IBF strips Canelo; Oscar: An insult to boxing

Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy, has issued the following statement in response to the International Boxing Federation’s decision to strip middleweight world champion Canelo Alvarez:

“We are extremely disappointed at the IBF for forcing the world’s best fighter to relinquish his world title. We have been in serious negotiations with Sergiy Derevyanchenko’s promoter. We offered his team an unprecedented amount of money for a fighter of his limited stature and limited popularity, but the truth is that I’m now certain they never had any intention of making a deal. But instead they wanted to force us to relinquish Canelo’s belt. This is an insult to boxing and more importantly an insult to the boxing fans of the world. This decision validates already existing concerns about the credibility of the IBF championship. Canelo inherited a mandatory challenger by defeating Daniel Jacobs, the man who beat Derevyanchenko, so to strip him of his title without giving him enough time to make the best fight possible is truly what is wrong with boxing, and I plan to aggressively consider all legal actions possible.”

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  • I think this is a brave move by the IBF and the fighter. To me it signifies that they’re not going to played regardless of how big a star Canelo is and how much money is on offer.
    Canelo had the Sept date pencilled in and then cancelled citing lack of big opponent or something along those lines. Surely that’s the time to take on the mandatory? If there was an injury issue or a unification (which I believe the IBF would have allowed) then fair enough.
    Fair play to Derevyanchenko for not being bought out here.

    Also , (and maybe I’m wrong here) weren’t the IBF the second most recent of the 4 GBs to be formed?
    Just looking at the champs it seems that the IBF and WBO are the only ones who are adhering to one beltholder per division.

    • Brave for turning down the biggest payday of his life? Brave for turning down the opportunity to beat the biggest name in boxing? I’m not sure what is so brave about that or how it will ever benefit him??? I doubt he will ever get an opportunity like this again. Pretty damn stupid to think he made the right choice in not fighting Canelo.

      • Bluefever1 – Of course if it was that straight forward I’d agree with you. However Canelo chased the Kovalev fight for Sept and when Kovalev decided to take his mandatory in Yarde instead Canelo/GB said they couldn’t get a worthwhile name for that date so they cancelled it.
        So if he’s not going to defend against his mandatory when he is in this situation then when would he likely accommodate him? That’s how I see it and maybe that’s how they see it too.

      • Derevyanchenko to fight Canelo,it was Canelo team not Derevyanchenko..lets be mindful canel Got stripped by the WBA for not fighting one of the Charlo Brothers as well,,so DelaHoya is doing this

      • I’m sure there’s more to it than that. Likely the Canelo team made some requests that heavily favored Canelo.

    • Well at least the IBF isn’t afraid to strip. The WBC and WBA would just suspend the offending champion, then create an interim title or two until the champion’s suspension is lifted.

      • Since Don King got associated with boxing it has been nothing short of corrupt other than when Mike Tyson was Champ, boxing has never been the same,I have just started following boxing again 5 yrs back and the same thing is happening that finished boxing off in the late 90’s and now people are starting to watch again someone has to screw it up I’ve been a heavy boxing fan for 45 yrs boxing has came and went and now it seems to be never returning because $ seems to corrupt boxing every time,My money is on UFC

  • I would like to know what Derevyankchenko and his team will have to say about this. No doubt there was a strong reason why the negotiations fell through. Don’t forget, Oscar isn’t a trustworthy person, also, maybe the IBF is a bit honest than the others (WBC doesn’t know this word) and turned down a huge sanctioning fees in order to avoid something extremely corrupt. Who knows?

  • The IBF rules allow for a purse bid if the parties can’t agree. There is no reason the fight couldn’t have been done. Sounds like nonsense from ODH to me.

  • The IBF can’t even figure out their #1 and #2 contenders in half of boxing’s divisions. That’s some rating system!

    • You’ve got it wrong Tom Sherman. The reason #1s and #2s in the IBF rankings are sometimes vacant is because they want to ensure no one moves up to these positions through attrition (waiting idled while active fighters lose). Their rules call for ranked fighters to fight the highest available contender to determine who is No. 1 or No. 2.

  • This time i agree 100% with Oscar; they are taking Canelo’ s belt only to take the sanctionning fees from a fight and fighters canelo would’ve beat without any difficulty… That’s just a shame ! On the other hand i’m disliking the way Oscar and Canelo promote themselves… Take on Gvodzyk, Bivol or Beterbiev then they will be praised by the fans…

  • sounds like DAZN might have had some persuasion when it came to the stripping. GGG will easily win this fight, and will NOW have a belt. Guys, dont u see what is happening, its a buildup to Canello vs GGG 3. canelo already said he wld fight GGG again if he had a belt. Well, he is about to have that belt!!!! im sure DAZN made a sizeable donation for the IBF to adhere to the strip. Money talks, UNFORTUNATELY… so now, there will be NO excuse to make this fight happen IF Canelo can stick to HIS word…

      • lol.. this guy.. ive been in the boxing world probably longer than u’ve been alive. uve prob never even set foot in a ring or cage. ive done both KID.. im 100% confident i know more than you. Fact!

