble and respectful. So happy for her. I hope to meet her one day.

  • Take what seemed like a legit knockdown for Cameron in the first round and she wins. If you take a punch and go down it is a knockdown even if you tangle your feet in the process!! Next fight on neutral ground.

    • Sadly there won’t be. Unlike the after the first fight, there isn’t a rematch clause. The terms of this fight were bullshit. Taylor should have put her belts up, they should have faught somewhere else, and they should have faught at the weight Taylor was holding her belts.

      • The immediate talk afterwards was a trilogy. The third fight was discussed for Croke Park, which is a massive venue. I suppose that’s the reason Taylor is getting home fights now, because she clearly has the ability to draw big crowds. I doubt Cameron would demand a different location understanding the Irish gate receipts would be huge. The TV money is the same either way, but you aren’t going to get the opportunity to sell 80k tickets in too many other places.

  • as expected hometown cooking ok so now will Taylor have the class to give Serrano a rematch on nuetral ground? say Vegas???

  • Good fight, these two are fun to watch and I wouldn’t mind a third fight. Congrats to Katie she won this fair but not by the 98-92 score one of the judges turned in no way no how! … Katie and Amanda with three minute rounds In the U.S or Puerto Rico would be nice.

  • So ridiculous listening to the crowd in the arena scream their lungs out every time Taylor thru a punch, even if she was hitting nothing but air. This is the norm for every fight happening in the UK. Worse than a scripted movie. And by the way, I thought the decision was close and could’ve gone either way. That was a legitimate knockdown by Cameron, and I thought the ref should’ve deducted at least a point or two for excessive holding from Tayor, but not even a warning. The usual bull on that side of the pond.

  • yes, i hope charlo, canelo , shakur were watching. they might learn what real boxing is. Katie and Chantelle are real fighters.

  • Taylor is garbage, the fight was rigged against Cameron, and the ref should be banned for life.

    Taylor was knocked down in the first round. That should have been a 10-8 round.

    Rounds 2 to 10 were all fairly even. I thought Cameron won 7 of those 9 rounds.

    Prima facie proof that this decision is a farce. I wish Cameron the best.

    This is how boxing works. If the underdog wins, a fake drug charge is imposed. If the favorite is in trouble, a crooked ref will rule in his or her favor. Fakey Katie is a joke.

    • Taylor is Garbage (arguably most accomplished female fighter in history)- you sir are a sad little troll that should stick to frat boy MMA capers and stop trying to annoy the adults on this site.

    • Taylor is Garbage (arguably most accomplished female fighter in history)- you sir are a sad little troll that should stick to frat boy MMA capers and stop trying to annoy the adults on this site.

  • Lots of comments about the one sided commentary- please note the commentators on Dazn are English / Cameron is English. Taylor is Irish. Please stop with the silly posts.

  • Taylor was gassed half way through the fight… she landed clean punches but held on for dear life… She was definitely knocked down in the first round unfortunately the referee (from Puerto Rico) seemed to have gotten entangled in all the hype and people cheering for Katie that he ruled it a slip and not face the wrath of the crowd. Serrano vs Taylor 2.. only match that makes sense. Serrano in 5 by TKO.

    • I hope Serrano is not robbed again like she was in their first fight. As a matter of fact the other loss in Serrano’s record is another robbery.

  • Katie had a game plan that was executed perfectly, throw those quick combos on the short distance and then clinch, might not be pleasant to some spectators but she did it in a way that it was exciting and frustrated Cameron
    A trilogy is definitely in the making
    That 3rd fight will be interesting to see what new adjustments and game plan will be for both women as I feel that Cameron is the stronger of the two

  • I admit I picked Cameron and I scored it for Cameron. I will also admit then when I make a pick, I believe that in some cases that causes my score to be biased. Especially in a fight like this. I also think the crowd responding to everything Taylor did may have affected both the announcers and the judges. So what I am saying is that I believe I may have been biased and the judges as well may have been. My final conclusion is this….this fight did not have a lot of separation. Many of the rounds were difficult to score so if you are a little biased it is easy to lean one way or the other. In the first fight there was separation and Cameron rightfully got the decision. In this one at least in my humble opinion there was little separation so Taylor got the benefit of the doubt. I have no problem with that. I do not think there was a robbery and I do not think it was a bad decision. I had it the other way but I think it was just that type of fight. My only complaint would be that I think Taylor got away with a lot of holding.

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