Fury says he’s withdrawn offer to Joshua

Fury250WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has announced that he’s withdrawn the 60/40 offer he made to Anthony Joshua to fight on December 3.

Tyson Fury: “Well guys, it’s official. D-day has come and gone. It’s gone past 5PM Monday. No contract has been signed. It’s officially over for Joshua. He is now out in the cold with the wolfpack. Forget about it. Idiot, coward, shithouse, bodybuilder. Always knew it. Always knew he didn’t have the minerals to fight the Gypsy King. Regardless of what the f**k you say now, I don’t really care. Good luck with your career and your life. End of. Peace out.”

Rumor has it that Fury may now face former WBA heavyweight champion Mahmoud Charr.

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  • This guy is such a drama queen, very very good fighter, but mentally all over the place.

    What’s the hurry? Dude was retired 10 minutes ago, now he wants everything sorted and AJ on the ring in early Dec…why the sudden rush?

      • Yeah I reckon you’re right, not a nice condition to have.

        Kind of futile to expect him to behave rationally all the time.

    • Yes, what’s the hurry. From what I know AJ’s camp wanted the VADA testing to be written into the contract. Fury’s camp did not want to update the contract, only just verbally agreeing they would do the VADA testing.

  • Good for you Tyson Fury. You literally gave AJ the chance of a lifetime and he and his team blew it.

    • But Fury’s retired! He hasn’t asked his Mommy whether he can again plus a promise is a promise.

  • Fury will be blowing smoke all over social media now saying how goofy Joshua is not taking the offer and not just noted in this article. Fury fighting Charr? Good grief! Could he be more creative and fight someone that can really bring it to the table to fight? Fury cherry picking predictable fights and vulnerable opponents for himself no matter what they mean to him. Let me guess… He will fight Charr and it will be on PPV for $79.99? LOL

  • If Fury fights Charr, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t get pelted with tomatoes on the way to the ring. The only thing that makes me happy about it is Charr getting a payday, Don King screwed him over so many different ways to steal the WBA title from him.

  • I hope they keep working on this because I got all excited to see it. It’ll be a damn shame now if, in December, we get Fury – Charr and like Joshua against Kabayel, instead.

    • Fury-Charr. That is such an utter waste of time that it’s borderline depressing even thinking about it. Actually wouldn’t mind seeing Fury-Joyce. Would be big in the UK anyway, and Joyce if getting up in age, so no better time than now for him.

      • Yeah USF, Fury – Charr is filth. Boxrec has Charr at #61 right now, that’s eleven spots down from the great Jonathan Guidry. Fury – Joyce would be fun, but they’d have to wait on Joyce and by the time he’s ready to go, Usyk would either ready to go or just about ready.

        • I bet Joe would jump at the opportunity. It could be nearly 3 months before the actual fight, so I think he’d be ready. It would be a big fight in England and while I don’t think Joe wins, it’s a tougher match than some think. His jab, size and chin make him a tough fight for anybody. I seriously doubt Fury would be able to steamroll him.

      • USF, Boxrec has Charr at #61. Guess who’s eleven spots ahead of him at #50 –
        the great Jonathan Guidry!

        • LoL!! Being ranked behind Guidry is not a good sign for Charr. Actually, Guidry-Charr would probably be a competitive fight.

          Wasn’t Guidry ranked 300-something before Trevor Bryan? That’s a huge leap. Good for him…

          • He was like 250 before Trevor Bryan. After losing that fight it moved him up to ~ 80 and then he beat Dacarree Scott and that got him up to 50. Up 200 positions in 8 months (it was actually 4 and a half between the fights) has to be some kinda record.

          • Yes. I believe it was Lovejoy that was ranked 300+. Guidry jumped 200 spots by going 1-1 in his last two fights. Going toe to toe for 12 rounds with the Impervious Pulverizer had a lot to do with that.

  • If there’s anyone deserving of a title shot it’s Manuell Charr…back in 2012 that is.

  • I think its a problem of AJ feeling like he is the A side. I don’t like Fury, but he is the champion and if a deadline is set you need to act on it. They have had the contracts long enough to sign. Either AJ wanted to continue acting like he was the A side and that Fury would wait on him or he just doesnt want the fight.

    • Are you serious? The juggernaut moves like a sloth. Fury embarrasses Joyce every minute of every round. It will sell in the UK but it’s not competitive.

