Lebron tops Lebron, Linger shocks Vargas

Unbeaten junior lightweight Henry Lebron (16-0, 10 KOs) scored an eight round unanimous decision over Luis Lebron (18-4-1, 11 KOs). Scores were 78-74, 79-73, 80-72. Luis may have suffered a broken jaw.

In a clash between unbeaten junior featherweights, it was Victor Santillan (12-0, 4 KOs) who rocked KO artist Carlos “Purin” Caraballo (15-1, 14 KOs) several times to win 77-75, 78-74, 78-74 over eight rounds.

Unheralded junior welterweight Dakota Linger (13-5-3, 9 KOs) handed once-promising prospect Josue “The Prodigy” Vargas (20-3, 9 KOs) a brutal second round TKO loss. After two knockdowns, the bout was finally stopped by the ring doctor with Linger teeing off.

Other Results:
Armani Almestica TKO6 Eliseo Villalobos (lightweight)
Orlando Gonzalez TKO5 Pablo Cruz (featherweight)
Omar Rosario W6 Julio Rosa (super lightweight)
Frevian Gonzalez W4 Refugio Montellano (lightweight)
Christina Cruz W4 Maryguenn Vellinga (female flyweight)

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  • I don’t want to say it’s a career-ending loss for Vargas, but he is never to be taken seriously again. Full credit to Linger.

  • Not to get off subject, but I was waiting for this card to start on skytv and they played the sugar ray Leonard vs Wilfred Benitez fight for the title when they were both undefeated and 23 and 21 years old respectively. You don’t see that anymore. And you don’t see anyone like Ray, man he was special. I recommend watching that if you get a chance. And not too long after that he took on an undefeated Tommy Hearns in another phenomenal performance. This doesn’t happen anymore and it’s sad. Berlanga fights nobody and Crawford will be like 36 when he fights a 32/33 year old Spence. Ray would have destroyed either one. If you don’t believe me watch the Benitez fight.

  • Some can take the rigours of a 72-8 Amateur career and continue onto a successful pro career. Some ? Cannot. Vargas is just 24 years old and a suddenly shot fighter. I do not know how easily he makes the weight or how seriously he takes his training but here and as per the Zepeda fight, he looked drained and pasty pale on fight night with nary a drip of sweat to be seen and appears to have literally ZERO punch resistance at this stage ! Clearly a career over scenario for Vargas when losing to guys of Linger’s calibre.

    • What was the referee doing? Doctors and corner storming the ring to force the stoppage.

      • That was Ron Lipton who was the referee in the ring when Roy Jones fought Bryant Brannon and stopped and asked Lipton to stop the fight and he said “go ahead” allowing Jones to flatten Brannon. Lipton also posts on here sometimes I believe.

          • lol, might’ve been. Lipton will be 76 in a couple of months, he probably should think about calling a day. His performance in this one was atrocious. Guy’s eyes bouncing around in his head and he can’t stand still without wobbling and you say, “show me something”. To hell with that Ron.

  • Lipton did not do his Job. He should have stopped the fight. He is very old. He should not be working as a referee any more

  • i agree referee lipton should of stopped the fight earlier the doctor jumping in saved vargas linger is just mma background as a teenager he was a champion beating up a older guys then switched to boxing wish vargas well on his way to recovery

  • I feel sorry for Vargas.

    He’s actually a really good fighter.

    Goes to show you that boxing is a mental sport.

    In the Zepeda fight he was too overconfident, he overlooked Jose, and in this last fight he did not fully recover mentally from that ko.

    Home crowd, Cotto in the audience, and on the eve of the Puerto Rican parade!! Too much pressure for the young man. Pressure busts pipes!

    His problem is not his skill or the weight, it’s psychological!

    He’s still young. I would take a year off and just work on my mental. Put down the phones and social media and just FOCUS somewhere out in the boonies!

    You can tell once he got hit, that flashback of the Zepeda fight kicked in and it was a wrap from there!

    The ref was just trying to give him a chance in front of his home crowd. Maybe he should have stepped in sooner, but I understand! When they stop it too soon, people complain, when they stop it a little late people complain! You can’t win, but If anything, His Dad should have been the one to stop it!

    I wish that young man the best! Would be a shame to hang up the gloves so soon in your career. Sad!

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