Exclusive Interview: Oscar De La Hoya

By Jeff Zimmerman

Fightnews.com® spoke to the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya immediately after weigh-ins for his top welterweight contender Vergil Ortiz Jr who takes on the undefeated Michael McKinson this Saturday at Dickie’s Arena, Fort Worth, Texas and shown live on DAZN. De La Hoya shares thoughts on a potential fight for Ortiz Jr with Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. and gives an update on Kingry and Tank talks in this exclusive interview.


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  • Tank vs Ryan at 135? Either Ryan will make 135 to make it a title fight, or it will be at 137 or 138 catchweight if Tank doesn’t want to go all the way up to 140. A scheduled 12 round fight either way. Tank should take the craziest high $ offer out there, even if in Dubai. Forget about waiting for Haney and an undisputed 135 lbs fight. (Haney should try to get a big stadium for Kambosos rematch. Maybe not as many people show up for a rematch in Melbourne, probably has to be closer to Sydney)

  • People really believe in Spence vs Crawford in November 2022? I mean, I don’t care if Spence vacates a belt. Crawford won’t vacate the WBO belt before the fight happens. He might keep the WBO and one other belt if he beat Spence, and vacate 2, and defend once or twice. Anyway, if the fight happens in November 2022 or February 2023, what’s the difference? But if it doesn’t happen within 7 months, then they will move on and defend, who knows if they both win if they fight #1 or #2 contenders next instead of fighting each other.

  • Can’t believe a word this man says! He’s about as unscrupulous as they come!!

  • Let’s all take a deep breath and remember who is being interviewed. Oscar likes to talk big smack to do one thing; promote like a salesman. Oscar’s job at times is to sucker us into believing false hopes as well to keep our attention span close to him. Oscar is a master at location of fight stipulations, rematch clauses, and countless red tape items in his contracts to molding his fighter to have the upper hand from the get-go. Oscar knows this is a business and money is what he is all about now. His past work speaks volumes on his snake oil moves. Canelo’s fights at times were set up with so many odd catch weights, waiting till the opponent is way past their prime, and other BS tactics to mold Canelo to having the upper hand before the bell rings. Don’t hold your breath on all his BS talk… The “potential” fights he talks smack is over is simply foreplay without the climax. I will believe it when the bell rings on half the fights he sets up.

    • Talking about potential fights is a part of boxing not talking smack, what are you talking about ? Just an excuse for you to talk smack about Oscar and a bunch of hating nobodies to give you a thumb up !
      Oscar did for boxing in histoire life more than all of you can ever dream about !

      • I am not talking about Oscar as a fighter, but as a business promoter. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and observations. Anyone including us fans can talk about potential fights and wish for them. Oscar’s job last I checked is to make them happen as the smell of money is what promotion is all about in boxing entertainment. Oscar makes his shady promoter habits obvious as I have described above in some fights unless you missed them. Have a great today! Great to hear from you. 🙂

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