Matchroom-Andy Ruiz Lawsuit Update

Promoter Eddie Hearn in Hermosillo, Mexico, says Ruiz is now onboard to fight in Saudi Arabia after a purse increase exceeding $1 million. This lawsuit will likely go away.

Looks like Matchroom Boxing has filed a lawsuit against WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and his promoter of record TGB Promotions. Ruiz contractually owes Matchroom a rematch with Anthony Joshua and Matchroom set the bout for December 7 in Saudi Arabia. The Ruiz camp, however, is balking at the pre-agreed purse (reportedly $9 million) and the location. Stay tuned…

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  • Looks like the upset win created a monster!

    The money sucks but it’s enough, there will be bigger and better purses in the future for Ruiz regardless if he wins or loses the rematch! He’s still better than 95%+ of the heavyweights out there!

    He’s marketable regardless because of his ethnicity to the vast Mexican American fan base and the win over Joshua! A fight with Wilder or Fury are easily eight figure fights for him!

    Stop being a prima-donna and take the damn fight!

  • Ruiz is going to lose this one badly. Courts have routinely enforce these type of contracts. Go back and look at U.S. federal case of Lennox Lewis vs. Hasim Rahman. Ruiz is going to end up owing a lot of damages or having to give up the title. someone gives you a title shot you didn’t deserve and now you want to refuse to give them a rematch despite having a contract? It shows poor character on the part of him and his team.

  • Ruiz claims that he is 100% confident he can beat AJ anywhere and at any time. So what’s his problem now? AJ didn’t have to fight in the U.S. but he did Ruiz the favor to fight there. Why can’t Ruiz do the same, especially since he signed a contract?

    Based on logic and reason, the fight should be in England. Saudi Arabia is a potentially interesting experiment (that could also go wrong), whereas a fight in England would be no risk from any perspective.

    Ruiz’ current arguments to avoid the contract are 100% BS and show his complete lack of character.

    • Why is he complaining he will get face value as there is no tax. I’d take the fight and stop turning this into a bigger story that what it really is.

  • Only way out of it for Ruiz with the WBA and WBO (or at least one of the orgs), is to defend against Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk is #1 in the WBO, #3 in the WBA. Why don’t they just take the IBF belt from Ruiz and let Joshua and Pulev fight in Saudi Arabia? And Ruiz vs Oleksandr Usyk winner can fight the winner of Pulev and Joshua. Joshua doesn’t want to get embarrassed by the same guy twice in a row. Better to lose to Ruiz and Pulev back to back, just to know he doesn’t have it at age 30. But if Joshua beat Pulev, at least he could feel like one of the best heavyweights still. RUIZ IS STILL GOING TO GET SUED; but if he beat Oleksandr Usyk and the winner of Pulev/Joshua back to back, he’d make up for it in the long run. To me, Joshua and company could have called to do the rematch in Scotland, north of Joshua’s home city, and if Ruiz refused that, they could make a big deal. But Saudi Arabia? Any fighter 30 and under may make a big deal about having to be set up for a mega fight there. Saudi is a place for guys in the twilight of their career to try to make a buck.

  • Funny how this Hearn wants a fight sooooo bad in Saudi Arabia? WHY? It looks like and feels like a setup. Both men are citizens of England and the U.S.A respectively, a fight in Vegas or Wembley would draw much more money than in Saudi Arabia. Now if Hearn gave Ruiz a contract with an agreement that if he won their 1st fight, then he would have to agree to a fight with Joshua in Saudi Arabia, THEN and only then RUIZ must honor that agreement, HOWEVER from what I understand that is not the case. So why all the strong arm maneuvering from Hearn???? They could right now get TWICE or THREE times the money fighting in England with 100,000 fans at that arena? So what is Hearns problem. The way i see this is, Hearn probably has some financial agreement with the Saudis and is thinking if this goes to the judges he can pull a DelaHO easily over there, WHO is going to question the Saudis about anything in Saudi Arabia. Ruiz MUST have a real attorney who knows how to question every detail, I.M.O Hearn is just trying to rob the titles from Ruiz. Also Ruiz should now sue Hearn because as the DEFENDING CHAMP he should not be strong armed into going to a place where they can basically chop off his head if they liked.

    • And you know all this how? Ruiz signed a contract knowing full well his purse and knowing that Joshua had the day on where the fight would be held. It is clear and as simple as that.
      How do you know how much will be made and where?? I would bet money that you have the same access to the same media reports as the rest of us. Which basically means that any fan fans know 50% or less of what is really going on.
      Have an option mate but don’t make yourself look stupid by claiming you know more about a situation when clearly you don’t and don’t even understand the basics of a pre negotiated contract!!!

    • Look for Joshua to come in roided to the gills and the Saudis to look the other way.

      Joshua with the secret sauce and without it are two different fighters. Without the sauce, Joahua must rely more on his boxing ability and less on raw power. We saw how that went in the Ruiz fight.

      Ruiz is right to be cautious.

      • Did you see the dillian whyte situation. they let a guy on steroids fight without letting the opponent or the sanctioning body wbc know. thats in the uk.
        only reason we know anything about it is because a journalist leaked the info, otherwise nobody would have known.

