IBF champ Golovkin batters and stops Szeremeta

Boxing: Gennadiy Golovkin And Kamil Szeremeta Fight Night
Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

IBF middleweight champion Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin (41-1-1, 35 KOs) scored a one-sided seven round beat down over previously unbeaten mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta (21-1, 5 KOs) on Friday night behind closed doors at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

GGG dropped Szeremeta with a left hook at the end of round one. A GGG overhand right put Szeremeta on the deck again in round two. Szeremeta went down again in round four. A GGG jab put Szeremeta down in round seven. The bout was waved off by referee Telis Assimenios after round seven.

With the win, Golovkin broke his deadlock with Bernard Hopkins for most middleweight title defenses (21).

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  • GGG looked buff and good in a dominating performance. I doubt Canelo wants any part of GGG since he’s already lost twice to GGG but got a gift decision in the 2nd one.

      • agreed. i got it a close but solid win in first to GGG, Canelo just in the second … gotta give credit and keep it real

    • ridiculious. GGG hasn’t EVER beaten Canelo. The first fight WAS a draw and the second was a clear win for Canelo. GTFOH

      • Fight 1 GGG won 10 rounds to 1 with 1 even, total punches landed per round. Fight 2 GGG won 8 rounds to 3 with 1 even. Explain to me how he lost? And dont say he landed more power shots because that difference was no where near the jabs landed difference, not even close. The second fight was close but the first fight was almost a shut out. Look it up.

        • where you one of the thousands who bet big money that GGG was going to KO the smaller Alvarez??? NOT only did he not do it in the first fight in which he was outboxed by Canelo but said he wasnt a real mexican fighter because he was boxing so the smaller fighter said ok and stood right in front of him and made the bigger bad boogey man get out his track shoes and had him backing up the entire second fight so thats 24 rounds GGG had to KO the smaller fighter and yet the only fighter who was rocked was GGG GTFO here with that sore loser crap pay up on your bets and take that L if they have the 3rd fight please bet your life savings on GGG and post it all over the internet so we all can know which dumbass lost everything

          • Canelo really is not the smaller fighter. He killed himself to make jr middle as a 22 year old. Probably can’t make 160 now. GGG still makes middleweight easily at 38 years old. Both fights were very exciting and competitive and they are pretty equally matched at the highest level of the sport. Nothing wrong with a third fight to add some more confusion as to who is the better man. I think they will make this fight at a 164 catchweight if Smith somehow scores the upset tomorrow and 168 if Canelo wins for the belts. Either way I think this trilogy gets made and rightfully so.

          • I am not a GGG fan, and I have been involved with boxing since the 1970s. There is no way that Canelo won the first fight. The second fight was close, but Canelo did not deserve a draw the first fight.

          • I never have money on boxing. Haha Canelo rocked GGG did he? You see Canelos face when he flushed GGG in the 1st fight and nothing happened? Didnt think so. In 24 rounds GGG has won 18 of them according to compubox which counts landed punches. Did you know that? Didnt think so. You have to convincingly beat the champion and Canelo hasnt done that yet.

          • GGG definitely won the first fight. The second fight was closer maybr a draw. No one in their right mind thinks Canelo won the first fight.

          • You really don’t know how to score a fight. Plus in the second fight GGG was NOT coming forward, so even by you’re own logic GGG lost the second fight.

        • It’s not amateur boxing so you don’t score the number of punches landed. Yes power punches DO make a difference. Also WHEN the punches are a landed matters. Let me help you let’s a boxer landed 20 jabs in round 1, the opposing boxer landed 5 good left hooks in the rd. If the 5 left hooks were more impactful the second fight could win the round. Fights are scored by rounds. Fight 1. Canelo to me won rds 1-5 and rd 12. GGG won 6-11. GGG won his rounds bigger but that’s not how boxing is scored. Canelo controlled the second fight and won pretty handily.

  • By the way for those who don’t know why they call him GGG, here you go:) His full name is Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin…

  • Wow Ggg looked great! Awesome Robe too. Let’s see what Canelo does manana…

  • GGG. Aces! He looked like the GGG in his prime tonight. Kudos to the Polish fighter who is one tough mofo!

  • Didn’t see the bout….another weak mandatory. Dont want to watch ggg until he fights a world class foe. Deserved a tune up but thats all I can say

    • Agreed KP: good fight BUT wasnt impressed. This was expected when fighting a decent to mediocre fighter. Poor kid didnt belong in there. Will be more impressed if GGG wasnt all talk and really did move up to challenge a BJS or Callum Smith. That wld be a comple game changer since he usually targets the smaller fighters ie…brook, rolls, rosado, etc

      • Yes, but triple GGG lets his opponents have full camps and then knocks them out without paying them to take a dive like Canelo does. let’s see how Canelo does when he fights a fighter who doesn’t follow a script. Golovkin doesn’t follow his script and the Mexican knows he’s going to go 12 hard rounds and get hurt in the fight, and he doesn’t want to do that anymore.