      • @Clyzer He damn sure is slow, slower than any top 10-15 Heavyweight I can remember off the top of my head, but he seems to have a sturdy chin, and I can see him continuously plodding forward and maybe making a fight of it in the later rounds against Fury. Might make business sense for Fury. I’d watch…

  • Man he seems desperate – to the point it seems that AJ has the power now. Is Furry really going to miss out on the Battle of Britain at Wembley to fight Char? Unlikely!

  • I like Fury but he’s starting to annoy me. The only fight we want to see is Fury vs Usyk. The fight isn’t going to make any more money by making us wait.

    • Fury is about one thing; himself. Narcissism runs so deep with him. Last I checked, he retired so let’s move to bigger fights with other opponents.

    • In fairness, Usyk himself said he doesn’t want to fight again until Spring. If you’re trying to get a December fight on, that was out the window immediately. Joshua is there to be beat, he shoulda taken the opportunity and got himself paid. I still think this might be a creative way for Fury to force Joshua to the table. A 60/40 deal is highly advantageous to the guy coming off two losses.

  • tune in next week for the next episode of the Tyson Fury show. Will he have a new opponent? Will he retire a 3rd time this year? see it all next week

    • Miguel- I think there’s gonna be another episode of The Tyson Fury Show (TFS) where he donates all his money to charity, goes through another mental health crisis, baloons up to 400lbs, then announces a comeback fight with David Haye for true Brittish supremacy. Might even be a 2 hour special

  • Everything you do is a joke! You retire, you don’t retire? Who cares what you do. You muppet!

  • Furys latest smokescreen to promote his fight with Charr.
    How can he expect AJ to agree so quickly to a huge fight after 2 back to back losses?

  • As crazy as it sounds, I’m starting to think Fury is scared to fight Joshua (He’s definitely trying to dodge Usyk). He is constantly “attempting” to set up a fight with Joshua that are clearly not gonna happen. First he agrees to fight him even tho he’s contractually obliged to fight Wilder so that “falls through”. Then he “offers” to fight him but only on a specific date which is conveniently before the date that Joshua had previously stated he would be ready to fight next but Joshua accepts anyway. He tries to offer Joshua a purse split that he didn’t think Joshua would go for but does. Finally he gives him a very limited window to officially sign a contract for a big money fight that I’m sure has a bunch of complicated legal mumbo jumbo in there and needs to be thoroughly looked at. Tyson and his brother are coming up with new ways to get out of fights. It’s maddening. Tyson is easily the best heavyweight out there right now, don’t know why he’s acting like such a coward.

  • I figured AJ wouldn’t sign, or at least draw it out for as long ass while. He was offered a 40/60 split, and he balked at signing the contract? He mentally came apart after his latest loss. I don’t think he wanted to chance going 2-4 in his last 6.

  • And yet again, the lying hypocrite finds another excuse to duck a fight, whilst at the same time convincing gullible fan boys that it’s the other guy at fault.

  • Fury’s Mommy here: My boy made a promise to retire and if he doesn’t the gypsies will get him!

  • FINALLY!!! Charr is getting his chance! LOL!

    How about another all England match? And he’s undefeated and has actually fought a couple good fighters recently. I’m not saying Joe Joyce will win, but who’s more deserving right now? Joshua just finished losing two in a row and isn’t too far removed from having lost to Ruiz. I’d say he deserves a tune up or two to find his confidence.

  • TF is just off his rocker and Cleary suffering mental problems along with is Bi-polar. its nothing to do with AJ of course AJ wants to fight him, even if coming off two defeats and really need 2 come fights ist. TF does not actually want fight anymore and stay undefeated. Any really think he wants to risks defeats against Uysk/Joyce/Joshua ? Why he can just tell everyone he is best ever without ever fighting them. Im a massive TF fan but come on this is pure BS from him.

  • Joshua doesn’t strike me as the type of man who cares to participate in the type of loudmouth media sideshow that Fury, a Humpty Dumpty on Stilts, represents. I don’t blame him for avoiding this circus.

  • Tyson Fury is truly the best heavyweight out today. Anthony Joshua should not fight Tyson Fury at this stage of his career. He needs to build up his confidence again, by fighting a fighter with less experience. The fight with Joe Joyce is best for him at this time.

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