Interview Vietnam promoter Jenny Do

Jenny DoThe last year or so has seen a major resurgence with women in boxing. This has not been limited to just women fighters. Jenny Do (Shadow Entertainment), for example, is quietly but rapidly building something special in Vietnam with her events.® spoke with Do on the future of boxing in Vietnam.

How did you get involved in professional boxing?

To start with, I have always been a boxing fan and used to watch a great deal of boxing shows. When I started training in boxing, I had the chance to meet quite a few boxers and looked at boxing from their points of view. I realized that boxing is beyond just fighting. I could see the boxers’ passions for the sport and sacrifices to pursue their dreams. However, there was a lack of professional events for them to compete. Hence, I thought I could help them out by promoting events. It still goes on from there and I still see myself with the same goal. I am still trying to help people out.

How do you feel about being a part of professional boxing at a time when women’s boxing is having a major resurgence over the last year?

The resurgence of women’s boxing is a positive development for the sport. Women’s boxing has been gaining more attention and recognition in recent years and it’s great to see more opportunities for female boxers to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. It’s important to continue to support and promote women’s boxing and to ensure that female boxers have the same opportunities and resources as their male counterparts. Personally, I feel proud to be a part of the development of Vietnam’s professional boxing in particular and the professional boxing industry in general.

How many events are you planning to have this year?

Our 2023 calendar is off to an exciting start with the upcoming triple WBA Asia championship event in our Boxing series called LEAD on March 25th. And we surely hope to bring more exciting and bigger events to Boxing fans in Vietnam.

How do you see the future of Vietnam boxing with the current amateur boxing program and the current top professional boxers of the country?

Vietnam is a small country of more than 100 million people and with the current amateur boxing program, Vietnam is producing a great number of high-quality boxers. One thing that really makes Vietnamese boxers stand out is how tough the boxers are. I am not only talking about the physical toughness but also about their hearts, and not being afraid at all about fighting high level professional boxers. Boxing is a mental sport as much as it is a physical sport and these traits by the Vietnamese boxers show bright hope for the future of professional boxing in Vietnam and I am sure that they very soon Will make a statement to the world.

Do you feel having a world champion would increase local support for boxing in Vietnam?

Definitely. Having a Vietnamese world champion is our dream. With the foundation we have created, in the past few years, more and more local young boxers want to compete in professional boxing. Some have already achieved international titles from major sanctioning organizations. We could see clearly the rise of support from fans as well as growth in terms of investment in the sport.

Is your promotion interested in teaming up with other major international promoters for events or co-promoting your best fighters?

We are open for collaborations and keen on joining forces with international promoters to give fighting opportunities to more boxers as well as bringing more high-level match-ups to Vietnam.

If given the opportunity could your promotion host a world title fight locally?

It’s our goal to host such an event. We have fantastic crowds and fans who love watching world-level pro boxing here in Vietnam.

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