Maidana: Mayweather a dirty fighter, I have his tooth

By Hesiquio Balderas

Marcos “Chino” Maidana is planning his comeback fight and is one of the fighters that is keeping himself in the public eye during this pandemic. Maidana recently did an Instagram live with WBA president Gilberto J. Mendoza and during the conversation, Marcos touched on different subjects including the Mayweather fights.

“I was nervous when I fought Floyd,” said Maidana. “I really couldn’t believe I was fighting him, but when the bell sounded all the nerves went away. I was able to focus and fight my fight and it was a good fight.” Their first fight took place on May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas.

“The second fight was different. I was chasing him and trying to land one big shot and I did but the bell saved him. I was ready to knock him out.”

“I did bite him,” Maidana admitted. “I did it but because he is the dirtiest fighter I faced. He was landing elbows, headbutts, and trying to stick his fingers in my eyes. It was the soft part of the gloves where you actually can move the fingers and when he did that, I bit him.”

Maidana insists that he knocked a tooth out of Floyd’s mouth when he landed that big shot in their second fight.

“I do have the tooth,” he said.

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  • In technical terms thru observations, Madiana would actually be the potential dirtier fighter based on his “wild throw anything and slightly reckless” style, but I am a fan of Maidana. Maidana was fun to watch thru the years and his magical moment was whipping Broner!

  • What a warrior! Win or lose I knew I would get my money’s worth watching Maidana’s fights. Everyone knows Floyd uses his elbows and head, including his thumb. The refs must have hard time seeing his dirty tactics because he’s been able to do that throughout his career without receiving penalties. That said, I thought he pulled out the first fight vs Mayweather. Floyd did what he had to do in the second fight, but he didn’t want any part of Maidana and didn’t stay and fight as he tried in the first bout. Wish Maidana well. He is what a professional boxer should look and fight like. Not interested in seeing fighters dance inside the ring. That’s what amateur boxing is for!

    • You got it backward, amatuer is all wild.. Profesional is hit no to get hit.. The sweet science

      • it is ok to hit and not get hit, but it is a boring style to watch, and he gets paid millions to ride all night in his sweet science biclycle.

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