Broner injured, Dec 2 DKP card still on

Adrien “The Problem” Broner suffered an injury to his right-hand and won’t be able to participate 0n Don King’s boxing card on Saturday, Dec. 2 at Casino Miami Jai Alai.

Broner, who was disappointed he won’t be able to take on Chris Howard, said he will be ready to go by late February. “The hell with tune-up fights,” said Broner. “I’m ready to take on any of the champions in the 140- and 147-pound division. I’m ready to fight the big guys. Everything they think I don’t have, I still got. I’m ready to fight Ryan Garcia or Rolando Romero or the winner of the Regis Prograis—Devin Haney fight.”

“Adrien hurt his hand in the June 9th fight against William Hutchinson,” said trainer Kevin Cunningham. “He returned to camp for six weeks for this fight and reinjured it sparring. He took a couple cortisone shots and went back to work. He hurt it again in training and the doctor said he needs to take time off.”

“We’ll continue to stay in shape and get back to work. I personally guarantee to Don King that we will be in tip top shape for a championship opportunity in late February.”

“Adrien is ready for the big time,” said King. “He’s a four-time world champion and he’s going to win four more titles under my promotion. We’ll still hold the People’s Championship card on Dec. 2nd with six title fights up for grabs.”

WBA Continental America’s middleweight champion Ian Green (17-2, 11 KOs) from Haledon, NJ will now be featured in the main event against St. Louis’ Vaughn Alexander (18-7-1, 11 KOs) for the WBA Continental North American middleweight title.

Tre’Sean Wiggins (15-5-3, 8 KOs) of Newburgh, NY will defend his NABA Welterweight championship against an opponent to be named.

King also will announce four other title fights to make it a night of six championships.

Tickets, priced from $50, are on sale and can be purchased at for the Dec. 2nd card. Ringside tables are $2,500. ringside seats $300, floor seats $150 and side seats are $75. General Admission tickets at $50.

The People’s Championship night of boxing also will be available on, FITE.TV AND

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    • Broner is a big talker. That’s how he makes himself marketable for anything he can do to make cash in the ring. However, I think he knows the gig is up and he is more of a gatekeeper at this point. He antics outside the ring speaks volumes on his fragile behavior which could jeopardize contracted big fights and promoters could lose big cash on investments. Back in the heyday, Broner would now be on USA Tuesday night fights or ESPN considering his chances on premium networks are pretty much over.

    • I’ll watch an Adrien Broner fight. But I will not, however, waste another minute watching Shakur Stevenson! Broner at least is a funny guy, whereas Shakur’s personality is as boring as his fighting style.

      • Broner had fights where he didn’t throw more punches than Stevenson. Both pretty unwatchable.

  • Why is a broner fight on PVP. Is there really anybody out there that actually says I can’t wait to see Adrian Broner fight again?

    • If he fights Rolly, in the future Heck yes. Some of you be forgetting this man was a 4 division champ. He can be a bit obnoxious but if you get someone like him and Rolly together that is PPV for sure.

      • As you can see by your like/dislike ratio, most have forgotten because he was a 4 weight champ vs who and in what era?!

    • King has been “blackballed” a long time ago. This would be the only way for King to raise money and have fights available for others around the world to view the fight.

  • Broner is right. Forget Tune-ups. He mentioned Rolly. Broner vs Rolly would be entertaining all the way from the press conference to the fight itself. Make it happen!!


    • Chip, like it or not, being a four time champion does mean something…Why are you sooo butt hurt over someone who doesn’t even know or care that you exist!?

  • Why should Bronner get a championship fight when he is nowhere to be found on the WBC, WBA, WBO or IBF rankings? He is neither on their 140 or 147 rankings. I dont agree that his name is enough to get him a title shot without being ranked. But…he will probably get a shot as he is probably seen as low threat high tv ratings by other fightrs. Sad indeed.

    • Because train wrecks put butts in the buckets. Basically Don King doing what he does.

  • Injured my ass! Broner is probably overweight. I few weeks ago he was in court and he had a truckers gut.

  • This is Broners last chance. He had such potential, but it seems to have gone to his head. It seemed like his training was lack luster at best. He still has a chance to turn things around, but we wont know until we see how he does in the ring. If he puts in the work I could see him being a champion again. Maybe I like an underdog story, but I would like to see him get serious about boxing.

  • broner actually would have been a really great champion through out his career, but not fighting for long periods of time and all the friends hanging on him, and his life style. good chin, stamina, and can punch.

  • I always thought Broner was a jackass but everybody loves a good comeback story and have found myself pulling for him recently. I have since lost all respect for him once a video emerged of him shirtless, yelling and threatening a McDonalds employee because he didn’t like how they cooked his burger.

