Fight Week

Benavidez-Andrade fight week is finally here!


DAZN starts the action with the rematch between Chantelle Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) and Katie Taylor (22-1, 6 KOs) for Cameron’s undisputed women’s 140lb title at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

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Showtime’s $74.99 PPV features two-time super middleweight champion David “El Monstruo” Benavídez (27-0, 23 KOs) defending his WBC interim belt against the two-division champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) from Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas.

In the co-main event, WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) takes on Jose Benavidez Jr. (28-2-1, 19 KOs) in a non-title ten-rounder.

Also, IBF junior welterweight champion Subriel Matias (19-1, 19 KOs) defends against the unbeaten Shohjahon Ergashev (23-0, 20 KOs), and WBA super featherweight champion Hector Luis Garcia (16-1, 10 KOs) defends against Lamont Roach (23-1-1, 9 KOs).

Broner injured, Dec 2 DKP card still on
Derick Miller remains unbeaten

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  • Looking forward to especially to Matias vs Ergashev and Cameron vs Taylor.

    Dont´t know how Taylor can find a way out of this, but she has surprised me before, eventhough I find it highly unlikely that she will defeat Cameron.

    Also very curious how Ergashev can deal with Matias.


    • Im looking for this fight as well but I think ergashev is gona win either ko or by decicion

    • It would be a massive victory if Taylor can turn it around and beat Chantelle Cameron, especially at 37. I can’t see it either and think CC wins by an even wider margin this time, but we’ll Taylor does have a chance.

      • I going Cameron again as well Lucie. I think she is too strong for Taylor and Taylor does not have enough power to balance that scale. Very curious to see how Andrade does as he is finally getting his big fight. I have complained a lot about him on here as I felt he acted entitled and was actually turning down fights with Parker and Alimkhanuly that could take him to where he was trying to get. That said, in watching him on All Access…he does not seem like a bad dude at all. He is kind of likeable. He has a real tiger in front of him on Saturday. Very curious to see how it plays out.

        • I always did like Andrade for some reason, Pete, but his quality of opposition and career choices, in general, makes him hard to defend. This fight is mammoth for him. It either validates what he’s been saying about himself for years or it gives everyone who turned him down ammunition FOREVER for doing it. You hope that, at 35, it hasn’t come too late for him because tbh Andrade spent his entire physical prime fighting absolutely no one in particular and that is his problem and is his fault.

          • Canelo was right when he said “Go fight somebody” when Andrade crashed one of his press conferences. Well now he is finally doing just that. Looking forward to Saturday.

  • IMO Andrade is a bit more than an underdog in hi fight. He is a slick, undfeated boxer with lors of experience and skills, he just didn´t fight the top names yet. I think the best Benavidez with a high punch rate can, and will beat Boo Boo in one of the best fights this year. Can´t wait to watch it…..

    • Andrade being slicker does not mean he will win
      (He can win this fight ) but his style it’s not guarantee of victory

      Sometimes slick style goes against you

      That’s why slickers don’t go to Japan slickers don’t win over there

    • If you are slick but the your opponent put pressure on you , the judges will take it like you are being dominated

      You can win as long as you fight slick and control the fight clearly , otherwise this style wont be effective

      For example :

      Oscar de la Hoya ran against Trinidad …but Oscar dominate and won the fight

      Oscar de la Hoya ran against and Felix sturm ..,,,but Oscar lost the fight

      But in both fights judges mistook

      I’m just giving an example of being slick could go either way ( you dominate or are being dominated)

      • Carlos, de la Hoya lost that fight against Sturm bad. I was there and to me there was no question, but they gave it to him to keep the Hopkins narrative alive. I don’t think the judges made a mistake, they got paid.

        • Agreed, the Sturm vs. De la Hoya decision was one of the worst I’ve ever seen! Sturm outboxed & outpunched Oscar all night.

        • Well even if it’s the way you saying it could be considered that judges mistook because they should not do that

          Oscar thought sturm could be a time up fight and Oscar mistook

          Felix won that fight clearly

          Not widely but clearly

    • Benavidez’s pressure and high work rate will force Andrade to fight at a pace out of his comfort zone. Andrade will have his moments, but Benavidez with the TKO.

    • Yea great card
      Before I was cheering for Andrade
      But I changed my mind
      I will pick Benavides by 1 point decision

  • I don’t why Benavides is called Mexican monster???