    • He doesn’t rank the fighter no fighter does the sanctioning bodies do if the say mandatory that’s what you do

      • Absolutely. And whether you agree with their rankings or not they are very transparent. If you are mandatory and remain active/unbeaten in that period you’ll get your shot.
        I think in years to come the IBF and WBO will become the main belts unless WBC/WBA change their attitudes.
        If you look at the belts held from HW down the WBO/IBF have AJ , Briedis , Beterbiev , Plant , BJS , GGG , Andrade , Charlo , Spence Jr , Bud , Taylor , Ramirez , Lopez , so despite the criticism for their weak mandatories they seem to have the best Champions….

      • Roy: i agree with ya. GGG doesnt rank other fighters, but at his age, should he still be chasing belts or making history? He’s so caught up on money and belts that it is hurting his legacy. Dude is almost 40. He shld be knocking off the best like Charlo and BooBoo instead of guys like he jus fought. This is where step-aside money comes in. Step-aside deals have been used for tons of years and will continue to happen as real fighters choose to take on opponents that will cement their legacy while giving the fans what they really want.

  • Not a fan of GGG but he did what he had to and looked alright tonight however against a limited opponent in his mandatory defense.
    Oscar next>? Would be like pretty boy vs Paul.

    • I guess he looked ok. He fought an inexperienced guy with no chin, few skills and no power…so, for ggg, it’s hard to look bad a against a guy like that. but clearly age is showing on ggg. he shoulda put that kid away 3, 4 rounds before he did. the kid could see them looping shots coming and as long as he was able to stay on his feet and mount some kind of offense, he was able to make ggg work and look uncomfortable at times. Dereyevanchenko exposed ggg for what he is now…a top level guy would have ko’d ggg tonight.

  • such total bullshit he did not break Bhops record he lost 2 fights ago lmao its a marketting bullshit now GGG looked good against another unknown fighter with a record of 21-0 with 5 kos really they ranked him nicely for GGG

    • Of course it’s all marketing. DAZN is trying to sell a product which is ggg. Of course they’re gonna overhype everything about him. Real fans know the truth. The ggg hype is, and always was, little more than a media creation that got exposed whenever he stepped up against real talent like canelo, jacobs and even kell brook.

      • So he had some tough fights. Which of the greats didn’t or didn’t lose. Only Marciano and Mayweather. For all the mofo hype Ali is the greatest BS, he lost to Frazier, Holmes, Norton, Berbick, Spinks. GGG fought and was competitive against Canelo twice. Second time though not so much. I think the 3rd fiht he has a 50/50 chance to win.

  • GGG has been running from Demetrius Andrade, now both under DAZN, as part of the deal he won’t have place to hide.
    Another one looking for him is Jermall Charlo.
    Time to stop facing overmatched puffy hands opponents I guess.

    • all the people giving you thumbs down are GGG nuthuggers lol good stuff Mikemiguel i agree

      • Thanks Historian. I just try to be sincere, with no hate or animosity. I like GGG, good boxer and decent person, but he loves mismatches a lot (Proksa, Rosado, Ishida, Osumanu, Rubio, Brook, Martirosyan, Rolls, Szeremeta) and with this type of matchmaking, not matter how good he could be, will keep him away to be considered great at some time in the future. Greats of the game love to put under test their greatness with risky fights, GGG avoid them.

        • you seem to see thru all the superhype BS good job now next to exposed is DLH cash cow superhype Ryan Garcia hes already chinny hope Cambell KOs him early lol

        • He beat who was out there. Canelo picks the weaker opponents like
          kovalev. How long for beterbiev? another 3-4 years when hes shot. He won’t go near him. Or Bivol.

    • ggg will NEVER face any of them guys. Especially now he’s 38 and over the hill. His team will probably continue to pick soft touches like kamil. Guys who won’t threaten real harm to ggg, but can still provide a warm body for the paying fans.

