New date for Shields-Marshall confirmed

Having been postponed by the British Boxing Board of Control due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II last week, the long-awaited Claressa ‘GWOAT’ Shields vs. Savannah ‘The Silent Assassin’ Marshall grudge clash for the undisputed female middleweight championship will now take place on October 15 at The O2 in London.

The co-feature between female super featherweight champions Mikaela Mayer and Alycia Baumgarnder and the full undercard for the first-ever all-female card televised in Britain remains the same. The event will air on Sky Sports in the UK and ESPN+ in the US.

All tickets purchased for the original September date remain valid for the new October 15 date and ticket holders do not need to take any action or obtain new tickets to attend the event.

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  • On again! Off again! On again??! Feel bad for the fighters having to go through these various camps. Peaking and then having everything come to a complete halt!

    • They prob feel bad for the fans. Getting fat and unhealthy and need to answer to bosses and sitting at a computer.

  • Call me sexist, I’m really not, but I have next to no interest in watching female boxing. I’m all for it and appreciate their talent and dedication to the sport. I even think Clarresa Shields could probably beat a lot of top male fighters, but if she fought in my backyard, I might peek out the window to watch for a few minutes. Christy Martin’s fights were pretty entertaining when she was doing her thing on Don Kings undercards in the mid 90’s, but that novelty wore off quickly. This whole on again, off again thing that’s so prevalent in boxing now is a big turn off, but does anybody really give a shit if these two ever fight? ….I mean, except for them?

    • I don’t think Claressa Shields could beat any top male fighters at all. No way. I saw Lucia Rijker attempt that same thing in a kickboxing match and it turned out horrible for her. She could beat toughmen, maybe even really good ones, but a serious, top level male fighter, absolutely no way in hell.

      There’s nothing wrong with not enjoying women’s boxing. It isn’t sexist, it’s personal preference – that’s fine. I enjoy it. I do give a shit and, even more than the main event, I’m most looking forward to Mayer – Baumgardner; but, again, that’s my personal preference. Everything isn’t for everyone.

      • You’re probaly right about Shields not being able to beat top fighters in her weight class, but there are definitely legit fighters that should would be able to beat. Years back I was at the gym and watching the current (at the time) womens world welterweight champion spar a guy that had only been boxing for a month. He was sticking it to her. She was obviously the much savvier boxer, but this guy was continously beating her to the punch and sticking her with awkward stiff jabs that never failed to land and snap her head back. I couldnt believe it and she was getting pissed and frustrated. So to your point, I stand corrected that Shields could be top fighters.

      • Lucie, I agree with you in a way, but it’s an emphatic no that she could beat any male boxer in her weight class that has 2 arms and legs. Women can have their fun in sports but they could never compete with men. The supposedly great, gold medal winning US women’s soccer team was blown out by the boys 14 and under team. Some freak that was ranked 800 in mens swimming, cut off his junk, called himself a woman, and dominated them. I had a couple friends that were pro tennis players that were ranked in the top hundred at one time and when I asked if they could beat Serena Williams they almost fell on the floor laughing. They said they would bet everything they had on the 1500th ranked male if he played her. And this is combat. She has zero chance. A good 15 year old in her weight class would destroy her.

      • LUCIE you are a G!! Spot on comment! Like I always say myself, as a consumer you have the right to watch or not watch! The real problem I have is with folks coming onto this forum and others and bringing nothing but negativity and personal irrelevant comments! Just stick to Fight talk folks!!

    • Not following your logic: Why specifically do you not like female boxing? That you never stated. Or perhaps it’s a more instinctive or visceral reaction?

    • See, this is what I have a problem with. This guy’s just trolling, which is fine, but there’re people out there who REALLY feel like this.

  • shields a lot of talk marshall a better all around fighter she should take out shields by keeping a jab in shields face all night longthey should check shields weight she looks like a light heavy

  • The masses prefer watching men’s sports. However, they will watch women’s beach volleyball or maybe women’s track & field to see young, fit female bodies. Facts!

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