    For me he is not Mexican
    He is half Mexican like :

    Diego corrales
    Roberto Duran
    Jessie James Leija

    Etc etc etc

    For me a Mexican is a guy who born from both Mexican parents , don’t matter if they born in other country as long as both parents be Mexicans

    But anyway

    • I don’t consider Benavidez to be Mexican, either. He certainly doesn’t look Mexican; maybe because his mom’s from Equador & he has hair like Hector Camacho.

      • Funny, Hector camacho never had long hair. I remeber watching him as a kid and he he never had long hair, he actually had a crew cut so how can you tell? I think I know where you are drawing the line on the hair which is sad. I have hair like Benavidez and both my parents are from Moterrey Mx. So what am I?

        • If you parents are Mexican blood you are Mexican don’t ask stupid questions

          Now your nationality is diferent depending where you born

        • Camacho had very curly hair. I should know. The Macho Man fought my roommate & I was in the corner!

    • Carlos he is neither. Anthony David Benavidez (born December 17, 1996) is an American professional boxer born in Panorama CA. I get that he is very proud of his heritage and rightfully claims it but he was born in the U.S. But I get it, it dosn’t matter as I’ve been told to go back to where I came from even though I served for 25 Years in the U.S Navy. I’ve been asked where in Mexico I am from and It stumps people when I say Galveston LMAO. BTW I am very proud of my Mexican parents.

      • Andy Ruiz is called the first Mexican heavyweight champion in boxing history, yet he was born in America.

      • Don’t confused the citizen of place born with blood and race

        I’m I born in Russia nobody will believe I’m Russian

      • One thing is where you born dnd another thing what race you are

        De la Hoya is a champion from USA but we all know he is Mexican

        • For you info you uneducated morron, Mexican is a nationality not a race stupid. Or are you saying Canelo and Pit Bull Cruz are the same race. Only an idiot would make that asumption as Canelo is white and Cruz is Mestizo mostly native american, yes they have them in m Mexico too. Remeber you went there first by calling me stupid for stating “facts”. By the way take an english spelling and writting course as all your post have bad english grammar and your spelling is atrocious wich means horrible and wicked. Whos stupid now? Tambien hablo y escribo Espanol imbecil.

          • Don’t trouble yoursel with replying to my post as your probably not smart enough to know the difference between race, ethnicty and nationality.

          • Yea they both Mexicans
            Not because canelo is white is not Mexican
            In Mexico there are millions of white people morón

          • English spelling classes for what??? It’s not my fault my phone change the lyrics while I’m texting and working …ydyottt lol

          • They are not lyrics, you are not writing a song. You really want to keep on doing this?

          • Yea I wana keep going because you playing silly , you know what I’m saying when I said my phone change the lyrics , ydiot

          • That is Idiot not ydiot. Y soy de San Nicolás de los Garzas Nuevo Lean México eres racista

          • Canelo may look White, but he’s very Mexican and has a typical Mexican skull shape. Take a look at Canelo’s mom at ringside.

          • If you look at Canelo ‘s mum,would be dad and brother, they look like typical brown skin Mexican, Canelo is really white and red haired. Read what you like in that. I say he is half-Scotish.

  • He changed his name to El Monstro for that same reason. Didn’t want to disrespect his mother’s side. Tyson came up with Mexican monster, not him.

    • Muhammad Ali was Black & Irish, but didn’t really identify with his Irish heritage until later when he visited Ireland. Interestingly, some of his Irish features actually started coming out in later years; lighter complexion; hair texture.

  • Andrade might be the only fighter who’s more boring than Stevenson. NO ONE is paying to see this guy fight. In fact, NO ONE even knows who he is!!! I forgot the dude even existed!! Good fighter for sure, but my god is he boring and weak! David is going to lay it on him. Punches in high volume. He doesn’t have much to worry about since Andrade can’t punch through a wet paper bag, so he can get a little reckless when coming forward. I think the pace will make Andrade uncomfortable in the later rounds and the punches will catch up. His movement will slow and his defense will fail and he will be stopped. At least that’s how I see it going. He could very well neutralize David’s attack all night and make it a boring fight and pull out a pts victory. Personally I hope David looks exceptionally well and wins by KO and we get the Canelo fight.

  • Hopefully, I can get to watch the Benavidez-Andrade card because it is a good one. I’m outside the U.S. so cannot get the Showtime stream. Any suggestions?


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