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  • Sad when all this media frenzy and attention is given to this fake ass circus when real fighters put in their blood, sweat and tears for the real fights. That being said i’m not mad at Mayweather for making his money he has been brilliant at that. It just really reflects how far boxing has fallen from the mainstream. Now there is many reasons for that all the bogus belts and promoters and/or network deals just keep the best fights from happening. We has fans were real close to finally getting an undisputed heavyweight champion and some punk ass arbitrator screws that up. Everything seems to be working against boxing ever regaining its past glory.

    • This is not boxing….not competitive boxing. This is just entertainment.

    • I started to write a comment about this circus, then asked myself why am I bothering?

      It’s a total circus, end of…

      Damn, I actually did write a comment, now I’m going to have a very long word with myself for bothering.

    • It can bug me at times..the money in general as well…but…thats the American way..go get urself some$$$$!!!!!

    • Its not sad because of this match. Boxing is sad because too much cherry picking, fighters not fighting the fights that the fans want, fighters hardly fighting, bs belts (franchise champion), no exposure for amateur Boxing, etc.
      When the best fight the best fighters the media frenzy will be there. For the past 5 years, people complain whenever there is a FMM fight and he gets all the attention.
      The arbitration was needed because a cheating fighter tried to renege on the deal he agreed to. Its only punk-ass because you dont understand why you should honor your word/contract.
      Ive been saying there was never gonna be a Fury- AJ fight. The judge seen evidence and know Fury cheated and gave the nod to Wilder.

    • Will never be mainstream with all the champions and weight classes-too confusing for the average sports fan to care about any more.

  • I don’t like these either. But with an open mind I started to go with it.. because it’s good for boxing as a whole.. think about it. It brings fans back to boxing and allows new ones to get into it. Do you guys remember Kimbo Slice? RIP .. who helped the UFC gain popularity I’m sure. Why can’t boxing do it?.. these boxing celebrities can be like gatekeepers but with higher reward. Let’s say a good fighter for instance who has a hard time gaining fans and popularity. What will happen if he fights one of these guys?.. people will know who they are. Like a short cut. I do want the best to fight the best but I also understand that too much of that can increase the health risk for fighters. I don’t mind little tune ups.. entertaining fights. But every once in a while these guys need to earn their stripes by fighting someone worthy. In the mean time.. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little “Pay Day” .. time to drink and have a good time. I also believe that Floyd should go with the bald look again.. idk if I like the butt hair on his head. But it’s his choice I’m just saying.

  • only want to see 75 seconds, not 2 hours 13 minutes ‍♂️‍♀️

  • “Mayweather wins 75-second stare down”.
    – I’m so happy for Floyd (excuse me while I throw up).

  • Watch a 1 hour 54 minute video for a minute and 15 second video? Pass…

  • The 2 morons hosting this event for the uneducated didn’t do themselves any favors.

    • They did for their target audience. Might be the same as those who believe pro wrestling is real.

  • Like just WTF does winning a stare-down prove? Dip shits think it makes someone more a man but I’ve seen granny’s and tranny’s win staring contests over young strong men…

    Get a life little Floyd!

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