Fury, Usyk camps in heated confrontation

Teams of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and WBA/IBF/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk ran into each other in their Riyadh hotel and things quickly escalated. Both groups began chanting the name of their fighter, then Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, headbutted Stanislav Stepchuk, a member of Team Uysk. Security separated the groups. After the incident, John Fury emerged with blood streaming down his face from a cut on the forehead. He later apologized.

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    • Embarrassing conduct. He at least realized what a douche he was and promptly apologized, but it’s still absurd behavior. This is supposed to be a “professional” fight. Act like a damn professional!

      The guy he head butted had nothing to do with anything.

      • No he didn’t “promptly apologize”. The whole clan of them were whooping it up and laughing over it. I hope that my prediction comes true and Usyk humiliates TF and TF quits on his tool making up a story about a phony injury and then retires. I’d like to see the last of those low lives.

    • They could care less about “shame on you’s”. He should be arrested for sucker headbutting that kid who was just standing there doing nothing, saying nothing, half his size.

    • Yes, agreed. The whole Fury team members are known for their trash talking and stirring up total BS when it comes to pre-fights. Frankly, it gets old and does nothing to promote the sport especially with this group.

      • The sad part is so many fighters and their entourage believe this sells and it creates these kind of silly antics. I think it makes boxing feel trashy. Fury and Usyk will be among the highest earners in the World based on this fight alone, and you’ve got a member of Fury’s camp acting like total white trash.

        • The yelling was “silly antics”. The sucker headbutt on that kid who was just quietly standing there is felonious assault.

      • You mean the former Tszyu cut man. When asked about his cut man he said “no comment.” That lets you know his axx is grass.

  • Hahaha not going lie, I thought it was hilarious!! I hate thinks type of behavior but a head butt for some reason is funny AF!! I hope Fury smashes Usyk!!

  • When hyping a fight goes wrong. I’m sure it was supposed to be as simple as shouting and shoving but nooooo, John Fury had to go extra with the headbutt which ended up hurting him more than anything.

  • I know this is off topic, but Teo Lopez is fighting Steve claggett? I read here on fightnews upcoming fights. Seriously! That’s some BS.

  • I liked how quickly the cutman reacted and stopped the bleeding.
    Ready for round 2

  • John Fury should be arrested for assault. He sucker head butted that kid for no reason at all. But I doubt that anything will happen to him there in that krooked kingdom. All the kings and princes are interested in is the sheckels.

  • Total chinese behavior. Old man doing anus things and picking on someone weaker. trust me, most Chinese are all like this and seems John is just another chinese in disguise. Cowardly behavior

    • “trust me, most Chinese are all like this…”
      – Sure they are……..
      – This comment wins the “Idiot of the Post” award.

      • Gary, the thought process this “joey” character expressed is part of the reason the world is upside down, especially here at home.

        • Peter:
          – He can’t be “that” mentally challenged.
          – Must be a troll…….

  • Fury sr. Is almost 2 times the size of this kid. Fury didn’t try to butt part of the Usyx team that was in a verbal exchange with him, he picked out the little guy that was actually walking away. Then he says “we are fighting men”. This guy needs to be banned from being around boxing.

  • I hope he gets charged with assault and put on probation prohibiting from being anywhere near any official boxing events.

  • I read once that John Fury attacked a former friend, he tried to remove the guy eyes, the guy went blind on one eye, and John had a mandatory vacation with food, boarding paid by UK prison.

    I am no surprise of his antics.

  • This event is happening in Saudi Arabia. Laws are different there. Mr. Fury’s headbutt was an assault and should be treated as such.

    • Yeah but money overrides all of that. They’ll let him slide. Guarantee it.

  • Recall Tyson Fury’s dangerous dirty glove tricks. Subjective morality

  • The two groups were in a heated dispute, yet one of the people in one of the disputing groups had nothing to do with it?

  • Fury sr was going back and forth with Usyx people, but they were big men, he then chosed to head butt a skinny little guy. Then he says that the guy was shouting Usyx, Usyx, now whose name should the guy call being a Ukraine, should he shout Fury? I have lost all respect for the Saudi people, this was assault, this drug dealing criminal should be sitting in jail. The Saudis shows their complete lack of morality.

  • John Fury is the definition of dressing a pig in a suit. He has absolutely no class AT ALL. There is no need for this type of behavior? It adds nothing to the fight. Both are undefeated and fighting for the undisputed. We’re all glue to the television May 18th. Fury should definitely be arrested and certainly fined for his behavior.

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