Jose Benavidez Sr Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman® caught up with Jose Benavidez Sr, father and trainer to Jose Benavidez Jr and the “Mexican Monster” David Benavidez. Benavidez Sr talked about David being nixed out of the Canelo 168lb sweepstakes with Canelo leaving the PBC to head back to DAZN where he reportedly will face Jaime Mungia and Edgar Berlanga in May and September. Benavidez Sr also shared his thoughts on David’s next fight at 175lbs vs former champ Oleksandr Gvozdyk with the potential to face the winner of Bivol-Beterbiev and much more in this exclusive interview.

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  • The benavidez vs gvozdyk fight is a consolation prize for benavides by the wbc for being cheated out of a canelo fight by the wbc and canelo.
    I wonder what “weight clause , handicap and/or $cript ” , Mungia had to agree with to get the canelo “fight “.

  • When it came to Benavidez Canelo said he wasn’t willing to fight other Mexicans BUT he just happens to be fighting Jaime Munguia who happens to be Mexican. I’m a Canelo who can also call him out. For those who are unwilling to call him out, how are you to explain this? If it talks like a duck and moves like a duck its a duck.

  • Once Canelo decided to bolt from PBC I knew there’d be ZERO chance of him fighting Benavidez! How disgraceful of Canelo not to give boxing fans the privilege of seeing that fight!! I’m officially banning any/all Canelo fights in my household! Trust me, he clearly doesn’t need my money and all don’t need to consume his product. Glad I got that off my chest!!!!

  • Canelo not fighting Benavidez is not defensible. The only way he fights Benavidez is if this fight with Mungia sells poorly. Good on Benavidez not waiting around for Canelo. Gvozdyk is a very good fighter but I bet Benavidez will be too much. At 75, he’ll be stronger and grind Gvozdyk down late.

  • If Benavidez beats Gvozdyk and then the winner between Beterbiev vs Bivol, he will make a fortune and a great legacy, with his name being remembered as the man that put fear in Saul “canelo” Alvarez

  • Oleksander is no joke, this dude went toe to toe against berteviev taking huge blows and heavy punishment as well, till the tenth! This is supposed to be a walk in the park for benavidez but, this dude can surprice benavidez unnexpectibly! This heavier dudes can take massive punishments, the type benavidez hasn’t faced yet due to fighting dudes 30 pounds lesser than him on fight night! This ishhhht is even now, fighting this top dogs!

    • Your comment make no sense because Benavidez has been fighting opponents on his weight class, or do you think he was 30 pounds heavier than Caleb Plant, Andrade, Dirrell, Lemieux on fight night?
      We can say that to Canelo Alvarez, especially when he fought Josesito Lopez, Shane Mosley, Amir Khan and Charo

  • so much for the “face of boxing” ; more like the “farce of boxing ” or the “duck of boxing “

  • Not to be rude, but Yellow Canelo is carrying himself like a lipstick wearing, Candy Ass Bitch. A PUNK!!!

    That is not what a champion is supposed to do. And I hope it takes this punk 40 years to get into the IBHOF.

  • Benavidez Sr. said they get offended if he comments, so he will bring them a dozen roses during negotiation.
    This is telling us, that team Canelo think, they are royalty.

  • Benavidez is kind of in a NO WIN situation.
    The big money would have been the fight with Canelo, obviously
    BUT, if he beats Gvozdyk at 175 it only proves that he had no business starving himself to beat up on the much smaller Canelo.
    I think he will lose to Gvozdyk, but even if he beats him, Beterbiev will crush him. He won’t make a fraction of the money he would have made against Canelo.
    Canelo & Benavidez are basically opposites.
    Canelo has moved UP in weight & consistently fought BIGGER opponents.
    Benavidez’ entire professional career has been about him, going DOWN in weight & clobbering much smaller guys.
    Don’t get me wrong, he is undoubtedly a tough & formidable slugger. He’s got tremendous mental toughness, just the fact that he has been able to lose that much weight to fight at such a low weight division for this many years proves that.

  • Canelo is afraid of Benavides. He has duck him for three years. Why isn’t that fight mandatory

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