    • I will say about Charlo that there is a video on Youtube. In that video he is at some fight in an area that’s probably near the dressing rooms etc.
      He starts off saying that he’s looking for Jacobs ….. Then guess who comes along the corridor?
      JC looks like he may have laid a brownie. They exchange words etc but for one who was looking for Jacobs he didn’t seem so pleased to find him

    • Mikemiguel: u are right on the money man! People praising GGG like he is the best boxer ever. Of course he looks great when he fights guys with minimum talent but yet runs from Andrade and Charlo. There are very few of us that can see right thru GGG. Hes an opportunist looking for easy wins or big money. Or both IF possible

  • I will always watch a GGG vs Canelo fight. To me for some reason their styles make for a entertaining fight no matter what. Even if Canelo wins a boxing match it will be entertaining and if they’re both in top shape every round will be suspenseful and fun to watch because of their power. I like them matched up.. idc who wins I just know that I get hyped when they fight lol.

  • Personally, I’d like to see GGG against someone else in the MW division other than Canelo. GGG vs Charlo or Andrade. Canelo has gone to Supermiddle anyway, and GGG doesn’t move up in weight. I agree with Shaheed that the first fight was a draw and Canelo won the second fight. If they do a third fight, it would most likely be contested at 168.

  • I won’t be surprised if GGG calls Sergio Martinez after Szeremeta, because Cotto and Mayweather are no longer active fighters.

    • todays fighters all move up in weight to seek new challenges…..except GGG no Andrade,Charlo, or even ped boy Saunders just chasing Canelo so he can get KOd but get a huge payday

  • GGG looks good vs weak opponents as do most fighters. GGG reminded me of JCVD movies “very good, but brick no hit back”. Then GGG fought Canelo and Canelo did more than a lot more. Stood up to big punches and hit back. Both fights could have went either way, they were close but Canelo was a beast. I was good with both decisions and really thought in the second fight, Canelo deserved no less than a draw. Sure I would like to see a third fight but I respect Canelo for moving up and taking big fights. GGG has plenty of 160 opponents to fight and should step up and fight them. Maybe Canelo forces GGG to fight at 168 or maybe 164 which would be a smart move.

  • I’d like to see Charlo against GGG or Canelo rather than seeing GGG-Canelo 3. Charlo is unbeaten, and just dominated one of the toughest guys in the division in Derevyanchenko. Give the guy a chance at a major fight. He’s earned it.

    • He didn’t dominate him moron. He beat him seven rounds to five. What fight were you watching?

  • After the fight Oscar was like- “You guys didn’t think I was serious about fighting GGG did you? haha, gotcha!”

  • GGG looked sharp, the only way to beat him is to be busier, Canelo wasn’. His hardest fight was with Sergiy Derevyanchenko. You can’t let GGG determine the pace, unless you have Adalaide Byrd scoring

  • Glimpses of the old GGG were dancing in my head. Looks like the long layoff is what he needed. New management. Looks as though he has one major war left for Canelo.

  • Difficult to gauge GGG on this fight, Szeremeta was courageous, I’ll give him that, but like a lot of mandatories, his record consists of wins against lowly ranked fighters.

    Personally I’d like to see GGG retire, while he’s still got his marbles – he’s 38 now, which is old for a fighter with his style.

    He was much sharper a few years ago (2010-2015), shame he didn’t get the big fights then (Canelo avoided him for at least 2 years after beating Cotto for the MW title, the Charlos weren’t big names, BooBoo wasn’t ranked).

    Sure he can still make loads of money fighting the other top guys who are in their primes, but money cant buy brain cells, and when they’re gone, so is the ability to enjoy the money.

    • Quite true. I would quit now. Avoiding a young GGG? Well………….thats Canelos and his managements style. Fight popular fighters after their shot to s**t. Make your name. Ala an older GGG past his prime, Kovalev, and etc. Fought mayweather in his prime and lost miserably. Bivol or Beterbiev? Not happening. So at the end of the day while a very good fighter he definitely has a yellow streak running down his belly. Beterbiev would generate the most interest, money, and etc. but …………………….add a digit in the loss column. you feel me??? LMAO!!

  • Golovkin looked rejuvenated and his body looked strong. Going into the rematch with Canelo, he looked drawn and worn down. For this fight, he looked strong and he fought like it. The opponent was overmatched, but I’m going strictly by what his body looked like and how strongly he was punching. His jab is still his best weapon and he used it often in this fight. Looks like the long rest helped him get his body into the best shape possible without draining his energy.

    I would like to see him in against Charlo, Canelo, or Billy Joe Saunders. Those would be great fights. As for Andrade, I just don’t like his style of fighting and his jumping around the ring. He’s just not entertaining so I don’t necessarily want to see him in the ring with Triple G. If Golovkin has a couple of great fights left in him, Canelo and Charlo would be the best money matches he can hope for. The fans would be the winners.

    • Also do wonder why GGG looked so drawn going into the Canelo rematch like something had got to him. Maybe the changes have done him well now.

  • Was I impressed? No!

