Jermell Charlo vacates IBF 154lb title

IBF Statement: The IBF received notice from IBF Jr. middleweight champion Jermell Charlo considerately advising of his decision to vacate his IBF title. In a letter to IBF President Daryl Peoples, he expressed his gratitude to the IBF. Charlo noted his upcoming IBF mandatory obligation and the timing being an issue for him at the present moment in his career. He concluded the letter by respectfully relinquishing his title.

The IBF ordered a purse bid for the mandatory defense of the IBF jr. middleweight title between Jermell Charlo and Bakhram Murtazaliev to take place today, November 21, 2023. The IBF will now order #1 contender Murtazaliev to negotiate with the next leading available contender which is to be determined.

The IBF wishes Jermell Charlo well in his future endeavors.

Ex-champ Tevin Farmer returns Dec 1
Omar Trinidad returns Jan 27

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  • shocking.. lol ..
    Charlo made far tooo much money,
    for doing Not much against Canelo..
    would like to have seem him in with Tszyu
    will probably see Charlo in 2025 or 2026
    i would be surprised if anyone cares what he does going forward

      • damn according to you Canelo likes soft fighters and he seems to be the Only champion taking risk and fighting other champions so what is everybody else doing fighting silk wanna bes

  • Everyone wants to be undisputed but then they want to chase money. No one wants to sit there and grind out mandatories. More power to you, but you don’t get to hold up an entire division while you do it. Inoue did it right. Get there and then get out of the way – before the end of the year, there’re four new bantamweight champions, including his brother and the division can do actual business.

    Charlo should let the other two go: Conwell – Bohachuk would be the WBC and Madrimov – Kurbanov for the WBA. Those are good fights!

  • Both Charlo brothers haven’t done much in the last couple years apart from talking shit. They are 33 so not much time left. How a Middleweight champ holds onto the title for 2yrs without defending and comes back with a 10rd non title fight is beyond me. Mental health issues aside, I suppose they let him keep it because the other Middleweights are trash

  • I believe Jermell tested the waters at 168lb for his brother. A hypothetical scenario would be Jermall moves up to 168 and Jermell moves up to 160.
    Remember Jermell went 12 rounds with Canelo , Jermall would of learnt from that .
    Just a thought.

  • Here’s an idea that completely outrageous! Only Have one belt; one champion per weight class. Absurd idea, hey.

    • It sounds nice, Poppy but I don’t know how realistic it is anymore. You have a lot of guys (like Charlo) who only fight once a year and if you end up with a sole champion in a division like that, you’re either going to have a very stagnant division or you’re going to end up stripping them and then having another champion despite the fact that the first guy never lost his title in the ring.

      • It worked well for many years. Also with eight divisions everybody knew who the champions were. Ring Magazine listed top ten rankings in each weight class so most fans also knew the contenders. Too many organizations and champions for most fans to care about led to boxing no longer being mainstream sport.

        • That’s fine, Michael but we don’t have a time machine and can you imagine doing that again now. You’d literally have to have either three of the big organizations just go away or you’d have to have them all come together as one. Do you think that there is any chance in the world that would happen? I mean REALLY.

          • At least you’ll only have one corrupt organisation instead of four…….like the old days !

          • You actually hit on something Lucie. A few of these opportunistic organizations SHOULD go away/be dissolved. As a boxing fan I hate to say it, but there is something to be said about a sport, namely boxing, that is arguably unregulated and mostly controlled or governed by offshore entities.

  • Actually, from a fight fan perspective, I don’t mind multiple belts because it gives more fighters chances at titles, and unification fights bring more excitement. Think about how many old time fighters never got a shot at the title because they were black or were not connected to the mob, or some other obscure reason. I don’t like some of the business shenanigans that come with multiple belts.

    • More chances at multiple titles means less meaning for each title. Most sports fans today couldn’t tell you who the heavyweight champion is.

  • The best 154 lb prospect in the world, Charles Conwell, can’t even get a fight, so let’s hope stripping Charlo will change that. Conwell had the misfortune of killing a man in the ring, so he’s been avoided like the plague.

  • This is how scared and terrified this snowflake is of Tim Tszyu. I mean we all know that and the world knows it. He will never have the balls and guts to step into the same ring as Tim Tszyu.

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