Erik Morales: Munguia is a natural aggressor

This week, WBO junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguia (33-0, 26 KOs) and new trainer Erik Morales are in the most demanding stage in Munguia’s training plan ahead of what will be the fifth defense of his title against Patrick Allotey (40-3, 30 KOs) on September 14th September in Carson, California.

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Photo: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy

“Jaime is an aggressive fighter by nature,” said Morales. “Many people have criticized his defense, but he’s not a defensive fighter. He has to have an active defense. Your best defense is offense, but we aren’t going to attack in an irresponsible or accelerated manner. We’re going to find a balance of defense and intelligence and attack with increased pace and distance.”

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  • Defense? Offense?

    He doesn’t need either as long as he’s got Oscar and his judges in his corner!

    Munguia won a very close fight with Liam Smith and was given a gift against Dennis Hogan.

    If either of those two fighters just had a little more power, Jaime would be 31 and 2!

  • No kidding. But that is going to cost him because he has no defense or ability to anticipate his opponent’s offense. It doesn’t matter, since Canelo is scared of actually facing legitimate contenders in and around his weight class, this clumsy Mexican will be served up to hopefully (for GBP $365 MILLION deal) satisfy John Skipper over at DAZN. Neither Canelo or Munguia are cut from the same Mexican cloth as the Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricardo finito Lopez, Sal Sanchez or Carlos Zarate predecessors.

    • Chris….bro…. where is Canelo’s name mentioned in article.. geeze bro.. get off him already. Thus is about Mungia.. Every headline by every fighter doesnt revolve around Canelo. im starting to believe u hate Canelo soooo much ur his biggest fan lmao… really, let ut go and lets blast Mungia lol

  • Munguia is just a well protected one hit wonder. Sometimes I think this should be the aproppiate way to manage a fighter that obviously has alarming flaws, but a high level of marketability. I have the feeling he will run out of luck in 2020.

  • The worst thing that ever happened to this kid is being served up a tiny ‘Champion’ in Saddam Ali. He’s so clearly still a work in progress that it hurts to see him having defend his ‘title’. The other problem is when you are holding such a thing is you start to believe your own hype. Development tends to get stunted.

    I definitely understand fans being down on him, because of the championship thing. I wish they’d trash the belt and take 2 years to complete making him the contender he should be. He’s young, huge for the Division and has power. Under the right management he could be great, but as long as he’s treated like a real champion he won’t become what he could have been.

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