Kownacki talks Wilder, Big Baby, Joshua and more

By Przemek Garczarczyk

Photo: Ed Diller/PBC

Undefeated and always entertaining heavyweight title contender Adam “Babyface” Kownacki (19-0, 15 KO) talks with Fightnews.com about his championship hopes, possible return to the ring in June, about fighting Dillian Whyte in the UK, helping prepare his friend Jarrell Miller for Anthony Joshua…and his UFC connection.

A week after your spectacular performance against Gerald Washington, you’ve decided to get some R&R with your wife Justyna. Are you switching off the phone and going away?

I usually don’t write to people that it’s my time off. Justyna gives me this look when I’m on the phone too much when we’re together. It works! Also, fans understand that we are all normal people and need some time off and privacy.

You told me before that when something is going on, you meet with your manager Keith Connolly, almost every day. Is something going on already?

This works really well because he works very close to where I live. We can meet for coffee or lunch whenever we want, without special arrangements. Fans want to know what’s next a minute after the previous fight…but this is boxing. What I can say is, that I don’t want to sit on my ass for the next 6-7 months, just waiting for Deontay Wilder. It’s a great fight I really, really want it and deserve it but I know that Deontay has his own obligations, a rematch with Tyson Fury and all that. Even if he would lose to Tyson – it’s a still great fight for me. The plan, for now, is to be back in June. Not sure where and against whom, but June is the plan. I plan to get better before the championship fight, which I hope will happen this year.

Dillian Whyte wants a piece of you. Supposedly.

No problem. But let’s NOT do hypothetical fights – make real ones. Contact Keith with an offer, if we like it, it’s ON. In the States or in UK – it doesn’t matter to me. I will be ready.

More and more fans – and boxing writers – are acknowledging your power. Before the narrative was about how many punches you throw – now it’s about how hard you hit.

We are working on that, both during strength training and in the ring. We have a special program, special training and I’m already getting text messages from my team reminding me that I have to stay on course, work on that.

Anticipating Jarrell Miller versus Anthony Joshua, will you help your friend Big Baby prepare for the WBA/WBO/IBF champ although your styles are so much different?

Of course, because I can make Big Baby work hard during sparring. No BS time – punches are flying, he will be tired and know he worked hard, getting better. Big Baby can always count on me. Joshua fight? Jarrell moves really well, people underestimate that when fighting him.

What’s next?

I have a ‘Tour de Poland’ in mind. Leaving in a couple of days for two weeks. I’ll be in some big Polish cities and, of course, visit my family in Łomża. I will also use this trip, being in Europe, to be in Prague for UFC Fight Night 145. A very good friend of mine, Gian Villante, is battling Polish fighter Michał Oleksiejczuk on the card. I have to support my buddy, no matter what. I like MMA a lot…but no worries, I’m staying in the ring, the octagon is safe.

Funny story: I was in Australia, also supporting Gian at a UFC event, and I met Joanna Jędrzejczyk (female MMA star) in the elevator. I say “Hey Joanna!” in Polish and she was shocked. What is this Polish guy, who is not in my team, doing Down Under?

Also, my trainer Keith Trimble will be there, so happy to be part of this show as a regular fan, not an athlete. The main event is also with a Polish fighter, the great Jan Błachowicz, so it sounds like a fun night in a beautiful city. After this trip – back to work.

Important: all the best to my fans, wherever in the world you are – thanks for supporting me!

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