Dubois dominates, KOs Bryan for WBA title

Dubois Bryan Ko
Photo: Queensberry Promotions

#1 contender Daniel Dubois (18-1, 17 KOs) knocked out and dethroned WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan (22-1, 15 KOs) on Saturday night at the Casino Miami Jai-Alai. Dubois aggressively took the fight right to Bryan from the opening bell. Other than a few jabs, Bryan seemed to be almost in survival mode. Dubois finally connected with a left hook that dropped Bryan face first in round four to end it. Time was 1:58. Dubois becomes the new WBA heavyweight champion (regular version).

Dubois: I was in there on a demolition mission
Munguia-Kelly undercard results

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    • LOL, I dont think anyone is surpised by the outcome. Bryan was a champion on paper placed by Don King through favortism and influences behind the scenes. Byan had his 15 minutes of fame and Don King gets some cash promoting it. Yep, nuff said.

  • You know the fight was going to be bad when Bryan showed up so fat his trunks barely fit him

    • Bryan trying to get up from the knockdown reminded me of one of those Elephant Seals moving on land, kind of bouncing along on their stomachs. How hard could he have possibly trained for this?

      • I’m glad Bryan is ok. DDD s punches so hard only Joyce was skilled enough to avoid his right hand. I feel sorry for Joyce as he deserves a shot at world title and is a unit with a crazy jab. Only Fury can be called No1 and is levels above. If he beats these AJ and Usyk he will for sure be more legendary than Ali.

        • Fury would have to beat Jesus to even be considered to more legendary than Ali.

        • I really hope Tyson fury fights aj and usyk. He can beat them both and be an all-time great. Tyson fury has some work to do before he retires.

  • And the least shocking news of the day…. At least the WBA has to be feeling a little better about the guy they call “champion.” I’m not sure how great Dubois is, but nothing was worse than Trevor Bryan.

  • Great great now hopefully this means Don King is going away, forever

    • Not sure how old you are BUT 25 years ago Don King put on some of the best cards ever. Triple and quadruple headers with JCChavez, Terry Norris, Tyson, Julian Jackson, Orlin Norris, Keith Holmes, Simon Brown, Vincent Pettway etc etc etc. ..

      I had a black box. I didn’t pay a dime for any of it. But it seemed like once or twice a month tgere were quality cards that lasted 3 or 4 hours for years. He was a criminal in the 70’s and 80’s and he sucks now but for a time in the 90’s he was the end all be all of boxing!!!

        • Those ‘were’ the days. Speaking correctly isn’t difficult, especially with one syllable words.

      • Expect a visit from the FCC pretty soon. LOL…That’s true though, Don King’s cards were always stacked! You wanted to see all the fights. The very recent trend now is to have really subpar undercards. I watch these fights thinking-I can’t believe these guys are fighting on PPV and I’m sure they can’t either. At best, they have up and coming prospects fighting on them. Speaking of which, Heavyweight Jared Anderson has been pretty quiet lately. He’s been an undercard staple the last couple years

        • Expect a visit from the FCC soon? Man, you are really celebrating the new coming communism of the United States aren’t you? You won’t be too excited once it’s fully implemented though? 😉 It never ends up like they promise.

    • I can’t remember Don King not being around — and I’m pushing half a century old. It amazes me that he’s still alive.

  • Yep. Say what you will about Dubois, he does have serious power. And Bryan, though he lost 8lbs from his previous 2 fights, still needs to lose another 20. He looked really bad.

    • Not even close to competitive…. I never thought he was a top 25 guy, let alone a guy that should be competing for titles. What happened in Guidry’s fight? I never saw it.

      • I can’t find anything on Guidry’s fight. I’m thinking Dubois – Bryan was scheduled to go at a certain time and they put it on at that time and they’ll have any others after…. or maybe it fell out??

      • Guidry KO 7. It was the last fight and the fight of the night. Guidry and Scott went toe to toe the entire time. It was one of the best fights I’ve seen in a while. It was even on the scorecards. Neither guy gave an inch and in the 7th it looked like Scott got a little tired and Guidry scored a monster KO.

    • Bryan needs to lose about 30 or 40 pounds. He is listed at 6’4 which means he is probably 6’3. He should weight 230 pounds tops with his body frame. He actually weighed that when he first started boxing.

  • How bad was this production. Announcers horrible Mancini horrible boxing is just a joke

    • YouTube had the British feed. “I’ve seen better casinos in Blackpool.”

  • Look Dubois was always going to win and he didnt fk around, he smashed in 4!. Joke of a fight yes but credit to Dubois for making me only lose 12min of my life watching it,
    Fury in 2!

  • Bryan actually seemed like a decent fighter a few years ago. WTF happened to him?? He looked and fought like a guy in his mid-50s tonight. Every time Dubois got a glove on him, there was a ripple effect throughout Bryan’s body thanks to his lack of conditioning. Outside of a few moments in round two, not much at all out of Bryan. Congrats to Dubois though. Picked up a belt tonight and put himself in position for bigger fights.

    • Foreman was 48 when he retired. Foreman was still in better shape and looked way better than Bryan.

      • Agreed. So did the 50-something year old Larry Holmes the night he fought Butterbean

  • Hard to believe that a title was on the line between two fighters this pathetic. Don King used to promote fights between legends. Surprised he’s still around at his age doing this, after ripping off so many fighters.

  • Bryan was like the second coming of ” i walk this earth like a god” Martin. a bad version. All these American heavies look like they train in Burger King. Fat in body and mouth.

    • Martin is better than Bryan. Also most heavyweights are pretty fat now days. You are trying to tell me Tyson Fury is in shape? Fury isn’t American.

      Also Deontay Wilder was in really good shape until he came in out of shape against Fury. Even then he didn’t have a muffin top like Bryan.

      Also you do realize Fury also talks even more trash than Bryan.

  • Wow, major upset! Dubois just revived his career by knocking out 1st ballot HOF’er and top five heavyweight Trevor ‘the ballerina’ Bryan. I really thought Trevor would retire undefeated as he is one of the greatest heavyweights who ever lived. Okay Mr King, are you satisfied I read your stupid note. Can I go now?

  • I like Daniel Dubois as a person. His physique has taken him all the way here, but I am sorry to say that it is the shortcomings of his boxing skills that will make him fall. Sooner rather than later.

    The most fun part of this fight was to see how Don King’s attention and facial expressions quickly changed. He knew for sure in the third round that there was absolutely no hope for Bryan.

  • So much for Bryan the big mouth taunting and saying the belt belongs with him and not going anywhere.
    He did the same as Hasim Rahman in the rematch with Lennox Lewis and went out the same on his backside in the 4th round.

  • What about that Evan kid chrome Gillard from Oshawa Ontario ??!! I heard he’s probably one of the toughest doing next Pac man !! they say

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