Kingry-Duarte Weights from Houston

Kingry Duarte Wi
Photo: Golden Boy Promotions

After a sudden shift to a catch weight, both Ryan Garcia and Oscar Duarte weighed in for their clash Saturday night in Houston. The bout was scheduled for 140lbs as of yesterday.

Ryan Garcia 142.8 vs. Oscar Duarte 143
Floyd Schofield 135 vs. Ricardo Lopez 134.2
Shane Mosley Jr. 159.4 vs. Joshua Conley 163.6
Darius Fulghum 167.6 vs. Pachino Hill 170

Venue: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Promoter: Golden Boy

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  • Cmon Duarte you can do it homes!!!!

    Duarte a from my town but regardless this I think he can upset Ryan

    Duarte is a very strong 135 but I’m skeptical how he will perform at 140

    Ryan looked good as well at 140

    Duarte by one point if he don’t get robbed

          • Chihuahua, Delicia, y Parral van a sentir el trueno cuando García encienda a Duarte con un contra gancho y para la lona sin parar.

        • yes he does, he replys to his own baised comments and pats his self on the back, look Carlos we repect all boxing fans but you seen to have an agenda when it favors fighter from your same background. You have come as far as to calling Benavidez not a tru Mexican when fighting other Mexicans, However you jumped all over Benavidez mexican genes when he beat andrade. LMAO, you Sir are a groupi and jock ryder. I know your proud but it makes us other Mexicans look bad cuz weather you like it or not other fans see us all the same cuz of people like you. For the record I am going to lean towards a Mexican backround that is similat to mine but it’s not the end all. Example Canelo vs Benavides, Zepeda vs Tank, my hert is with the Mex-fighters but my wallet is with Tank, Benavidez and more recently matias.They are the better fighters and should win these matchups.

          • Yea I support Duarte from my heart but I’m concious Ryan might win by decicion

            2) I don’t care if Mexican or black I critize or support whoever I think deserve it

            3)yes I said I did not consider Benavides Mexican because he is not full Mexican but after he brought the Mexican flag and his nickname we is Mexican monster I just took as a Mexican instead as a Ecuadorian , actually his boxing style is Mexican

          • Excactly my point, who cares my man. But you seem to take every chance you get to compare your precived Mexican Amer boxers as superior to boxers born in Mx. Not that it matters in your world. And you Sir claim with every ounce of your bone tha thses guys are not Mexican. And btw neither is Ryan. Enjoy these two gem of fights. They are going to be great!

          • Besides I also think Duarte has chances to win the fight
            Regardless he is from my town

        • twiter fingers at his absolute best. My man you are a top notch prosprect. for the record i feel you had it inyou

        • Colson, I think Carlos he just can’t put into words what he wants to post and his post are grammatical nightmares. He tries and some of what he say don’t come across as intelligent conversation. It hard when you think in one language and express your self in a different one. Practice and practice some more. Trust me I know, my first spoken toung is also Spanish it’s hard.

          • Yes I don’t speak fluid English but the reason of my bad grammar is that 99% of the time I text or type here I’m driving and sometimes I don’t remember exactly the words that I want to express so I just type here quickly and later I realize that I did wrong or at least not in the way that I wanted to

    • Under normal circumstances, the minimum difference is 2 points.
      12 rounds = 7 vs 5 = 115 vs 113
      10 rounds = 6 vs 4 = 96 vs 94

      • Yea I know this,…but when I say by one point is a way to say by the minimum diference in one , two or all the judges

        • Don’t worry you are right in that a fighter can win by 1 point. Heck, 20 years ago there was a conference with boxing judges urging them to do more 10-10 rounds when round were close enough where neither fighter distinguished themselves enough to call the round theirs. Unfortunately, it seems that conference training was not heeded. This is why what appears to be a close fight can have wildly lopsided scores as many old school judges continue to give the champ or favored fighter every close round.

  • This is going to be a war!!!! I get the feeling a potential fight of the year candidate. Duarte is going to bring it. He has an actor and Oscar pulling for him. Ryan want to beats Duarte which is equivalent to beating Oscar as well.

  • 160 is a wasteland at the moment. I’m thinking if Mosley can get maybe one or two more wins (including this one), he might have a pretty good chance at getting a title shot. Certainly wouldn’t pick him to win it against any of the champions now, but he’s sitting on four top ten rankings and that division is pretty barren of big names.

  • Duarte might go 5. I watched a couple of his fights and he throws the same combo body, head, body-body, head over and over when up close after leading in with his head. Around the 4th round, if not sooner, when he’s firing his combo, he will be caught with a counter hook as Garcia half-steps to his left. BAM!!! right on the kisser. Lights out. Good night. May e next Saturday will be a good one for Charlie Hometown.

  • >