Showtime Boxing ends Dec 16

Still no official announcement, but WBA “regular” super middleweight champion David Morrell (9-0, 8 KOs) is scheduled to take on Sena Agbeko (28-2, 22 KOs) on December 16 in the main event of the final Showtime boxing telecast from The Armory in Minneapolis. The undefeated Morrell has thrilled the crowd in his adopted hometown with vicious KOs in each of his five appearances. Agbeko has won five straight fights, including four by way of KO.

Also scheduled are WBC flyweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez (20-2, 15 KOs) defending his flyweight title against unbeaten Angelino Córdoba (18-0-1, 12 KOs) and lightweight contenders Chris Colbert (17-1, 6 KOs) and Jose Valenzuela (12-2, 8 KOs) meeting in a rematch.

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  • Curious: How come the “Monster” doesn’t call out Morrell? Who, btw, does not care for the “Monster” as a person or as a fighter and has been calling him out since his 5th Pro fight. Not enough money for the risk?

    • Benavidez will not call out Morrell, at least not for a while. Morrell’s team Fighting Canelo is big PPV money, whereas Morrell, along with Charles Conwell, is boxing’s best kept secret and a high risk/ low reward. Benavidez should fight Morell in the spring, with the winner fighting Canelo in the fall. Benavidez needs to fight Morrell ASAP!

    • Because morel is a baby he can’t get a lice of cake yet he has a lot to prove first …everybody look good fighting Uber drivers

  • This is the weirdest world championship fight card I’ve ever heard of. Less than 2 weeks out and still no official announcement? Morrell could use the exposure if he wants to secure a megafight with Canelo or Benavidez. So far, he’s fought guys that are barely qualified to challenge for his “world title”, but he’s been light years ahead of them all. He’s a showman and a showstopper with so many angles and tricks ups his sleeve, but until he showcases at the highest level, there remains a question mark.

  • Valenzuela was robbed against Colbert

    Actually this fight is my 2023 personal awards as the robbery of the year

    Here my personal boxing awards 2023:

    As for right now :

    Fight of the year
    – Brandun Lee vs Pedro campa

    Robbery of the year
    – Jose Valenzuela vs Chris Colbert

    Fighter of the year :
    – Terrence Crawford and anota Inoue (2 winners like 1981 with Sal Sanchez and ray leonard)

    Performance of the year :
    -giovany Santillán vs Alexis Rocha

    Worst fight
    -shakur vs de Los santos

    Round of the year
    – oshaquie foster vs Adrian Hernandez (11 round )

    Unexpected ko victory
    -Adrian Curiel vs notshinga

    Consolidated fighter
    – tank Davis

    Arising star
    -Elijah Garcia

    Most viewed fight
    – tank Davis vs Ryan Garcia

    Most expected fight
    -Benavides vs canelo
    – fury vs usyk

    The joke of the year
    – fury vs nganou

    Most impressing fighter
    – naoya Inoue

    To be continued….

    • Carlos, nakatani’s knockout of Andrew Maloney has to be knockout of the year. That was a savage ko.

      • Nakatani vs moloney ko of the year
        And Curiel vs notshinga the unexpected ko

        The most wanted rematch :
        -Navarrete vs concenciao

  • The big heart performance
    – Robinson concenciao

    The most cocky fighter
    – Ryan Garcia / Tyson fury (2 winners again )

  • No HBO, no Showtime, no Showbox, no Fox Sports, no USA ,no Telefutura, no Telemundo, etc,etc…. Silver lining….maybe a resurgence in local club shows, hope so

    • That’s right. I remember having a steady diet of boxing growing up. Tuesdays through Saturdays were always filled with at least one fight in one of those networks.

  • Kind of sad with Showtime leaving.. I miss HBO as well. Morrell is definitely worth watching and just needs to keep winning. I don’t think Benavidez needs to fight him to deserve a fight with Canelo. They should fight in May but Canelo wants a payday in May against Munguia but I thought he said he didn’t want to fight another Mexican? It was bs when he said it and now here he is cashing in. I get it. It’s prize- fighting but I’d rather see him fight Benavidez

    • mine too. It came free in my cable package for the longest time, then expired. I started my paid subscription right before the Benavidez-Lemieux fight. Now I’ll have to cancel it.

  • NOW I can cancel cable TV , first HBO and now Showtime !!! $ 300.00 a month for Garbage TV ….Now just pay wi-fi $ 68.00 and watch Smart TV !!

    • “I think they meant this is the last fight on showtime…..from 2023”
      – No.
      – This is the last live fight card on ShowTime period.

    • It’s over. They meant last as in period, finshed, curtains, last hurrah, arrivederci, peace, see ya later, kaputz.

  • We will be left with mediocre networks and horrible commentators that scream like little kids with every clean shot that lands.

    The run that HBO and Showtime had will never be equalled. The attempted monopolization of the sport has only served to ruin it.

    • Yeah, Im not a big fan of the guy with the obvious dye job who thinks he deserves major brownie points because he made a documentary about his mental health issues. It’s like-yeah, you and everybody else buddy!

  • So damn many venues for this sport who needs Showtime and they will be the losers.

  • Nice card
    Wonder who will telecast PBC next event
    Keep hearing Amazon Prime but not sure if Amazon would be interested
    That’s what I like about the UFC that it’s 1 organization and their fighters and that’s it.
    But Boxing is way bigger and to many promoters and each demanding many things that make it difficult to make fights happen including telecast rights
    Well it seems like the only survivor is ESPN
    And they were the weakest competitor yet they outlasted HBO and Showtime

  • You would think that after ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, BET, HBO, USA, SHOWTIME ,etc have all found pro boxing unworthy of public attention that promoters might be bright enough to realize that the moronic sanctioning body business model isn’t working? If you had 5 Super Bowl champions, no one would care about the NFL either. Simple: When there is no credibility, there is no interest.

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