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  • MRI report appears anatomically accurate based off report and the radiologist makes logical sense of his work. I agree, CT scan or standard X-rays (cheaper than CT) should be recommended as a follow-up to R/O cortical fracture (if fractured, should heal on own). If a complete tear of the Achilles is noted, then it should warrant surgery based off location of the tendon. Medial & lateral tears can heal on their own with a cast or boot. However, posterior and anterior tears/ruptures are a different story which require surgery. Report does not demonstrate the specific area. Props to Gamboa for making far into the fight with such an injury.

    • I swear your responses write like you have a homework assignment to write 3 or more sentences on the main subject. lmao!!!

    • Damn.. good Ol’ Scoobs is a doctor i think.. nice work bro!!! Idk what u said but it sounds great A D LEGIT lol

  • Gamboa wants a second check. I can’t blame him. Maybe he can get it from Lomachenko. There’s no way they put Tank back in the ring with him. There’s nothing to gain by knocking out an old man twice.

  • Can he have his team buy him better shoes and bring an extrs pair in his next fight. Also, don’t forget an extra mouthpiece.

  • Gamboa is a WARRIOR! and you can see that in ALL of his fights specially on his LOSSES. Gamboa is already out of his prime and Tank was the better man that night regardless, but Gamboa did expose Tank’s defense flaws!!

  • It was obvious that Gamboa hyperextended his achilles one Davis’s hook sent him to the canvas. Gamboa showed guts, but was overwhelmed all fight long.

  • Makes me wander had he not had gotten injured, would it have been a different fight?!?!!
    Its easy to say no, but if uve ever had an type of injury while sparring, its definitely hard to plant, push, hit angles with a injured tendon. He caught tank flush quite a few times, had he of been able to plant his foot, may have been a different outcome or at least a closer fight

  • It was obvious he was hurt. These guys at ringside saying it was a “shoe” weren’t paying attention as usual. A shoe isn’t going to prevent a guy like Gamboa from moving. Commentary in boxing has been missing so much lately.

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