Malignaggi decisions TikToker Corey B

Former world champion Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi (36-8, 7 KOs) outclassed TikToker Corey B over three one-sided rounds in a celebrity fight on Saturday night at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida. Malignaggi was way faster, landed at will, and was rarely touched by any of B’s punches. B surprisingly managed to go the full distance. Paulie came in at 175 pounds.

In the main event, former NBA star Lamar Odom (Khloe Kardashian’s ex) defeated Ojani Noa (J Lo’s ex) by three round decision. Also, Javante “Holy God” Carter and “Wideneck” battled to a three round draw.

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    • Gary G could you have gotten the whole card for free with your stick? What do you think of the sticks that are sold already jail broken? I think I will go that way. Thanks

      • Johnny:
        – I wouldn’t watch this garbage for free.
        – You can get a Fire Stick for $35 and watch a 5 minute U-Tube video on how to “Jail Break” it which actually involves the changing of 2 settings – that’s it.

  • Really Paulie? Not only have you stooped to this pathetic level, but then can’t even stop the guy?! Geez!!!!!!

  • Well well, pillow fists couldnt even knock out a tik toker. Paulie would have gone a lot further in his career if he could crack an egg

    • Yes, no surprise that Paulie won by a decision as he never possessed any power in the ring. Paulie always used fast hands, but technically they were arm punches with no power since he never used his body mechanics to embrace any extra power. Oh well. It is what it is….

  • I don’t understand how these Tik Toker, YouTuber guys are able to go the distance with former world champions fighters. They should be able to knock them out the very second they choose to do so. Are they instructed by the promoter not to knock them out and make it appear competitive? There is no way a Tik Toker should be able to go the distance with a guy like Malinaggi, and there is no way Logan Paul should have been competitive at all against Mayweather. Credit these guys for doing so, but something just ain’t right.

  • 90 second rounds ..they were wearing 16oz gloves ..basically 4.5 minutes was the whole fight and malignaggi took it easy on him when he realized how bad he dominated him ..a lesser person would have gone for the ko

    • I suppose it’s not a good look for an accomplished world class fighter to go out and crush a complete novice, but these guys are asking for it. Truth be told, a quick first round KO is less damaging than a sustained 3 round beating. I didn’t see the fight, nor do I care to, but Mallignaggi has been a vocal proponent of these YouTockers not fighting. What better way to tell them to stay in their lane than to knock them out lovely? Or perhaps The Magic Man is all good with them fighting just as long as he’s getting a piece of the pie too.

  • I don’t even know most of them ! Who are the idiots paying for this crap ?! I wouldn’t pay a cent for fights like that ! Boxing will die sooner or later, sad..

  • Damn it Paulie! You’re a veteran of over 40 fights and you’re giving these idiots confidence! Really?! Guys who never fought as amateurs are going the distance!

  • “B surprisingly managed to go the full distance”… um yea sure. Paulie can not crack an egg with his best shot so him going the distance against even a nobody with zero skill sounds about right.

  • Boxing is in the 12th round and way behind on all the cards, the ref is looking to stop the fight, he should because the corner won’t stop it. Boxing is killing itself slowly.

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