Loma-Lopez undercard

According to ESPN, the network airing the undisputed lightweight title showdown between Vasiliy Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez, the undercard will likely look like this:

Alex Saucedo vs. Arnold Barboza Jr. (jr welterweight)
Edgar Berlanga vs. Lanell Bellows (super middleweight)
Clay Collard vs. Quincy LaVallais (middleweight)

All interesting fights.

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    • You should be aware of CLAY COLLARD… for an unknown he sticks pretty much right with opposition if not surpassing them.

    • Carlos, Clay collard came out during the pandemic. He had two fights and pulled the upset each time. I say bring clay collard more often. He’s fun to watch and I’m curious to see how far he goes. Also, these guys are booked because they are what’s available due to corona hiv protocols.

      • Bullshit. There’s nothing stopping any of these fighters from having a match. This Covid shit is not an excuse. These awful match ups and weak ass cards have been happening for years.

        • Remember, this is a free event. If ur expecting to see a stacked card on a ESPN station, then ur sadly mistaken and dont know the business. We get what we get. All the “good” fighters want an arm n a leg to fight these days. Especially since they havent been active a d need that good money. Collard is a descent boxer not asking for a riduculous purse.

        • Bullshit what? So what happened In June is a lie? Whether you believe corona is a hoax or not, the commission and promoters were following that protocol. Clay collard is a product of that and he made it worth watching. And how do you know these guys are bullshit fighter if you’ve never heard of them?

    • I said the same thing. I’ve heard of Barboza, Saucedo and Edgar Berlanga but the rest? And even Berlanga I had to look up on boxrec and I remember watching his last fight. He’s 14-0 with 14 first round KOs. That’s the only reason I even barely remember him.

      Boxing especially Top Rank is shitting the bed. UFC is putting on great fight cards constantly while boxers are looking for the softest opponent with the biggest purse. It’s disgusting. Like, good for you, make your money, but how much money are you gonna make in the future when no one’s is watching the sport?

      In the UFC the best fight the best and it’s not a shock when a huge fight is made. In boxing I expect the best fights not to be made and instead of Crawford vs Spence we’ll get Crawford vs Brook and Spence vs Garcia.

      How do you go to bed at night knowing you are ducking tyour biggest challenge just to make easy money? These guys are going to be insanely depressed when they get older and run out of money and every fan they meet says “I wish you fight so and so” or “Damn I right between you and blah blah would’ve been amazing”.

      They are straight up disrespecting the sport, the fans and themselves. This needs the stop. It should be he best fighting the best. Not the best looking for a soft opponent trying to pad their bank accounts. What an awful mentality to have. What a pussy way of going about life.

      • Jay, that’s a question for Ryan Garcia. He f-bombs his way out of fighting claiming he’s worth more. Then gets an opponent he can beat and then demands ridiculous purses. Teófimo, who I thing is not ready for loma, would
        Murder that kid.

      • Jay, you understand that boxing and mma are two completely different sports, right? MMA has one major promoter that controls 99% of the talent pool. It’s easy to make the best fights when these guys aren’t given any other options. Stop complaining. If you’re a fan of the sport shut up and watch it. Stop comparing.

  • I’m not a boxing expert who knows all the fighters but even I know who Saucedo and Barboza are they are tough as nails fighters who I’m really looking forward to this fight. I seen Saucedo fight Hooker for the title and dame up short and Barboza blasted out former champ Mike Alvarado. Berlanga is the first round knockout king right now and I’ll be interested to see him step up his level of competition. I don’t think you really know much if anything about boxing but watch this card you won’t be disappointed and it’s great cause it’s not PPV

  • Saucedo vs. Barboza its a good matchup where both men have decent punching power, but Barboza’s defense its better. I see a bit of JMM in Barboza’s style, and I believe he is ready for title shot.Barboza could win this fight by UD or KOT in the late rounds.
    Edgard Berlanga has a winning streak of 14 fights by KO in the first round (not sure) and is about to face another journeyman.
    Berlanga is a big and very young Jr. Middleweight that should be fighting as a light heavyweight by 2021.
    He is completely untested and I believe its about time to stop feeding him with only stiffs in order to maintain the hype, and get him under test with a decent gatekeeper. I would suggest Alfredo Angulo or somebody at that level.

    • Is Berlanga Edwin Valero or Tyrone Brunson? I wanna see happens when someone hits him in the face and doesn’t crumble before the 2nd round.

  • Loma vs Lopez is easily one of the most anticipated fights for a number of years. So many intangibles but something tells me that when the dust has settled the master will have prevailed.

  • LOL…..hey Jonathan what do you mean on the last prediction? Somenthing like Rocky Juarez vs. Jorge Rodrigo Barrios or Lewis vs. V. Klitscko?

    • Mike, you are out to lunch. Then again, most Dems are, so I am not surprised. BTW, Lewis & Kltizscho are both Pro Trump, so in your face, Pot Head.

  • Saucedo vs Barboza should be a good match. Barboza is more polished but Saucedo will make the fight a rough one. Barboza should win but you just never know once the fight starts.

    Berlanga has not been tested but seems to have the punching power and skills to advance quickly. He needs to be matched against a higher level of competition. At this point, we just don’t know what he is capable of. With all his fights one-round KO victories, he’s not getting enough rounds to tell us anything.

    As for Collard, he’s fun to watch. He’s a volume puncher and some of them are really hard. His footwork is atrocious and he punches off the wrong foot most of the time, but he is relentless and is effective. He just marches across the ring throwing punches and doesn’t give his opponent any room to breathe. He’s pulled a couple of upsets so far. I’d like to see him in against a higher level of competition as well.

    Decent but not great matches. Saucedo vs Barboza probably the only quality matchup, but hey, it’s not PPV.

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