    • No strong arm manoeuvre you idiot! Ruiz signed a contract so is legally bound to rematch AJ. As if a unified Heavyweight Champion is going to offer a shot to someone as a back up option to the drug cheat that was pulled & suggest ‘Guess what, if you win, you can have the choice to fight me or not. And why not let you choose the location as well’. Are you serious? The fight wont happen in England because Ruiz is scared he’ll be robbed? AJ will be more focused & get the win. Ruiz wanted neutral, Saudi offered a deal, Matchroom agreed. Good money, makes good business. Ruiz joins the list of shortest reigning champs.

    • “Hearn probably has some financial agreement with the Saudis” WTF??? Of course he has a financial agreement with the Saudis. It is called a site fee and that’s how boxing works, brain surgeon. There is nothing shady or secret about it.

  • Ruiz and his team are islamophobes, that’s why they don’t want to fight in Saudi Arabia!

    • islamaphobe might be harsh but he is behaving a little narrowmindedly. it is ironic that mexicans are supposed to be so discriminated against by Americans but here Ruiz is actually behaving like the stereotype ignorant American. Based on steroetype an American fighter could refuse to fight Ruiz in mexico citing that it is too dangerous.

  • Neither fighter can really afford to sit out a year or so because of legal disputes, so its almost guaranteed that the rematch will take place as planned.

    • Regardless of being fat He beat the Champ. Why call him put of his name?Also the last fight Amir Kahn had neither fighter has gotten paid according to news reports.So relax your ex champ will get a rematch and may the best man win.

  • how anyone can respect ruiz through this saga is beyond me. he is basically pushing and pushing to get everything his own way in complete disregard of anything he signed. He deserves to lose the fight, the belts and 10s of millions if the fight falls through. The funny thing about it is, he may have AJ’s number so that is a source of great exposure and money, but if he gets stripped i wouldnt back him to beat Wilder of Fury. Even Usyk, Pulev and Whyte would be 50 50 fights. He has been elevated beyond his levels because he beat AJ. His career could potentially go the same way as Buster Douglas only without the big payday from defending his titles. If he loses the belts Wilder and Fury wouldn’t fight him.

  • Obviously the Saudi’s are offering Hearn a ridiculous amount to fight over there. In case you didn’t know some of the richest mofos in the world live there and Ruiz wants and deserves a piece of that. I think it gets done if Hearn gives Ruiz double which what Joshua is probably getting to fight over there.

  • I am not so sure that Ruiz can be forced to fight in Saudi Arabia, due to it being a dangerous place to travel for American citizens.
    I am thinking that parts of it are listed as Do Not travel and others a level 2 travel adisory by U.S. State department. Maybe Worse. But…..

    • I watched Marvin Hagler come close to being killed by English fans, when he beat up Allan Minter in London. Ruiz is probably more at risk fighting in the UK than in SA. The reason he shouldn’t fight in SA isn’t personal safety. He shouldn’t fight there because they’re Stone Age murdering savages.

  • “Stone free”. GTFOH. If this was a blond haired blue eyed South African or Englishman you would be defending this behavior of his, but because he’s a ethnic “minority” you are throwing temper tantrums like a little b*** plain and simple. Grow a pair and be fair here. Let’s be real Hearn chose him after that other slob Miller failed his pre-fight drug test screwed the card up and Hearn figured Ruiz was going to be easy pickings but someone forgot to tell Ruiz to follow the script, which he didn’t and that’s Hearn’ problem no one else now we have all these crybabies like you coming out of the woodwork.

  • Mr. Ruiz is entirely wrong. Fight in Saudi Arabia and prove your worth. The belts don’t matter people. When are you all going to learn these acronym belts are stale ginger ale. People are slow to comprehend after decades.

  • Until we all know what was said in the contract Ruiz signed before he embarrassed Joshua then we can all speculate. The average joe would fight anywhere in the world for the money that has been offered to Ruiz. Maybe these are mind games to get under Joshua’s skin to gain an advantage or maybe it’s a clever tactic to earn himself a few extra million.
    From a uk boxing fan.

  • Ppl really dont understand why he didn’t want to take the fight in Saudi Arabia…Something happened on his birthday.when he turned 12 years old …You MIGHT think its funny but it’s not..It was supposed to be his HAPPY DAY ..Just to wake up and see his mom Crying .then to find out ppl involved were Saudi Arabia.. Ruiz fight in Saudi..I feel really bad for AJ ..RUIZ REALLY GOING TO F#CK HIM UP REALLY REALLY BAD…PPL SAY he’s mexican He’s MEXICAN AMERICAN..CHICANO ..

  • I dont care what the contract stimpulates. Ruiz is the champion now and he should be dictating where the fight will be held… not Joshaua. Ruiz could stall this indefinitely citing injuries or anything like that if they wanted to. If he got striped of his titles then Joshaua would be even more screwed as he is not at the forefront any longer for title shots. If hes so confident then fight Ruiz right in his own backyard like Ali and Tyson did. Ruiz has the say…. He’s the champ now.

  • During my years as a fighter i never seen such bs. The champ always had the say… Not the challenger.

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