  • Broner vs Rolly? I think I’ll be able to find something else to do that day. The press conferences are a scary thought.

    • Ultimately, boxing is about entertainment and I think Broner-Rolly would be an entertaining fight, both in and out of the ring. Broner is definitely not the smartest dude in the world, but he’s Sir Isaac Newton compared to Rolly. He’d roast the shit out of him in press conferences.

      • Talk of a Broner vs Romero fight shows how far Broner has slipped. At his best Broner is, or was levels ahead of Romero. Sir Isaac Newton, very true and very funny.

        • Yes but Broner is not at his best which makes it intriging. This gives a great range of how far Broner may or may have not fallen. If he can’t beat Rolly, he’s too far gone.

  • Alright you trash talking hillbillies which one of you tough talking keyboard warrior is gonna step up and replace broner don king needs a answer and a good keyboard warrior right now to step up and fight any takers why am I hearing crickets come on be a real man and show up and fight where is Louise and the Nordic animator steps right up make it a good time for All

  • No one is buying that free tv fight! The promotor realized he blew it with no sales ppv ishhht! He got a nice offer to fight ryan garcia next! So, he faked his injury for the opportunity to make wayyyy more $ by fighting queenry!

  • Broner is #15 in the WBC at 147. I don’t know where else he might be rated cause I didn’t look.
    They were talking of a Mikey Garcia can Floyd exhibition. Nowhere to be heard if a Floyd vs Broner exhibition. And Garcia is retired. Pretty much tells you Broner’s comeback isn’t a lure for even Floyd.
    Broner said when a Ryan Garcia fight came up as talk for early 2024 that he is ready and as good as when he fought Pacquiao. Did he even win 2 rounds against Pacquiao , I thought it was 1.
    As for him can Rolly, why would Rolly fight Broner if Broner isn’t even #15 in the WBA at 147? Broner doesn’t want to make 140 anymore.

  • Broner VS Maidana was almost 10 years ago. Broner in 2023 deserves nothing. Nobody cares anymore, AB, Stop embarrassing yourself. Just think of this… The only time you entertained the fans in a fight was when Chino Maidana took your Manhood, literally. From 1 to 12. How does that make you feel? Move on.

  • It’s interesting how everybody, myself included, posts on articles about Jake Paul or Broner, etc. talking about “what a joke, I’ll never watch that clown fight”, yet these are the articles that seem to get the most interest. If there were really no interest, people wouldn’t comment at all. There are a lot of articles about legitmate, current boxers that nobody bothers to comment on. Love them or hate them, people are interested in Paul’s and Broners fights.

    • Very good points Kris. Broner has quite a few losses and has actually gotten the benefit of the doubt on the scorecards more then Canelo! I have compared him to Mayorga. Heck King had him too! To be honest I think Mayorga fared better then Broner against elite fighters. Still…he sells. Some fighters just do. Look at Hector Camacho. Yes in his prime he was something…but even when he was well passed it and fighting more to survive then win in some cases he kept getting big fights. Some fighters master the art of staying out of sight just long enough for people to forget and then they manage to talk themselves into another big payday. Call me an idiot but Broner flighting Ryan Garcia will get my attention. Even if he does not deserve the fight much more then I do!

        • I agree 4 losses in 15 years is not too many…but considering they were all definitive…and many people feel he got the benefit of the doubt many times….one has to admit…most fighters with his performances would still be getting this attention. Understand…I am not complaining…I am guilty of it as much as much as anyone. I am just reiterating what others appear to be saying…his persona is what is keeping him relevant. Whether that is fair or not, is not the point…it is just a fact.

      • What guys like Broner, Hector Camacho, Prince Naseem, Mayweather, and now Jake Paul (I hate to mention him in same breath as those guys) had/have is that they were so cocky and arrogant and people wanted to see them lose! The last thing you want to be in boxing is boring, and those guys certainly were not! Mayorga also cashed in on his cockiness and over the top behavior, but he was more endearing to fans. I don’t think he had legions of people who just wanted him to lose. He was just funny and entertaining. Same with Jorge Paez. The guy was a literal clown!…he actually also worked as a rodeo clown!

        • My Dad liked Paez. He definitely had charisma. I often think of Mike McCallum. I do not think he was boring in the ring but he never could land a fight with the 4 kings. We both he would never be able to have performances like Broner and keep getting relevant fights. I think he was too risky to fight with not enough of a reward. Broner on the other hand promotes well and likely is no longer a serious threat to a top star in or close to his prime.

  • Not fan. Never was. Never will be. This man’s career is over. He just doesn’t want to acknowledge it yet. His body and his mind are shot, so naturally Don King steps in, his last hurrah.

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