Jake Paul: I question everything about the Fury family

YouTube boxer Jake “The Problem Child” Paul met with members of the media Monday to react to the news that he will now face former MMA world champion Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley in a rematch of their August clash won by Paul after professional boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury withdrew from their December 18 matchup due to an undisclosed medical issue.

Jake Paul: “I got the news early Friday morning. My manager Nakisa had already spoken to Tyron, who was willing to step up. I believe later that evening or the next day we already had the contract signed from Tyron.

“I definitely respect Tyron for stepping in. He has balls. Tyron deserves a lot of credit for stepping in here. But I’ve made a ton of adjustments and he’s going to be fighting a different person December 18. I’m excited to show him and the world that.

“I question everything about the Fury family. This kid is 22, right? You throw a 22-year-old in who has never accomplished anything himself. The only reason he’s anything is because of his brother. He’s had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole entire life. He’s gotten fame because of his brother. He’s never actually had a real opponent. He’s only ever been put in with people who were meant to lose. When you throw in that, you throw in the fact that you’re fighting me – I’m a scary guy to fight – the smack talk, the pressure, all of this, I think he cracked and tried to find a way out. I truly believe that in the deepest bones of my body.

“There’s been this rumor going around about a no knockout clause in my contracts, which someone started and everyone else ran with. People are like sheep. They just believe anything they read or see. That’s been a rumor that is completely untrue. I’d be in jail for rigging fights. It’s illegal. We just wanted to squash that rumor right away. From now on, we will be giving bonuses to my opponents if they can knock me out because we want to incentivize them and prove to the media and the world that all of these rumors aren’t true.

“The smart ones that did look into the rumor about drug testing saw that there is drug testing for this fight. The Florida State Athletic Commission is drug testing me and Tommy multiple times. There was never a denial on my end of doing any sort of drug test.

“Him pulling out of the fight does give me hesitation to fight him in the future. It really does. He didn’t show up to the press conference. Then he pulled out of the fight. He’s done a terrible job at promoting the fight that we had. He posted on social media once every other week. He’s not as hyped as everyone thought. I’m pissed off now. I don’t like them. I don’t like anything to do with that family. I don’t really see a reason to come back next year and give him that big of an opportunity and that big of a payday. It would almost be more fun and more satisfying for me to just leave him in the dust and make him fight until he’s 25-0, if he gets that far, to get the same payday that he was getting in his eighth fight.”

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  • Jake “The Fake” Paul simply talking smack to elevate his pseudo-ego for boxing. As mentioned, the circus is coming back into town! Dont miss the clown side show, the pony rides, and the main event; scripted-stuffed pillow fights!

    • True-don’t believe they arrest professional wrestlers for their scripted fights.

      • Wrestling bills itself as “sports entertainment”. It is not governed by any sporting agency. Corrupt as boxing is, it purports to be a genuine honest contest and it is governed by boxing commissions.

    • You are wrong the loser in this case is the Fury family, the whole boxing community; J Paul has nothing to do with it..
      I don’t care about his YT channel but being in boxing for 25 years + i can recognize a fighter when i see one and Jake Paul is a fighter and he would’ve knock the shit out of the reality TV star Fury who isn’t a fighter (i’m a fan of his half brother)..

      • Regis, I personally think the whole event is rather a circus show with everyone involved. Everyone has personal interests in entertainment. Yes, I am part of the boxing community, but I have no interests in supporting such antics like this event. You state you can recognize a fighter when you see one, but I can tell you I can recognize a circus show when I see one. Have a good day today. 🙂

  • I’d rather listen to Jake than Mayweather. If I was Jake, I wouldn’t give Tommy another shot either. More deserving people out there to give a payday to. This was a chance for Tommy to get payday and see if he should continue his boxing career. I mean you lose to Jake, you should quit and look for another job.

  • I’m never sure if this Paul character is is yapping with a wink and a nod but he is making some valid points about Fury. Always a shame when you waste the time of a multi millionaire.

  • Little tommy and old man fury spouted a lot of vitriol in the lead up ‘knocked spark out’ ‘never fought a real fighter like little Timmy’ – and now pull out without a reason ! Hahahha you’re a Fighting Man then Tommy?

  • Jake Paul you are a fraud,and a wanker…. hopefully there is no “can’t knock me out” clause in the contract so that Tyron can knock the shit out of you,you big fairy !!!!

    • Tommy is a shame and a wanker and you an idiot by saying that.. Everyone disagrees with you..

  • I can’t disagree with him, little Fury is a black eye to our community and he puts a shame on the whole pro boxing game.. Being affraid of a Youtuber, i would fight Jake Paul for 10000 bucks at 44 ! Would be ko’ed for sure but would do it anyway ! Coward Fury is a shame to all the Gypsy community too..

  • But who has Fury fought? He’s been in with “has beens” and absolute nobodies. He gets a chance to fight and he “pulls out”. Paul is right when he says the Fury family are an embarrassment.

  • The Fury’s have said in the past that they are fighting men and would take a fight no matter what injury they had. Tyson and John publicly slated David Haye for night fighting with a cut he picked up in sparring. They are full of sh1t.

  • Fury is likely hearing the commentator from Rocky 4 line “what started out as a joke has turned into a nightmare”

  • The real losers here are the folks that pay their hard earned (in some cases) loot to see this bullshit. They’d have to pay me a nice payday to even watch it. That said, I admit I’m an old boxing purist, and the state of boxing nowdays ain’t a whole helluva lot better than the whole Paul/Woodley farce.

  • I’m really not sure if Tommy Furry even qualifies, but I was curious to see how Paul would fare against an actual boxer. Since this fight was announced, I learned a little bit about Fury, and that is, he’s worse than I thought. After this cancellation, I’ve learned more than I care to. He sounds like a complete fraud and sham. The same could be said of Paul, but at least he shows up and backs his talk up. I can’t believe I’m even interested at all in this charade, but I kinda am, as is everybody who’s posted or reading these posts. Jake Paul should fight his trainer BJ Flores instead of Woodley. It’s a win win for Flores; he would be getting paid to both train and kick Paul’s ass! He’s a retired fighter in his 40’s, just how Paul likes ’em! Only difference is, Flores has a wealth of boxing experience and still probably has enough in the tank to make very easy work of Paul. I highly doubt it will ever happen, but you never know in carnival land!

  • Has anyone even considered Tommy may be injured? It’s a fight dummys’..Same keyboard idiots

  • >