Braekhus, 40, to resume career

Despite consecutive losses to Jessica McCaskill and her 41st birthday looming next week, former undisputed women’s welterweight champion “The First Lady” Cecilia Braekhus is planning to continue her career in the junior middleweight division.

“I’m very excited to compete in the 154lb. division and want to fight all of the world champions,” proclaimed Braekhus, (36-2, 9 KO’s). “I fought for thirteen years as a welterweight with great success and now I’m looking for the biggest fights at 154. Looking at the best fighters at 154, I’d want to face the world champions; Hannah Rankin, Natasha Jonas or Marie-Eve Dicaire, there’s no time to waste and I’d happily fight them anywhere they wish.”

Braekhus, who has been out of action for 18 months, added “The break has given me a chance to reset my career and truly focus on my goal of becoming a world champion at 154 and towards another undisputed status.”

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  • Sounds alright to me. Natasha Jonas is 38 herself and a natural lightweight. Rankin is about to fight Terri Harper, who just moved up to lightweight and MED is 36. She goes to England and fights Jonas or Rankin/Harper, she probably makes pretty good money and… though her best days are clearly gone, I might pick Braekhus in any of those fights actually.

    • I think the first lady came along just a little too early. She went passed her prime just before women’s boxing started to get big again. That said I agree…she can still make some money and be competitive maybe even win. I think she is a class act and I wish her well!!

      • You’re right Pete. Can you imagine if she were in her prime right now? Undisputed welterweight champion and very marketable. She could have been a very big star. Still did very well and, like you said, a delightful person.

        • Her against Shields or Taylor with her in her prime and still undefeated would be huge! She had looks, personality, and ability to be a star. She still has that but her skills have declined I believe. From my recollection she was the last fight on HBO. Too bad she never got there a couple of years earlier. What can I say Lucie….I have a soft spot for the first lady!!! LOL!!!!

          • It’s fair Pete. She’s not the fighter she used to be and she shouldn’t be, she’s 40 now. They’ll surely be trying to unify that division with Jonas versus the winner of Rankin – Harper and then Dicaire will have to fight Mary Spencer, she’s her mandatory – two Canadians, should be a big fight and then have the winners fight each other….. undisputed super welterweight champion first defense against who??? Can you imagine if a then 42 year old Braekhus pulled that off. I doubt she can, but she can definitely make some good money and be in some big fights.

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