Mayweather-Paul Final Press Conference

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Logan Paul engaged in a long and intense face-off after meeting with media members at Villa Casa Casuarina at the former Versace Mansion in South Beach Thursday, just days away from their exhibition showdown headlining a Showtime PPV this Sunday from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Floyd Mayweather: “I’m glad he’s got confidence. I’m glad he believes in himself. Last time I checked, all 50 fighters that I faced, they all said the same thing.”

Logan Paul: “He’s probably not wearing a hat. I mean if he showed up with a hat, I might have to take it…I think I have to knock him out.”


“It’s going to be fun. It’s what I do. There’s a difference between being a YouTube fighter and an elite fighter. I’m a fighter and I don’t worry about anything. I’ve been a professional for 25 years and I’ve fought the best and seen every style and I always came out on top.

“Why not fight Logan Paul? He’s huge on YouTube. He has a huge following. Before I even knew about YouTube, I was huge in boxing. And when you bring his world with my world, man it’s going to be crazy.

“I’m glad he’s got confidence. I’m glad he believes in himself. Last time I checked, all 50 fighters that I faced, they all said the same thing.

“Most of the time when I go out there and fight, I’m giving up 20 pounds. When I was fighting at 140, the guys I was fighting were going up to 160. When I was fighting at 147, guys were going up to 167 within 24 hours. I don’t really worry about the weight. Once again, fighting wins fights.

“I look at it as going out, having a good time, and entertaining the people. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it.

“I’m happy that we are able to go out and that someone can get knocked out. When someone can get knocked out, it’s a winner.

“I never worry about the height or size, it’s all about the skills. That’s one thing about Floyd Mayweather, I’ve got skills.

“The boxing was the mashed potatoes. I guess these guys now are the gravy. I retired from boxing, but I didn’t retire from entertainment or from making money.”


“I think I have to knock him out. Someone’s getting knocked out. Someone’s gonna quit.

“I have to ask myself: Am I affected by this? You look around, all these people, the hot lights, all this pressure. You want to do well. Your friends are watching, your family is watching. And I always want to be real with myself. Am I affected by this? But I love this. This is me in my element. This is what I came out to Hollywood to do when I started making videos. That was the precipice. This was the end game. This is what I wanted and signed up for. It’s all exciting for me.

“I didn’t choose boxing, boxing chose me. I got challenged to box, and I answered that challenge. I kind of fell perfectly into the sport. Truthfully, boxing is easier on the body than MMA. MMA is hard. I got bad knees. I’m old now. I’m aging. My upper body is strong and I have dense bones. My strength is all in my upper body.

“I expect he got a haircut. He probably trimmed his beard up a bit. He’s probably not wearing a hat. I mean if he showed up with a hat, I might have to take it. I’m excited. It’s a fight, and anything can happen.

“I visualize everything. I’ve seen it all before it happens. The only thing that I didn’t visualize was how calm, how lonely and tranquil it is at night. That two hours before I go to sleep and in my hotel room and I’m alone with my thoughts. That’s when it’s real and I think this is going to get serious.

“I’m going to fight my heart out. That’s the beautiful thing about this sport. In almost any other business, experience is going to trump everything else. But this is a fight, and anything can happen.”

“Last time we were at this mansion we were having a party. Who knows if we’ll do it again. One thing at a time, you know?”

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  • Almost like a movie script, it’s that predictable. Mayweather is toying with this guy to make some cash on the sidelines. Mayweather will just keep moving and making this guy miss until Paul wears out and then he will make his move. Logan Paul needs to go back to YouTube and stay there. Paul simply being paid to be an actor with delusions of grandeur thinking he is some prizefighter. What a joke! Wake me up when it’s over. Have a great weekend coming up and please, save your money for another happening rather than this circus show!

    • On a side note, Mayweather looks like Adrien Broner in the picture.

      • Maybe Broner should take Mayweather’s place. At least the fight would be competitive. Especially if Broner comes to the ring drunk.

        Yes, folks. Paul is that pathetic.

