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Undefeated former world champion Jaime Munguía (42-0, 33 KOs) and former interim champion John “The Gorilla” Ryder (32-6, 18 KOs) have issued quotes for their 12-round super middleweight clash taking place at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, January 27 and broadcast worldwide on DAZN.

Jaime Munguía: “I am very happy to return to the ring, and I’m excited to be with my people from Phoenix. We know that Ryder is a dangerous rival, but we are prepared for it. We have not stopped training and preparing. I am also very happy to have added Freddie Roach and his team to my camp. We are going to give a great night of boxing to everyone watching, and if we overcome this great test, I hope to see you all again in May. Viva Tijuana and Viva Mexico!”

John Ryder: “I’m glad this fight has been made. I’m looking to kick 2024 off with a bang and make a statement come January 27.”

Oscar De La Hoya: “On January 27, the next Mexican superstar of the sport will officially be crowned — and his name is Jamie Munguía. Whether it’s in person or at home on DAZN, fans shouldn’t miss watching Munguía do what Canelo couldn’t — knock John Ryder out!”

Eddie Hearn: “Last time out, it was Canelo in Guadalajara – assignments in boxing don’t get much more intense than that, but John handled himself superbly, delivered one of the bravest performances I’ve seen and won plenty of new fans. John’s reward is another fight with a brilliant Mexican fighter. Jaime is a massive talent and a future superstar of the sport – but we believe John is the biggest test of his career, and we’re confident John will hand Jaime a first defeat.”

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  • Should be pretty easy for Munguia. However, Ryder does take a good punch, so maybe he can exhaust Munguia by getting punched in the face alot..

  • I guess Munguia should manage to win against Ryder on a tough fight, and then he probably gonna fight Canelo on cinco de mayo in an open air event in Mexico.
    I don’t think Canelo urgently wants to fight Benavidez, if the fight happens at all.

  • Though I think Munguia has been way over protected, this is a good matchup. Ryder is no chump but he does lack speed and power. Munguia has not impressed me though he is very strong and hits hard (kind of a clubbing power). To be sure, this is to gauge where he stands against Canelo (who he may fight in May). No matter how he looks against Ryder, Canelo will give Munguia a prolonged beating over 12 rounds. Canelo should fight Benavidez (but that’s another story)

  • I don’t want to imagine what will come next for Jaime, I hope I am wrong and Canelo won’t fight Jaime.

  • Ryder isn’t a bum, far from it but the guy is getting another payday just for turning up. Cant fault the guy for that and going by Munguía record this is a step up as Ryder has a heartbeat.

  • Adding roach to the Munguía team is interesting. I don’t know if his style can be changed at this point, but a few tweaks like staying out of center line to avoid at least SOME shots would be good. So would straightening his punches a bit. If anyone can bring that out of Munguía, its Freddy.

    The super middleweight division can turn out some good fights in 2024.

  • It’s unlikely Ryder will win this but I’m glad he’s getting these fights at this stage of his career. Everyone said he would get obliterated by Canelo but if anything he enhanced his reputation. And Munguia is certainly no Canelo. Just a flicker of a maybe…

  • Munguia vs the veteran darvachenko 2 would have been wayyy better! Darva popped munguia all night long! De la hoya is protecting him before he throws him to the lion(canelo) for a big profit!

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