      • I guess it takes one to know one. And to think someone who talks like you actually knows anything about boxing, no wonder boxing is going down hill. It’s the fan like you who insult other fans. So, tell me how you know more about boxing than other fans who post here? And before you post, learn some manners, fuckhead!

      • what is an insult to boxing is that people like de la Hoya have morphed it to entertainment. it is no longer a sport first – it is entertainment; as such people like canela and their exploited ethnicity become a form of entertainment to people who are drawn to it. drawn to it for whatever psychological or emotional deficiency they may have which are timed for real and faux holidays like the cinco de mayo. this coincides with the sale of beer and other items; thus creating a false ecosystem of manipulated emotions while the golden girl goes to the bank. as a former boxing fan – I have simply stopped and those who also feel this charade should also stop the flow of money to what is a modern day circus…..that is the insult.

        • The Chacon-Canelo fiasco was the beginning of the charade…Canelo once a noble warrior has morphed into an entertainer who lip-syncs rather than give the real thing anymore…

  • First the Canelo haters on these posts are laughable. Second the fact the guy is getting stripped for his opponent turning down money is even a bigger joke. Third the fact that IBF would allow a Boo Boo fight if it was in the works before the purse bid but won’t allow it after this dude rejected money shows what a joke they are. It totally contradicts themselves. Canelo should just trash the titles the way Bernard Hopkins did.

    • I can definitely agree with that. Derevyanchenko lost the biggest CHANCE of his life not to mention the biggest payday. these guys get soo butt hurt at “lowball offers” but yet that lowball offer is 7 times more than their highest payday they ever had. grow a pair and jus fight already. Canelo is the superstar and thus gets to control the offering of money. well at least IMO, the Canelo vs GGG 3 can happen and This time i see Canelo ko’ing GGG. well thats IF Derevyanchenko doesnt beat GGG first lol

      • The fan base is the “superstar” who controls the money!

        Unfortunately, today’s fan base is dominated by Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants whose support is largely based on a fighters ethnicity rather than his talent. They’ll support and excuse Canelo regardless.

    • when did Bernard Hopkins TRASH his middleweight titles ??? ooo when jermain taylor BEAT him for ALL 4 titles ….

  • The bottom line is that it is almost impossible to hold all of the belts for any amount of time. Holding two of them is difficult as well. I fear this will never change, but if there is any chance to change it has to come from a superstar saying, “I’m THE Champion, the fans know it and so does everyone in the Sport. Either work with me or lose all credibility.”

    With that said, Canelo and Oscar are two of the biggest perpetrators of the growing silliness. They actually feel Canelo is a real 168 pound Champion.

    I don’t know if a superstar is out there that can evoke change, but I look to the Heavyweights. Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder might be able to unify and then dispose of the titles. Let’s hope somebody does, because even as a die hard fan the current situation is beyond confusing.

    Silver. Gold, regular, super, franchise….HUH?

  • Since Floyd Mayweather’s retirement, Canelo has had the first Saturday in May date and Mexican Liberation day in September as his private PPV dates. GGG, Charlo, Andrande and his mandatory were all available. They waited on Kovalev too long. Kovalev has many options. He is not willing to take the crumbs Oscar is offering. Sorry Oscar you have to look harder for another Rocky Fielding. A fighter with a title in a weight class that Canelo can beat and claim he is a champion in another weight division. Canelo do you want to fight a champion in the 168lb division? Ask Oscar to make a fight with Caleb Plant.

  • I think the insult is Canelo Ducking all the Better Fighters out there to make him self look good against lesser quality fighters. Offer these guys a fight, Bivol, Callum Smith, David Benavidez, GGG or Charlo they would all take the Fight.

  • GBP is an uncaring organisation.I thought Oscar ,would be a fair operater.He has only eyes for Canelo.

  • Glad to see less of Canelo. Hate boxing because of ODH and Canelo. Mayweather started the BS, and now we have another prima-donna. Boxing has become WWE but worse.

  • The IBF definitely has a tainted history but so do ODH and Canelo. Frankly, any time Oscar and Canelo don’t get their way has a positive side to it. They have repeatedly manipulated every aspect of the sport. That manipulation is, of course, in a long tradition of manipulation but that shouldn’t forgive it.

  • First of all Alvarez neve defeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and should go back to super welterweight. He was fortunate not to get a draw with Danny Jacobs. Golden Boy and the Nevada commission have made sure Alvarez didn’t lose all three of those matches. Let’s hope the Golovkin people who have Derevyanchenko and Golovkin the top two contenders fight for the vacant title that Golovkin will win forcing a third match with Alvarez anywhere but in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada. I do agree the IBF’s stripping Alvarez was not fair.

  • So Delaho is very insulted that the IBF stripped Canela? GOOOOOOOD. This DelaHO broadcast that he will make GGG wait a long time to get a shot against Canela. So now after GGG beats whomever he has to beat, and gets the IBF back, Canela can go with Delaho and use his roids and whatever and tell everyone he is a champ. Yeah he’s the champ, the best paid off Judges confirm that. Any wonder why boxing fans have had enough of this circus act?

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