Pacquiao-Mundine Update

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Ring legend Manny Pacquiao has reportedly accepted the challenge to face Australian veteran and former middleweight champion Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine in an exhibition bout to be hosted at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby in June. According to The National, they are expected to sign a contract for the fight next month in Brisbane.

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  • Mundine has been stopped in 3 straight fights, twice in round 1. I guess they are making it an exhibition so they can use 16 oz gloves and maybe the fans can get a beer in before it’s over. I’m glad these guys are going to make money but enough is enough. Idk who would be interested in watching this crap.

  • This is a disgrace. Mundine is a walking dead man in terrible health. Pac should be ashamed.

    • See Pac is just like everyone else. He’ll beat a half-dead man to death for a dollar.

    • You Mundine should be ashamed pursuing a fight while in ill health – just for money?

  • Who else is Pacquiao going to fight from Australia? Sam Soliman or Michael Zerafa? Both of those guys fight at 160. In 2017, some people believed Mundine beat Danny Green again. Mundine was better from 165 to 175. I’d laugh if Pacquiao got TKOd. Mundine started to be a title holder 19 years ago, fizzled out after Garth Wood knocked him out in 2010.

    • Mundane has Zero chance of Knocking Manny out and I guarantee you, he’s going to sleep the first time Manny lands.

  • So this exhibition fight will be held in Port Moseby, Papua New Guinea?!? That’s wild.

  • No update required, I mean who actually want’s to see this garbage. Surely they can pick a better exhibition for Pacman, what’s JMM upto these days

  • I’m not watching this. However, i don’t mind these two cashing in on their names. I’d do it as well. Easy money.

  • People it’s an exhibition for Christ sake,and money raised would go to the aboriginal community or a worth while cause. It’s not a proper fight ! Get real!!

      • Because Anthony Mundine pours his heart and soul into the Aboriginal community that’s why.

        • Gary. Yeah but…..I’m not sure Manny gives a rats ass about the aboriginal people. Manny pours his heart and soul into his people as well and the Philippines is dirt poor, worst than anything in Australia.

  • Stop the animosity, this is just a fun exhibition like any other. Most legendary boxers are following Mayweather foot steps, some are JC Chavez, Travieso Arce, Barrera, Hatton and some others, easy money, not much risk, no grueling training camp, no strict diet, I believe they deserve this money

    • Mundine is worth $30 million. He deserves to do us and himself a favor and quit before he’s brain dead. Everyone complains about Jake Paul, how is this any better? These guys have had their day, let’s get some real fights going.

  • I would love to see Pac-Man knock Mundine out cold. Just like Sven Ottke did 2 decades ago.

  • Did anyone in the comments section actually read the article? It’s an exhibition! Nobody is getting hurt. People watch exhibition sports all the time; All Star games, homerun derbies, celebrity golf, etc., even Jack Dempsey spent two years doing exhibitions rather than defend the title. Stop with the ignorant high school drop out comments.

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