    GGG’s pressure and power is fading, he looked rather slow and tired. To me GGG more and more looks like a cash-cow, the one you can safely face as a top contender and beat. And I say it as a fan!

    The top qualities are simply not as sharp as they where, and he dearly needs them against top fighters like Charlo, Saunders, Andrade and even Eubank Jr.

    Szeremeta, a good guy, but he had not been up against top quality prior to this fight, he has no spectacular qualities, talking about speed, power, techinque and so on. Even though Szeremeta had a perfect record, an ageing and fading GGG can still manage such a boxer.

  • Idc what nobody say. Floyd Mayweather is the best and smartest fighter.. and as a boxing fan I’m lucky to have watched him fight during his prime. I know it has nothing to do with GGG but I recently restarted my Dazn subscription to watch GGG and canelo. Rewatched a few of Floyd fights.. man, fighters like that aren’t born often. The man is a genius in the ring. Idc about how he is outside the ring or what he says.. his skills in the ring really was special. Look at his defense and how he thinks in there. His traps and how he knows what his opponents moves are going to be. If you watch guys today Floyd really was different. He deserves to be the richest fighter in the world his talent is just freakish. Have to appreciate that. I want to thank Floyd for entertaining us with his ring genius. Seriously, the way he fights was rare. I still watch his fights today.. I don’t see how a fighter in training wouldn’t watch and learn. I feel like I understand his thinking.. and how he must’ve frustrated his opponents physically and mentally. Like fighting a wizard. Definitely special.

    • Elpapisteve-You’re prolly right Mayweather- is the best and smartest fighter in the past 25 years. He was defininitely smart in how he managed his career; he made a ton of money and still has his body and brain cells intact. After beating Corrales in 2001, which was his most impressive win imo, he adopted a safety first, defensive, counter punch style, which most fans found pretty boring. He wasn’t really willing to get in toe to toe slugfests, but can you blame him? He’d been around boxing all his life and saw first hand what a career in boxing does to a fighters brain. He promoted himself as the brash, arrogant villain that people wanted to see lose, and with that and his boxing mastery, he sold seats and PPV’s. He still continues to do so with his exhibitions!

      • Yeah, he’s a different all around fighter in and out the ring. Have to respect it. He was safe but at the same time he still went in the ring with these fighters who were either same age or younger. I know I’ve said before that he waited for them to lose or pass their prime but maybe that had to do with having a mental edge. The bottom line is he fought them and barely lost a round of boxing. His opponents knew who they were fighting and I’m sure trained very hard to win. They just couldn’t.. I like his genius in the ring.

  • GGG clearly won the first fight. Canelo won rightfully won a close decision in the second fight. But one thing that frustrated me in both fights….. GGG did NO body work! I thought for sure he would correct that in the 2nd fight and get the KO, but nope…..

  • GGG did what he was supposed to do against that level of opposition, and now with Canelo gone to 168 he has a chance to unify 160. Andrade or Charlo can hopefully get made for Golovkin next.

  • Must suck for GGG fans when their guy has 21 title defenses and not one meaningful one in the bunch. Furthermore…..this media legend would have never took off if Dmitry Pirog had never hurt his back and pulled out of their fight. Pirog was the same guy who destroyed Danny Jacobs when GGG struggled with him. Just keep that in mind nuthuggers.

    • I would have loved to see how Pirog’s career would have played out had he been healthy. That was a true prodigy that got derailed, and the boxing aficionados who were high on the Russian will never know how good he could have been. I personally think if a prime Pirog that demolished Danny Jacobs we’re at 160 or 168 today he would comfortably defeat everyone. He was literally impossible to hit clean.

  • This is a shame, how did he become a mandatory for ggg, look at the people he fought, and look at who they fought, I should be in the Olympics compared to that guy!!!

  • No one would know who GGG was if Dmitry Pirog didn’t injure his back which led to him pulling out of their fight. Not one of his 21 title defenses over two reigns are even noteable. HBO just happened to pump money and hype behind him which ended up costing them in the long run. It was investing in fighters like him which ended their run of broadcasting boxing. GGG still looked old and slow…..but he looked “great” because he was in with an extremely poor opponent.

  • Of course he won. He’s fighting safe weak challenges. He avoided Andre Ward to keep his “0” and though he was being slick by fight a smaller Canelo and it backfired with a loss. When is this guy going to step up and fight a real challenge whose name isn’t Canelo. This guy is hype at the pro levels. He’s basically Dariusz Michalczewski 2.0. All hype and no substance.

  • Easy look good but he going to need two more to deal with canelo because canelo like punishment but you have to keep pressing canelo is he still a beast and you got to be smart AKA

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