Cintron wants rematch with Sergio Martinez

Former two-time world welterweight champion Kermit Cintron (39-6, 30 KOs) would like to let former world middleweight champion Sergio Martinez know that if he were to come back, it should be against him.

After recent reports that Martinez will end his retirement, Cintron is adamant that a rematch of the two world champions is inevitable.

On February 14, 2009, Cintron and Martinez fought to a disputed draw in Sunrise, Florida, and Cintron says now is the time for the two to settle the score.

“I see that he is coming back, and I want the opportunity to face him. We have some unfinished business from our fight in 2009, and this is the time to do it. There were various opinions on that fight. If the fight needs to be in Spain, Argentina or wherever, my Passport is up-to-date, and I am willing to travel,” said Cintron.

“This is a no brainer fight for the promoters, but it is up to Sergio. I am sure he would like to avenge the draw, so let’s make it happen.”

Said Marshall Kauffman of King’s Promotions, “This would be a great fight. It’s two former world champions looking for that one last shot at something significant. The winner would have that. I will reach out to his representatives, and try to make this fight happen.”

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  • Kermit Cintron had good technical skills as a fighter during his prime. Some people complained he was one dimensional and would be boring to watch fight. I disagree. Cintron’s jab and right cross was sound as a fighter and he often set those punches up with his reach and lateral movement. Overall, Cintron had his moments as a fighter and props to him for his accomplished career.

  • I’ve seen Cintron fight in the Philly area and was always a fan of. I do believe Margarito and his loaded gloves damaged Kermit’s career sadly. I think a Cintron-Martinez rematch would be a perfect matchup both for Kermit & Sergio at this stage of their careers/age/etc. If seeing either of them fight, this would be the best to see.

  • What for? He was knocked out (counted out) then cried until the ref turned the knockdown into a foul, then was outboxed and got a rematch. This time around the ref may not fall for his tactics…

  • Just what boxing needs a 40 year old vs a 45 year old probably be a ppv no wonder the boxing game is a shell of it once was

  • “Disputed draw”? I’ll say. Martinez basically won the fight twice.

  • I saw the fight and you are correct. What a joke.
    Cintron also fell out of the ring in another fight to get out of it…..might have been with Hopkins, not sure.

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