Matchroom inks IBF champ Subriel Matias

IBF junior welterweight champion Subriel Matias (20-1 20 KOs) has signed a multi-fight co-promotional deal with Matchroom Boxing and Fresh Productions. Matias is now eyeing a summer defense in his native Puerto Rico.

“I am very excited about the deal we’ve reached with Matchroom,” said Matias. “I can’t wait to show DAZN, Matchroom, all the big names out there and the world why this deal was made because I am the best 140 pounder on the planet. And I will show this in front of my people, which makes me immensely happy. I promise to keep working hard to give the fans what they are looking for. This is all-out wars until one of the two opponents breaks up. I do not run. It is not my fighting style, and it is not in my DNA. This will not change now in any way. Whoever they put in front of me, I will destroy.”

Juan Orengo, Fresh Productions: “Fresh Productions is very excited and looking forward to this partnership with Matchroom. After months of carefully analyzing several offers, for all of which we are immensely grateful, we have decided that Matchroom is the promoter that can take Subriel to the level of exposition and the names we are looking for. They believe in Puerto Rico’s boxing fans and market. They believe we can do big things in Puerto Rico, as do we. Puerto Rico is a boxing country with a long-standing legacy in the sport. We are here to revive that market and make Puerto Rico the great boxing venue it once was. Expect big things. We see a bright future ahead of us, and we believe Matchroom and DAZN are the perfect fit for our plans with Subriel.”

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom: “I am delighted to welcome Subriel to the team. Subriel is one of the most exciting fighters on the planet, with action guaranteed every time he fights, and as a world champion at 140lbs, the fights out there for him are massive. Puerto Rico is a huge market for Matchroom and DAZN, and with Subriel joining Edgar Berlanga and Yankiel Rivera in our stable, we are looking forward to holding some huge events there, starting with Subriel’s heroic return for the first time as a world champion this summer.”

An announcement on Matias’ second defense of his world crown will be made soon

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  • Nice! I know they were talking about this for awhile. I saw Matias and Hearn running a 5k before the Bam – Sunny Edwards fight. Supposedly the first fight was to be against Liam Paro.
    They have Haney, Prograis and all the Golden Boy guys on DAZN, so they should be able to give him good fights.

    • What a Great Fight Subriel Mattias VS Ryan Garcia will be if it happens, 2 Warriors going Toe to Toe for up to 12 Rounds of Nonstop Punching

    • Yes he’s supposed to fight Paro in the first defense. Don’t sleep on Liam. Matais can get caught early. Paro has a wicked left hand. If Subriel gets through the early rounds he should eventually break Liam down and stop him around round 8 or 9. But I wouldn’t be surprised with an early round shocker by Paro. He can crack and Matias took like 30 power shots in round 1 two fights ago.

      • I agree with you. Matias reminds me a bit of Kassim Ouma and defense was/is not a specialty of either.

        • Lucie…and Matias reminds me of a young Tito Trinidad….not his fighting style but how Tito emerge on the top of the boxing world quietly….initially Tito did not receive alot of fanfare…then Tito’s talent made you look….I could be wrong,,,in my humble opinion Matias may emerge as the best outside of close bunch of 135-147 fighters ..the relentless attack, commitment to the body…Matias is for real….outside of Tank Davis. Believe that Tank is the best…See Crawford moving up chasing higher dollar fights there …and Tank needs a fight soon just to stay sharpe….

          • I still can’t decide whether he reminds me more of Tito Trinidad or Edison Miranda. He could go either route IMO. Only time will tell.

          • Well, he has the fights now to show how good he is, or at least the access to the fights to show how good he is. Say he fights Paro and wins, Haney fights Garcia and wins – there’s your easy unification to make this winter. I don’t think he ends up going on a Tito-like run, but he definitely will have the opportunity to prove me wrong now.

          • Lucie…that was an incredible string of wins for Tito… remember when Tito…cleaned out the division and challenged William Joppy for the middleweight title…Joppy was a boxer/ puncher that was supposed to give Tito problems…Tito destroyed Joppy…Tito was amazing… beautiful disciplined puncher… everything thrown with snap…great straight punches…just beautiful to watch….we would be so lucky if we got that with Matias….so far so good…

  • I have to recognized that subriel impressed me in his last fight .

    I’m not gona say he is top
    but he definetly represents danger for anybody

    • I have to “recognized” that you my friend can’t spell or put together a sentence that makes sense. Still using that flip-phone? You need to be taken out of the gene pool.

  • Doug, did you just say that Ryan Garcia will fight Matias for 12 rounds in front of him and throwing punches non stop or something to that effect?

  • DMV, Yes if that fight is Made, Mattias called Ryan Garcia Out and Garcia wants all the Belts so it makes sense after The Haney Fight

  • Matias throws like 70 punches a rd with nasty power. If you cant knock him out your never going to be the same. I dont care how good you box you will get stopped, and if you run hard again youll never be the same fighter.

  • Can’t see Garcia standing toe to toe with Matias, Doug, that would be career suicide. Wouldn’t mind seeing the fight, nonetheless. While Matias is a strong fighter, guys like him eventually get their egg cracked and are never the same again…you gotta have some type of defense.

  • Liam Paro destroyed Montana Love in his last bout, and is certainly a worthy adversary for Matias. Looking forward to an interesting matchup!

  • I can’t wait to see the best 140 pounder and future HOF fighter in the ring. Matias slowly seeks and quickly destroys his opponents.

    Only Matias and/or Father Time will defeat Matias.

  • Congratulations to Matias. He’s a do or for fighter which grabs the people’s attention and with the potential to make serious noise of the rest of the alphabet strap holders decide to gave him. Lopez would be a great option since he has blamed at least 2 fights on runners. At MSG, this would be huge. I hope that he makes at the very least, a few mega paydays to secure his future.

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