  • Is this the Twilight Zone..another Dimension,cause i cant believe this fight is real…

  • Mayweather looked shot against McGregor. Flat footed and plodding. Looked fairly similar in that bizarre fight in Japan. Can’t outrun Father Time regardless of how great a fighter was. It will only take one shot from LP to land on the chin…….. I’m still not paying to watch this garbage

    • Looked shot? That’s why he was laughing on his way back to his corner after each round. I can’t believe I’m here defending Mayweather.

    • Mayweather did look shot against Mcgregor. People that know boxing saw that. Mcgregor can’t box at all, looked terrible. Shot Mayweather made people think Mcgregor did good. This Paul thing is a joke n a mockery to the great sport of boxing. Boxing is now a side show. This n life is all about money. That’s all people give a shit about. Respect doesn’t exist anymore.

    • People like you are why he does fights like this. “looked shot”. He was carrying McGregor. If he looks to dominate nobody will pay. If he carries these guys and tone himself down you’ll either give Conor a morale victory because he “lasted” 10 rounds or say “Mayweather looked shot”. You’re getting played like a 12 string guitar.

      • Of course-he would win in thirty seconds if it were a real fight.

  • Yea and your at least 49-1 clown JL Castillo beat your ass first fight only to get ripped off by 3 very incompetent paid off judges. HBO who were always little Floyd nut lickers even had you losing as well as Harold Letterman the HBO unofficial ringside judge.

    Get a life now little Floyd stop being an attention whore..

  • With this farce, I can safely say boxing has reached a low. For an ATG like Mayweather to disrespect the sport – that made him – is shameful.

  • The worst thing is: mayweather will be laughing so hard during the fight ,and perhaps get distracted for a second, then this other clown might land a lucky haymaker. We would never hear the end of it! Imagine this YouTube clown gracing the cover of The Ring magazine as the man who took down old man mayweather.

  • I was never a big fan of Mayweather’s style but grew to respect his ring IQ. Just want someone to shut up these 2 brothers. Their 15 minutes were over yesterday.

  • I think Mayweather is in serious legacy and health risk in this fight. Paul showed endurance and decent boxing skill in the pro KSI fight and he would have received decision if not for bogus 2 point deduction. Even though official weight limits are 160/190, Mayweather has never weighed over low 150s for a fight and if he tries to get bigger at 44, it will slow him down and drain his stamina. Paul will weigh in at 190 and enter ring at 205. So 50 pound weight advantage, 6 inch height advantage, strength, wear and tear and 18 year age advantage for Paul. And good old father time. Bad move by Mayweather to take this fight.

    • Considering Mayweather is no amateur, his vast experience as a pro-fighter allows him to see things in Paul that give him the advantage. I am sure Mayweather is very comfortable with what he is doing. In fact, I am sure Mayweather is right! It’s not going the distance!

    • Guess there enough thinking like that for this farce to make money. Only challenge will be Paul trying to look like he was hit with a real punch when he is “KO’d.”

  • This is all a WWE script. Floyd is going to toy with this guy before he stops him. Tyrone Woodley is already on a losing streak so he will probably get paid a little something by Floyd to take a dive giving Jake Paul the win. This will be a nice set up for Floyd vs Jake. Of course, Floyd will destroy him also. This is how the entire Paul bros scenario plays out. Its a win-win for all 4 guys.

    • And people without the Amazon Fire Stick who can watch any Pay-Per-Screw (PPS) for free.

  • What is Paul going to do when he gets his ass beat?

    Call the police.

    • Collect all the money from those who bought this-pretty sure it is agreed that nobody gets hurt. People will be paying to watch a pillow fight.

  • You know what I am amazed by? Nobody talks about the BODYSHOTS and believe me Mayweather is going to work that body.
    Wait till this kid feels a pro digging into his body round after round.

  • It is amazing this “fight” is PPV. But boxing “fans” are not interested in Boxing, they are interested in drama and falseness. This millennial generation is the worst thing that has happened to this world. Next will be an asteroid. Hopefully it lands in Hollywood or Washington DC

  • >