Dubois: I was in there on a demolition mission

“The only words are ‘and the new’ and I am just so glad it is now,” said newly-crowned WBA heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois after his demolition of Trevor Bryan on Saturday night in Miami. “It is happening now and we have made it real, my dad and my family, I’ve done everyone proud, the country and I can’t wait.

“In the first round I was just trying to figure him out and see what he had. I said I was going to test the chin and I just went for it.

“He brought out something in me, he brought out a wicked left hand! It was a punch-perfect ending, and I am just so happy. I had a few rough patches during this camp, but we pulled through and we got the victory.

“I am just so happy to have got this world title. This is what all the hard work was for and, no disrespect to Trevor, but his 0 had to go and I was just in there on a demolition mission.

“I am ready for whoever is next. I believe this will instantly make me a better fighter now. When you win the world title they say you become next level so names like Dillian Whyte and Joseph Parker are all on my hitlist. I will fight whoever Frank puts me in with next.

“It has been amazing. Coming out here and winning a world title is what I dreamed of as a little kid and now it has finally happened.”

Trevor Bryan: “I’m feeling alright. I knew he was going to come out with big punches, and I was trying to land some and let him tire himself out. But I wasn’t shooting my jab enough.”

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    • The winner of Hughie Fury – Michael Hunter Jr. is the mandatory for DD, but he might be able to have a voluntary before then.

      • That fight being a mandatory is outright disgraceful. Did Hunter get a gift draw with a nobody his last out? What the hell has Hughie done?

        • The “Championship” not withstanding, I think the winner of Hunter vs Fury is an appropriate next step for Dubois. DD has tremendous potential, but this silly paper Title shouldn’t mean fighting top guys like Whyte and Parker yet. He might be able to handle Whyte, but Parker probably skewers him. He’s still very much a work in progress, but time is on his side.

    • He also looked like a fat slug. How disgraceful for someone calling himself a heavyweight “champion” to come into a fight looking like that!

  • Rematch with the juggernaut? I think not, will be a jab fest stoppage again

  • At the weigh-in it was obvious that this fat clown was scared. Him and his crew were like Hollywood actors (bad ones), all dressed up in same colors. I must admit i did put a few crowns on him outpointing Dubois. But after seeing the childish charade at the weigh-in, i was sorry i did. Bryan was like a fat scared sumo, who looked like he trained in Burger King.

    • I too thought Bryan might have done better than this. He once had pretty good hand speed, but was fat and slow tonight. Those painted on trunks would have been baggy on him a few years ago. Not sure where he goes from here. Once a fighter lets himself go the way Bryan has, it will be hard to get back whatever potential he might have once had.

  • Ok, so Dubois get past and very tentative looking Bryan. Did what was needed, let’s see where he goes from here.

  • I wish Tyson Fury would fight again. That’s what boxing needs!

  • Trevor Bryan is a typical Don King bum: not worthy of being dubbed a “World Champion,” but given that title thanks to putting the right money in the right corrupt guy’s pockets.

    Daniel Dubois is a CHINO: CHampion In Name Only. There are a dozen heavyweights who can and would beat him without too much difficulty, and it’s only a matter of time until one does.

  • In all fairness, Joe Joyce should have the first shot at DuBois. Then we will see who is the better fighter at this point in time.

  • You would think that Bryan would train extra hard for the biggest fight of his career but apparently not!!

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