Taylor-Catterall rematch in the works

Bitter rivals Josh Taylor (19-1, 13 KOs) and Jack Catterall (28-1, 13 KOs) are reportedly close to announcing a rematch on April 27 at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England. In February 2022, when Taylor was still undisputed 140lb champion, he won a controversial decision over Catterall. Their rematch would again be at 140lbs and be streamed by DAZN.

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  • Think this one may’ve spent too much time in the oven. Rematch should have happened like a year ago.

  • Who cares? Taylor has looked aweful. There was no robbery the first time. It was close with some hard to score rounds but if you’re challenging to take someone’s title then you have to take it. Can’t expect to be given the benefit of the doubt in close rounds. This will be another ugly hard to watch fight. So I’ll sit this one out.

  • In hindsight, Taylor should have sorted out the Catterall issue before fighting Lopez. Whatever one thinks, Taylor has had 2 poor performances and desperately needs to return to form in this one. Caterall is a tricky fighter who could be so much better if he learned a wider variety of punches (like a right hook).

  • I don’t care about this fight
    Besides it’s very rare when a fight between England guys call my attention

    • Carlos, Carlos, Carlos… One is Scottish and the other is Irish not English. You know nothing about these guy”s. You only seem to care about Mexican fighters wich by the way you get wrong all the time, calling Banavidez and ODLH Mexican when they are not. It’s embarrassing….you clown!

  • Sometimes, certain opponents bring out the best in us. I agree with you guys in that the rematch is way past due, we might get lucky since there’s a score to settle. Motivation can be a wonderful thing.

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