Oscar reaches out to Kingry

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya has reached out through social media to try to fix the broken relationship with junior welterweight star Ryan Garcia, who is fighting Saturday on a Golden Boy card in Houston. Oscar’s message said:

Bernard and I have spent decades putting on the biggest events in the sport – including Ryan’s last fight which generated $30 million for him.

We build champions, help them navigate their careers to the top and make them the highest paid fighters.

Ryan: keep focused on your craft instead of listening to some of your “team’s” interpretations of comments taken out of context.

Bernard and I will remain committed to taking your career to the top.

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  • Sit down face to face and square away your issues like men instead of social media b%tches……..

  • Oscar smells one thing: money. Once Garcia’s career takes a spin downward again, Oscar will cut ties again. We all know Oscar’s promoter tactics when he handled Canelo’s boxing career for a while. Oscar is all about money and being in the spotlight as a promoter.

    • Everybody loves a winner let’s see Oscar and Mr Hopkins are when Mr Ryan ain’t doing so well ya like my name says they leaves him at the dump people are an interesting group and like Tina Turner said about Oscar and Don king what ya gonna do for me both promote the guy and dump em when they need them the most just like the boxing movie shows the Cinderella man that’s my commentary

  • After watching Oscar’s documentary on HBO, it’s pretty clear to me that Oscar is a pathological liar and is not sincere at all. I think he lied about a death threat being the reason he didn’t go to see Ryan in his locker room after his loss to Tank. Ryan should steer clear of him.

  • Well, Oscar was trying to make a Super Bowl weekend boxing event with 4 big fights, and wanted Ryan Garcia vs Teofimo in main event, with Teo getting $1.5 mil. If Oscar was trying to short change a fighter, it was Teo (a Top Rank guy).
    He wanted Haney, Munguia, a Shakur vs Zepeda, and Kid Austin vs Jo Jo Diaz on the card.
    Oscar isn’t afraid to get his fighters with a loss or 2 on their records while they’re young, he thinks they can still make $, 1 or 2 fights later off of a loss. I guess if it is a body shot loss, it’s better than a 1 way beat down or a 120-108 decision loss, then you might be done.
    I guess Jo Jo Diaz is almost done, but Oscar wants him to make a final payday.
    Zepeda vs Shakur and Ryan Garcia vs a big name, Oscar still wants that for early 2023.
    Ryan Garcia doesn’t like Hopkins, he doesn’t think Bernard or Oscar believe in him, but want to make $ off of him.
    If Garcia makes a big payday in 2024, he shouldn’t care who his promoters are or if they believe in him or not. If he gets 3 wins in a row, he can dump Golden Boy at some point in 2024.
    Oscar should try to make Shakur vs Ryan Garcia at 140, and leave Hopkins out of being part of the buildup.

  • I don’t see how Oscar makes guarantees for Ryan Garcia vs Top Rank fighters, Eddie Hearn fighters, PBC fighters
    Oscar can make Zepeda vs Ryan Garcia, other than that, Oscar is searching out of his own stables.
    If Garcia wants mega fights, he might lose them. More than just Tank Davis could beat him.
    In house fights Oscar can make for Ryan Garcia are vs OHARA TWO TANKS DAVIES, JOUSCE TITO GONZALEZ, GEORGE RINCON, or William Zepeda.
    Oscar could just offer 2 or 3 of those in house fighters to Ryan Garcia, and say he doesn’t care who wins.
    Maybe Oscar knows if he doesn’t have Ryan under contract, that in house Golden Boy fighters at lightweights/jr welters, aren’t any kind of fights Garcia would want in 2024.
    Oscar should just make Zepeda vs Ryan Garcia at 140, keep Hopkins out of the promotion, and tell Ryan Garcia how much he believes it is a winnable fight for either guy, a 50/50 fight.

  • This where Oscar and Bernard going wrong, they should have said get your weak ass back to work, who makes what we have done for you without accomplishing shit! Little Bi_ _H……………..

  • One day, one of them will come out of the closet, and then we will understand this feud.

  • Go Ryan Go!! Go Ryan Go!! I like this kid. I just saw the press conference and he torched Oscar and Bernard. Way to stand up for yourself. Its going to be a bumpy rid for Ryan depending on how long his contract is. Oscar is going to put him in tough fights to extract all of the money he can get out of him. There is no more protection. I hope Ryan rises to the occasion. I like this kid.

    • I saw the press conference as well. Man he deep fried them good, especially B-Hop. Young man got my respect, now he needs to perform really good in what’s left on his contract cuz Oscar will try to cash him out.

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