Ex-WBC female champ Shindo becomes man, loses in semi-official male bout

Photo: Boxing Beat Magazine

By Joe Koizumi

Former WBC female flyweight champ Go Shindo (16-4, 11 KOs) became a man in 2017 and this time made a comeback as a male boxer in a semi-official test bout on Sunday in Osaka, Japan. Shindo, however, lost to Katsuyuki Ishibashi (2-2-1, no KO) by a unanimous decision (all 29-27) over three bantamweight rounds for three minutes. Shindo, 36, looked as sharp as previously, took the first round, but seemingly lost the second. The third and final session saw Shindo aggressively leading on his way to victory, but took a left hook and hit the deck. Shindo quickly raised himself, but obviously lost a 10-8 round.

Tsuyoshi Yasukochi of JBC said, “Shindo stepped up to get licensed as a male boxer and the JBC will need to consider licensing him.”

It wasn’t an official bout, so the win-loss result wasn’t officially registered but it was experimentally scored as a test bout.

Promoter: Green Tsuda Promotions.

BoxRec: Shindo Go

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  • There’s a fighter named Pat Manuel who’s done this. Was a really good amateur as a female (beat Natasha Jonas & Tiara Brown) and is currently competing as a male, albeit against very low-level opposition.

    • Is there something wrong with my humor? I read the title and it looks like Shindo became a man in the middle of the match. Perhaps having that happen in the course of the fight may have affected the result! LOL!!!

      • Damn Pete! Thought the surgery took place in the 2nd round lol. Yep. I can see that POSSIBLY prevent you from winning a fight. MAYBE.

  • So a fighter that was a Former champion with a record of 16-4, loses to a fighter that has a record of 2-2-1. That says a lot

  • Wow, a new low and people were upset that a 58 year old was making his pro debut. This is garbage. Chick gets beat by a guy, like duh!

  • Mutation and variants happen among all evolving organisms and human beings are no exception. We’re now more aware than ever that a person can be born a woman, but identify as a man, or be born as a man, but identify as a woman. Didn’t happen to me, but it happens. Kudos to Go Shindo for pursuing his unique path. It take s great deal of courage to proceed as he has amidst the immense ignorance and discrimination in the world. I wish him the best going forward.

    • This has nothing to do with ignorance, except from the folks who think that bone and muscle density don’t make a difference in a fight.
      They absolutely do.
      This is why these Transgender bouts will never be fair, and frankly the whole notion of someone with all the standard hormones of their sex, having been raised in keeping with their sex by their family from birth, and having been treated as a member of their sex by society for their entire lives, is somehow the opposite sex simply because that’s how they feel.
      Sorry, but it’s bullshit.

      • Well James, that’s the great thing about life. We all have our opinions and unique perspective, and are free to share them as the world continually changes and evolves. I see you point and respect it. I just don’t agree. Take care.

    • Save that BS. You were born a woman or a man then that’s what you are. You can play dress up on Halloween. What you subscribe to is sick and twisted religion of wokeness. A religion that destroys this world and probably one of the greatest sports ever. Complete garbage.

      • How do you associate religion to this at all, anywhere? This tells me you are lost and can’t be found!

        • Ice, if you read through it, it says the religion of wokeness. Which is not a religion, but many including people on here subscribe to and practice it. There are people that preach, practice, and worship wokeness like a religion. This story is one example. Forcing boxing fans to actually entertain a so called woman that became a man fight a real man then lost. No shhh Sherlock! In reality, she was a woman fighting a man nothing more or less. I don’t know about you ice ice baby, but I wouldn’t want my daughter squaring off with any man in the ring or in the streets. This movement is a religion, a fake, sick, twisted demented freefall to hell. The only one lost are those that keep pushing this garbage.

    • “We’re now more aware than ever that a person can be born a woman, but identify as a man, or be born as a man, but identify as a woman”
      – No, we’re not all aware.
      – Next they are going to identify as dogs…….

    • “Mutation and variants happen…”

      There is something in the food and/or water in the western countries that is making women more masculine and men more effeminate. The end product of this – and probably its deliberate intention – is extinction.

      As for the two genders – and that’s how life works on planet earth – male and female, yin and yang – throughout the animal kingdom and even plants – every cell in your body shows what sex you are. Mutilating your body and stuffing hormones into it will have no effect. Same deal if you “identify” as a dog or something. Wearing a furry animal costume – like some USA military officers actually do!!! – and crawling around on all fours and making barking noises and wearing a leash will not change u into a dog. I’d post actual photos of those USA MILITARY OFFICERS if it was possible to do so here.

  • The fact that this is even allowed is sickening. But hey, if they wanna identify as a man then they can get beat down like a man. Fair is fair. I honestly don’t believe there is a single woman on the planet that could beat guys like Manny, Floyd, Maidana, GGG, Wilder, Joshua, Fury, Mike Tyson, Tank Davis and so on. It’s shame we as a society are forced to accept this as the norm. These are mentally ill people suffering from gender dysphoria. Of course we’re not allowed to call it that or we’re “insensitive”. It’s only a matter of time before one of them gets hurt. Will most likely happen when a biological male identifies as a woman and fights a biological woman and caves her head in.

  • Looks like Japan is trying to compete with the USA for the insanity championship.

    • Japan can’t hold a candle to us as long as we have a government that heavily encourages self defilement.

  • “Shindo aggressively leading on his way to victory…..” There is no “his” in that sentence. Sorry, but it’s her till death do you part. Every day we fall further and further…..

  • why doesn’t the sanctioning bodies start doing a third gender HE/SHE= SHIM hhahah

  • This article belongs in the National Enquirer not in Fightnews. Its an insult to the readers.

  • The headline should read, ” Former Female Champion Who Suffers From Mental Illness Loses To A Man”

  • >