Joshua-Whyte canceled after failed drug test

Today, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) informed Matchroom, the Association of Boxing Commissions, and the British Boxing Board of Control that Dillian Whyte had returned adverse analytical findings as part of a random anti-doping protocol. In light of this news, the fight will be cancelled, and a full investigation will be conducted.

Matchroom is looking for a new opponent for Joshua.

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    • No one, AJ’s manager said AJ will never fight a replacement ever again after the Ruiz fight, makes sense to me.

  • I guess Whyte was going all in to get a shock win and another big payday if he did. Now he may never see a big payday again.

  • He had been caught once before, and was banned for 2 years. I guess this might be the end?

  • They should keep the event on, I would suggest We Ajaba as Whytes replacement.
    Good match up for both Anthony and Efe
    Anthony gets an up and coming HW that maybe barely in the top 10 HW list and for Efe an opportunity to put his skill to test against a fading top HW

    • That actually isn’t a bad idea. Ajagba is scheduled to fight just two weeks later, so he should be in shape and he isn’t the main event on that card, so they could make it happen without ruining it. I don’t think it happens though.

    • Great save and an excellent suggestion. How do we make this happen. Makes perfect sense.

  • I understand the Democrats are going to pin Whyte’s failed drug test on President Trump. That makes sense, since THE DEMS & Whyte are all Candy Ass Cheating Punks.

    I also understand that Al Sharpton thinks this is racist, and is working with BLM & Antifa for a protest. Cry Baby Punks. Whyte is one too.

    FK THAT SHIT. Whyte is guilty. Suspend him & then, lock him up. Punish the FK out of Whyte. Send a message.

    Anyone who cheats is a punk.

    • Wow. Those first two paragraphs are pretty out there.

      Please try to focus and stick to the topic, which is boxing.

      • Another one. It’s either politics or severe TDR. Fisticuffs, scraps, slugfests, mano a mano, brawls, fights and of course boxing is what we are here for. We don’t have time for robots, parrots, sheeple or anyone suffering with mass formation psychosis.

    • What in the world? Where am I? I must be in the wrong forum. My apologies guys, I thought I was at a boxing chat. By the way, Lithium is available at all pharmacies again, but for a short time only.

  • Whyte is an idiot and now – with no fight – he will get no money. But wait, I’m sure he will blame this on someone or something else. Maybe the tests are race-biased? Pity about the fight because I was hoping for AJ to knock Whyte into retirement!!!

  • Geez, again Whyte? Dillian’s career was over anyways so the boxing emperors need to send him off into retirement with a lifetime ban for his second dirty pop. Nobody cared about this fight anyway, and it meant no significance to the heavyweight division in 2023.

  • Filip Hrgović would be my pick-he’s on the undercard anyway.
    Please not Chisora!

    • That would be my choice too. It would suck for McKean, though. He’s been working for that fight. Maybe move Hrgovic up, and Chisora for McKean?

    • I’m sure AJ would be fine with that if he got to wear a helmet to protect his brain stem. The reason many fighters are afraid to fight Hrgovic is because they’ve seen too many intentional punches aimed at the base of the skull of his opponents.

      • Hrgovic would likely be itching for that fight. Instant credibility against a guy who hasn’t looked all that great recently. Honestly, I’d take Hrgovic in that hypothetical.

  • I bet it be jeramine franklin again joshua vs franklin 2 only fought recently without too much damage

  • I had no interest in this matchup. Joshua has already beaten Whyte, so it says a great deal about his decline that he would choose to fight Whyte again for a predictable win versus testing himself against Wilder or Fury. Joshua looking more and more like a has-been. Whyte, knowing that he’s nothing but a contender and a fighting cave man, had no chance of beating even a declining Joshua. So he cheats, to give himself a chance. Pretty pathetic. He needs to retire. Joshua too.

  • “adverse analytical findings”. Hmm. Could be anything suspicious, but no detail given. This one might just go forward as planned. Either way, it’s just a payday for both. It’s not like AJ wasn’t juicing for most if not all of his career, especially during his first pro fight with Whyte.

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