Huni to face Luetele on Nov 4

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Unbeaten Australian heavyweight champion Justis Huni (6-0, 4 KOs) has based himself in the USA under trainer Justin Fortune ahead of his November 4 bout with New Zealand heavyweight Kiki Luetele (8-1-2, 7 KOs) at the Nissan Arena in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Huni will train out of the Fortune Gym in Los Angeles for a month, and also plans to have Fortune in his corner for the showdown with Luetele

“I’ve always idolized Mike Tyson and his style,” Huni told Fox Sports. “Especially that viciousness when he gets into that ring. So my old man and I, we’re now working on getting that style down pat for me. Just the explosiveness. That, and working on the inside with short, sharp punches. Bringing a lot of power.

Fortune, who stands 5’9, competed at heavyweight in the 1990s and fought the likes of Lennox Lewis among others. He was known for his aggressive style, which Huni hopes to incorporate into his arsenal.

“In previous fights, I’ve boxed, stayed long, stayed on the outside. Fought on the inside a little bit here and there, but now I’m looking at how to really fight in close and bring as much power as I can while in there. I think that’s what will catch these bigger guys off guard. My speed and explosiveness are going to surprise a lot of heavyweights.

“Guys like Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, I’m a shorter heavyweight compared to all of them. Which is what Mike Tyson was, too.

“I’m looking to develop more power into my punches. Also some little tricks. Bringing my ring IQ up with tricks Justin has learned throughout his own career by facing and training other world class fighters.”

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    • Across all sports, a superior professional athlete doesn’t always translate into a quality coach and Vice versa.
      Fortune is a decent trainer.

  • Good move – Justis needs to ditch his old man as trainer and get rid of the amateur style if he is to keep on winning. He is a real talent and easily young enough to adapt to a new style.

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