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  • Holyfied always had the favor of the audience because he is acting like a gentleman. But the truth is that Holyfield is steroid cheating during all his career.

    • name one athlete from the 90s that didnt, go ahead we can all wait…………………..

      • larry holmes, lennox lewis, riddick bowe, bernard hopkins pernell whitaker tommy hearns naseem hamed, buster douglas hector camacho diego corrales

        is that enough?

    • holyfield had tons of heart, yes he was an ultimate cheater but I believe regardless of steroid abuse he was a hall of famer

  • Holyfield has accomplished so much as a prize fighter thru the years. Props to him for providing us with some good entertainment taking on some great fighters like Tyson, Bowe, Lewis, etc. The one fight that sticks out in my mind that was a wild card was Holyfield vs. Toney. Toney was plump and looked inferior to Holyfield by looking at them physically in the ring. Both men saw better days as fighters at this time. However, Toney being the master counter puncher he was, put on a boxing clinic to beat Holyfield. Entertaining fight to watch at least for me!

  • Holyfield was always a gentleman outside the ring BUT his style of fighting was crappy! If he felt pressure and started getting frustrated, better believe ur getting a headbutt or 10. That really did suck and change the dynamics of a fight. Not sure if uve ever been headbutt in a fight. I have and it changed the whole outcome unfortunately. Thats my only complaint against this dude.

  • I was never moved by Holyfield’s fights. He was workmanlike and prevailed in many bouts, but I would step over a hundred Holyfield fights just to see Mike Tyson fight just one time. Mike Tyson is a compelling figure, both as a man, a human being, an athlete, and a fighter. I have thoroughly enjoyed Tyson’s development and journey since he retired, and his exhibition was incredibly gratifying to see.

    So what the hell is Holyfield doing here? He has two wins over Mike, so I suppose he feels that if Tyson can make $10M fighting exhibitions, he should be able to as well? The problem for Holyfield is that nobody is interested in him unless he is tied to Mike Tyson. He is screaming for attention now, calling out Mike, doing interviews. He’s pumping up the hype machine, something he never did before in his career. He feels like a leech. He reminds me of that jealous sibling who will do anything to outshine and diminish their sibling, and can’t stand to see their sibling be successful.

    Sure, it’s Holyfield’s perogative to pursue a living any way he knows how, but I have absolutely no interest in him standing alone. I’m far more interested in what Mike Tyson does, and the only question is whether deep down Mike has the burning desire to get Holyfield back in the ring to avenge his losses to him. I’m sure Holyfield is counting on this, since I suspect he needs the money. Maybe Holyfield needs to prove to himself that he can beat Tyson without taking steroids and cheating, but I suspect money is the motivating factor for him. It will be interesting to see what Mike decides to do going forward.

    • Tyson fought mostly bums and couldn’t get Bonecrusher Smith, Tony Tucker, or Mitch Green out of there. The ultimate hype machine. NEVER beat a top heavyweight anywhere near their prime. Abused by Holyfield and Lewis and quit against Holy the second time. Never avenged a loss. Holyfield was an absolute warrior. How about these Holyfield fights, Quai 1, 2, Bowe 1,2,3, Dokes, Mercer, Lewis 2, Moorer 2, Cooper. His resume destroys Tyson’s. And he threw Mike 2 beatings. Btw if you don’t think Tyson is on a testosterone replacement program right now aka roids you need to look again.

      • What you are saying is bullshit. Prime Tyson would have been too fast and too strong for a then smaller holyfield. Tyson was way ahead of his time in terms of skill. That was before he left Rooney

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