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  • De Los Santos (DLS) has nobody to blame but himself.

    DLS failed to increase pressure and failed to increase his punch volume for the judges. It was DLS’s job to counter what Stevenson presented to him – instead of complaining his opponent would not stand toe-to-toe with him (rubbish talk). DLS needed better strategies to deal with Stevenson for 12 rounds. DLS should stop blaming Stevenson and start making strategy adjustments with his corner (for future fights).

    Meanwhile, Stevenson will look for a brighter day, and DLS has another L in darkness (with “excuses” for the L).

    • Not really
      Because shakur is the champ the one to follow as best pound for pound according him

      So when he saw santos did not hit him he should go forward and attacking til kneel him down

      Or at least win by wide points margin

      He did not showed heart

      He just want stay undefeated thinking being undefeated means being the best

      Muhammad Ali and manny Pacquiao whom for me are the best boxers ever they are not undefeated and they are legends and the best

  • To be honest, this card was upside down because the main event should have been Navarrete vs. Conceição and the undercard was Stevenson vs. De Los Santos. Stevenson’s popularity took a massive blow in this fight because he gave all the reasons to his haters, who consider him a boring fighter, and many of his followers are truly disappointed in him. I believe his promoter too, because after this performance, it is hard to believe he is a profitable fighter.

  • Everyone loves a KO, I get it. But most people don’t understand it’s a risk vs reward business. If I had the skill to hit & not get hit, why stand toe-to-toe with a guy who couldn’t otherwise touch me?

    • It’s not like we love ko we just want action and shakur did not look for it

      Get and don’t get hit phrase is an excuse

      Boxing is hit and get hit

      If you don’t want get hit go do your nails at Chinese shop

  • That boy looked like he was on “Dancing with the Stars” doing the foxtrot Shakira

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